Top 5 New Developments LeoFinance is Rolling Out in 2022

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LeoFinance had a killer year in 2021. In this clip, Neal asks me what top 5 developments I'm most looking forward to in 2022.

There are obviously a lot of irons in the fire right now. With LeoMobile, PolyCUB, ProjectBlank, WLEO on Thorchain and so many more developments in the works, it's hard to pick just 5 that I'm excited about.



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Im so happy to all of this boss, developments in this year is what we have been waiting for which I believe that it gonna be in this 2022 and it gonna be the year of Leo finance community. Great job 👍

I personally can't wait for project blank, but am also excited about Polycub. That reminds me, I need to buy some Cubs before this is all happening :)
Although I've had Rune in my portfolio, it was one of the things I needed to sell at one time for real life, I remember getting into Rune because of everyone shilling it on Leofinance, so I guess at some point, I should really learn a bit about Thorchain now that I know there will be some bridge in the future.

Keep up the good work!

PolyCUB should bring more dynamics between the Leo Finance cryptocurrencies and open new frontiers for what is to come. The big play of the year if happens will be Project Blank which will fulfill a short posts need on Hive blockchain.

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I think that the one most of us are waiting. is showing that it really is useful and actually works. Just hope there will not be as much spammers an "sir" in the comments ;')

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I'm eager to see how project blank shapes the leo economy in terms of users and increased activities, I really think it should get things hitting up...

Uhm, Thorchain integration is one I'd also be looking out for, considering the fact that I see some potentials in Thorchain and their services, moving there would undoubtedly make significant impact on leo...

LeoFinance had a killer year in 2021. In this clip, Neal asks me what top 5 developments I'm most looking forward to in 2022.

I'm looking towards the massive development coming up this year 2022, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be massive.

Anticipation on #leofinance

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It seems that year 2022 is going to bring bunch of excitement on leofinance ecosystem. #projectblank is one of the awaited things and I expect that this will add great value. It will also bring more demand for Leo tokens so it's better to bag more before everyone does. Great update

It is a game changer in my opinion. We could see the first truly Web 3.0 Killer App.

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#ProjectBlank is going to be truly revolutionary in my opinion. I foresee that being an application that we can heavily promote all over the internet.

When that rolls out, we are going to be able to adds hundreds of thousands of users over the first year.

It is going to be explosive.

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I think so too. I'm also quite sure that those people in my network that find Hive too complicated will probably be convinced once Blank is there, just a feeling I have as they love their social media. It's not that I didn't tell them 100s of times about hive before. But better late than never, right??

Yeah ! PB will probably be easier as it really looks like something people actually know. A lot of people are using twitter but not a lot of people are blogging everyday :')

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Yeah that's exactly it, I guess if I look back to my personal activities some years ago, I didn't blog either so what has become normal to me, is still a bridge too far for them because they are busy, no time or energy to write blogs. I bet if they'd see the possibilities, they'd change their mind quickly but many people seem to be a bit narrowminded (quite often). There is already so much going on in the world that they see this as a burden to look into, while it's actually the exact opposite, it will give you so much more than you could imagine at first. Just my 2 cents ;)

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Yeah ! I started by just reading posts on publish0x. Just reading and earning some crypto with tips. And then Wanted to earn also from people tipping me, and that continued until I found Hive and that works really great !

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I've tried publish0x but it wasn't my thing. I don't like the look and feel and I better spend my time on Hive where I love the interfaces and know my way around the platform. But to each his own :)

It's great that there are options!

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I left Publish0x just few days or weeks after joinging Hive :') I fell the same, the community is not the same and the fact you can get up to 80% of the tip as the curator makes it really toxic. Most of time after 150 views I have like $0.02

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I agree that it is going to be a great onboarding mechanism, especially since it can be accessed via the usual social media accounts.

Most understand Twitter so the learning curve is about zero.

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will it be useful to have $LEO for Project Blank or will their be another Token used in that ecosystem ?

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Pumped for PolyCub and I figure Project blank we wont see till Q2-Q3 time frame based on needed to flush out the the systems that will be used for it and get them optimized. *just a soon guess lol Happy to support these projects keep up the good work

The time frame seems to be what Khal was hinting at. He didnt come out and say it but the gist is that we are looking at mid year, give or take a bit.

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Seems a cool addition to the boat of I hope this journey continues in the future.
More power to you guys :)

I think the focus on Mobile is very important. In many parts of the world most people do everything on their smartphones. Most do not own Desktops or even Laptops and rely solely on Mobile phones for everything. Having a solid Mobile App will bring in so many new users Globally ! Great job guys, I'm really very impressed with what your team is achieving !!

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Looking at the developments to be unveiled this year, I am super excited for all of them and can't wait. I believe Projectblank and PolyCub will be the game changer. 2022 has all the making to be the best year so far for leofinance.

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These are good plans and I would suggest improvement on LeoMobile to use something like peaklock(where users can just login without hivesigner). ProjectBlank obviously gonna be great.

Thanks for sharing this update.

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I think people can log in using Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

The challenge is you are not logged into a Hive account at that point. It allows for use the system but not really operating one Hive. I presume it is going through some proxy account.

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Yeah, I know about the multiple options but users that login with Twitter and others won't get reward on content right? I am not a big fan of Hive signer. I love Hive keychain and Ecency login options on mobile are cool.

I thought that was just an easier system to create an account. For me it was just simpler but it could be possible to get the private keys at any moment to do anything else any other account could do :') I didn't really paid attention to that. I should if I want to bring people here :')

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This year will be amazing with the Leofinance blockchain looking at the top development that will enhance the improvement to another level am really excited with the leo team for this progress with polyCUB as well having an awesome launch, leomobile no doubt will be impressive this year.

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I can't wait for all of these. Very exciting! I've been stacking cub for the Polycub launch. Adding RUNE to the ecosystem is also very exciting! I have wanted to get into rune for some time, but haven't been able to figure out how to do it. If Leo can hold my hand along the way, such as with BSC and with Polygon, that is all the better.

Exciting times!!

Project Blunk is the most anticipated of all, announced just a year ago. Now the times are much more ripe after the release of the Leofinance Mobile app

LOL yes it seems like the time since it was announced keeps extending.

Many of us are impatiently awaiting some news.

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ProjectBlank and PolyCub will be a great release, but more than that I am looking at when the LeoFinance app will be released with all the features, there will be no stopping for LeoFinance to be a leader in the finance world.

This is a game changer with its tempo, it going to take over the market, because it keeps getting the attention of the community day by day

The obvious reasons why subscribers are making use of the leofinance platform are for the crypto market news. I'd like add to this by saying all the frequent improvement and updates in leofinance are indeed helping the Blockchain to grow.

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It is interesting how the focus is on Leomobile while the desktop site gets little love. That means we are going to see a massive upgrade at some point.

For those who are on PC, it will be a real eye opener since all updates, over the course of a few months, will be rolled out all at once.

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It going to be a massive development, and with the application we would be able to reach out to many people and attract more in future.

Future of Leo is bright and things are at early stage.

LeoMobile, PolyCUB, ProjectBlank, WLEO on Thorchain and out of this project blank is something that I am super excited for. Although everything is great but this one of the thing I have been waiting for and thanks to you for sharing the update. Leofinance is reaching heights.

WLEO on Thorchain and Projectblank are some major developments, i am sure everyone is excited for it. Good to see Leo team is already paving the way for Greatness, good luck guys. Another fantastic year awaits for Leofinance'tremendous success and More glory to come.

Just Bring it On!!! deliberately waiting to get first hand on new 2022 developments ...project blanks going to make 2022 awesome.....

It is already looking so good to be part of this platform and absolutely the #projectblank is really going to be a spark when it finally kick start.

Aside that I see leofinace and it subsidiary token as the future right now

With #ProjectBlank being a big focus, I know it will really a good one. And I know 2022 the project are going to improve participation in the blockchain.

I always feel so excited whenever I saw or read any developments on Leo finance

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Well am personally having lots of expectations on Leofinance especially the POLYCUB and project blank

Another busy year lies ahead which is good to see as development is where the true value lies. Leofinance will only become bigger and bigger which will benefit the entire community. Great to be part of watching everything grow at such a rapid pace.

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I am just starting to write in Leo and I would like to interact a little more with the community, is there a discord server I can join?

You're welcome 😉 !PIZZA

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I like as they are put project blank and Leo mobile at the same place since they will have to good hand in hand for project blank to be a BIG BAM!!

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I think having a plan for LEO use cases would be a great idea, something more than """just""" placing it on different LP on different websites.
I don't have any solid idea, and I think that maybe finding a usecase for LEO would not be that easy offblockchain or it would probably need to have Hive too

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your post is very interesting

2022 go brrr?

Definitely that pLEO and leomobile is what I am most passionate about.

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Adjusting rewards a bit due to frequent rancho votes.

Good to see leo developments