LEO is Migrating to the Multi Chain Future | 4 Blockchains Integrated and Black Hole Theory Taking Effect

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It should come as no surprise to anyone who's been following LeoFinance that we're migrating deeper into the trenches of a multi-chain future.

2 years ago, Interoperability was just another crypto white paper buzz word that didn't mean anything.

Today, it's a real thing. Blockchains, protocols and tokens of the future are migrating to the "multi-chainiverse" and with LEO, we saw this coming from a mile away.

It was over 1 year ago that we took LEO multi-chain with the launch of Wrapped LEO.

About 9 months ago, we then deployed bLEO and took LEO to 3 blockchains (Hive, Ethereum and BSC).

In the sooniverse, we'll deploy pLEO (Polygon LEO) and take LEO to 4 blockchains.

Our upcoming WLEO-RUNE integration will then take us to an exchange of the future. Where native assets can be seamlessly traded. wLEO will live among them and offer one of the highest APYs for staking.

The future is bright for LEO in this multi-chain economy. With blogging on Web3 (Hive), wrapping bridges, LeoBridge and platforms like CubFinance and PolyCUB to deeply incentivize LEO Pools, we're building a Web3 economy like no other. Truly unique.



LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: LeoFinance.io allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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Leo is spreading the wings and flies towards new blockchains while being powered by Hive. Expansion, consolidation and more use cases to ensure the value in the long run,

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#few understand this

LEO is a chain-agnostic platform. We live on all blockchains and aim to connect them all via our Web3 focus and community.

Hive is a truly powerful blockchain. One of a kind. It allows us to engage directly on-chain with each other as our home base (https://LeoFinance.io) and on the LeoMobile app.

We then have all these other blockchains and potential to build apps there like CubFinance and PolyCub (and soon, our new Thorchain app).

This is the future. Connecting all of Web3 together: Hive, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Thorchain, _______.

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I see so many think they can be smarter than the market. Must be waiting for 10 cent CUB

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Do you believe Cub will go below 20 cents?


SOON Leo will be known on all chains!
People won't be able to ignore Leo(finance) and all related "Leoverse" projects anymore!

I'm glad that I'm checking updates daily now as otherwise, I wouldn't be able to keep up anymore. Still need to read that 3 part book you posted a few days ago :)

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The LeoVerse is all that matters!

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Yeah, I can see how you guys are working hard to make this so great for everyone that nobody can go around the Leoverse anymore. Quite the visionary you are!

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Am really impressed with the leo team working diligently hard to make sure there's progress in the project with so much efforts and time trying to make it massive in the blockchain, it's definitely a nice achievement.

Yes I agree, I have to admit that I missed out on updates for quite some time. I just could not keep up with my real-life hurdles and all these projects that are being rolled out. Thankfully, I can now stay up to date again. I don't want to miss out on the Leoverse :)

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The term Leoverse sounds cool. Indeed Leo would be difficult be to ignore with it spreading it's tentacles across. Can't wait to witness what the future holds. One thing is for sure, better times ahead

Absolutely! We may be in for a wild ride once outsiders discover the Leoverse..

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Leo landing on 4 different Blockchain will place Leo as one of the top coins with valuable use cases. It's good to see that LeoFinance is utilizing the different features on external projects to bring a multi-user experience and also a means to promote the hive chain. As stated, this is truly a unique feature.

is this one of the developments that you announced in yesterday's post? if yes, then I am also excited for the remaining 4 and this multi-chain is a great idea because it will give more options to use from. People from various chains will be able to access Leofinance and the entire ecosystem will grow and become big. Great update

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In addition to wrapping assets, has LEO already incorporated and/or intends to explore Cosmos Tendermint protocol/IBC/SDK tools to help with interoperability? Terra is all over it, along with its UST, as well as CRO. This would open up so many channels and liquidity onramps to be well-positioned for the next phase of the space you're already keen on.

I've watched the Cosmos Network grow on a daily basis for a while now, have experienced the benefits with access to tokens I'd never be able to get elsewhere, zero-to-almost $0 fees, and superior staking and LP rewards (which have since decayed normally as liquidity moved in). Evmos is also a new play where Ethereum interoperability is in the roadmap.

If only Hive itself would think outside the box like this!!

Can anyone translate this paragraph into plain English? : (

spread the roar about the chains khal!

I remember tweeting "polycub sooner than most think".

What does it mean?

I check, no polycub.

I check again, no polycub.

Can devs please do something?

GM! looks like 2022 will be good year for leo universe.

Leofinance is definitely building a web3 economy like no other. Reading and watching the posts on the upcoming project and the ones that have been launched it’s not false saying that leofinance is definitely leading the blockchain to a better future.

Yes ! Being multi chain really makes it different from a lot of crypto !

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Yes it a great and amazing progressive growth for Leo finance community which the development will be a massive one in this year of 2022. Truth be told the future of Leo finance is been a brighter one in this year. Working hard for the development will surely being you too to greater higher. Kudos big boss

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's been following LeoFinance that we're migrating deeper into the trenches of a multi-chain future.

Awesome what a great move in the leo world am happy for this amazing progress for the multi chain improvement. The future no doubt in the leo blockchain is moving in the right direction with more upgrades yet to come especially experiencing the polyCUB, leomobile, lightning and other amazing features is indeed incredible been in the leo blockchain.

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The future is bright for LEO in this multi-chain economy. With blogging on Web3 (Hive), wrapping bridges, LeoBridge and platforms like CubFinance and PolyCUB to deeply incentivize LEO Pools, we're building a Web3 economy like no other. Truly unique.

With the development of last year 2021 on LEO, it has proven that LEO is definitely stepping forward and progressing drastically. As been said "it's all about multi-chain and LEO is getting there soon"

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Multi chain is the feature of web 3.0 which means not just decentralised social media but also available on various chains so that people have vast options to choose from. Leo is setting the example and it's going to bring bunch of options for the content creators as well as for the investors.

The migration to multi chain in leofinance on web 3.0 is going to be a nice feature on the platform. I think more developments are yet to come. Really looking forward to them. The projects for this year (2022) on leofinance are going to be a hit. I strongly believe in the Leo team.

Leofinance is definitely making a it this year. Would love to see the migration in web 3.0, and more development from them in the blockchain

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LeoFinance is gearing up for a spectacular 2022. Happy and proud to be here.

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Leo based on bep2 on thorchain would work so much better than erc20. I am sure you already know that ethereum transactions are extra expensive on thorchain as users need to pay 3x the gas cost to cover the full route between seller and buyer.

Is there not an easy way to create the bep2 token and then an easy conversion from bep20 to bep2?

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The more LEO getting in other chains, the more the cryptosphere will know about LeoFinance and hive ecosystem!
Polygon is perfect as it offers the lowest fees among the three (ETC, BSC, Polygon) and the chain is way faster than ETH.
It'll be even better adding a bridge between the 4 chains too.

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The decentralized world we are building needs Hive, but Hive needs a fully decentralized gateway to entry, and with the plans to integrate Leo with Thorchain, Leo will be the gateway for Hive to achieve fully decentralized off/on ramp and become fully unstoppable.

Leofinance has done massively well ever since I joined the hives community and follow up with the Leo Finance project. It make transaction easier and I believe dis year will be more great than last year and want to thank the team for the wonderful work dey doing for the project...

Leofinance is sprouting new roots in the most interesting blockchains.

When it is time to reap the rewards, we will all have great satisfaction

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Leo Finance never stop exploring the market for better opportunities. Just as other token thrives today so as the upcoming WLEO-RUNE would also help in the trading of native assets.

I get some rune on binance yo be ready to the next steps of our Lovely leo platform, AND the advanced development, that Let Is get the best know how, about the defiworld AND how to be ready for get the benefit of the great development in our blockchain.

I wish more hive focus, lesss focus on other chains. I think that is whats is hurting the price of Leo. HIVE is a great chain where leo and cub can build great things!!! look at splinterlands what an amazing project that always thinks of their HIVE roots

LeoFinance is built on Hive. See LeoFinance’s latest tweet about LeoMobile - a Web3 application built on hive.

I think too many people are stuck in this “my chain is better than your chain, so I won’t use your chain” bubble.

This is exactly the purpose being illustrated in this clip. The future belongs to projects who go multi-chain and think in terms of abundance.

Thinking that a project should only focus on one chain is not the path forward. That’s limited thinking. Even Splinterlands realized this. Using BSC for SPS - their governance token - exploded the entire value proposition of the game.

Going multi-chain is the only path forward. The only one that matters anyway.

Still, we build apps like LeoMobile, Hivestats, LeoDex. All on Hive.

For some reason, this tribalism still creeps Its head. Tribalism is dangerous. We will now and forever build toward a multi-chain future with LeoFinance. That includes hive but doesn’t exclude other blockchains which is what tribalists want you to do.

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I think I undestand your point. Thanks for the reply Khal

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Multi-chain sounds like multiple opportunities to earn. The expansion gives LEO more utility, making it's economy one of many ground developments

Every day is new day and it brings a lot of surprises.... someone told me once leofinance is a way to go and looking at the pace it is moving I am simply falling for it...new development is happening and keeping the pace with each development phase and technology is simply amazing...

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This project in LEO shows that in hive we are only limited to what we can build on the hive blockchain.

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4 Blockchain? This sounds really awesome. The future is indeed bright with leofinance positioning itself as a force to reckon with in the age of web 3.0. Can't wait to see this beauty when Leo starts getting all the attention. This will surely be massive.

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When you have an amazing team, it is normal to see the team reach greater height. Leofinance is one of the popular and most used frontend on Hive, because of the way the team behind the project runs it. With all these achievement and the upcoming WLEO-RUNE, I see greater height for the project.

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That's the reason we like Leo finance. I'm waiting for the new feature,they want to drop. All this project they are planning will make leo to be know by different people.

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This is not just an expansion, it is a break forth and I am delighted to be a part of this move. Soon LEO will Skyrock to become a full chain of its own while HIVE becomes a second layer. This is amazing and mind-blowing.

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Would be nice to have a Solana integration in the future too

Does Cub Defi allow people to send in other cryptos and trade it into Hive? I couldn't remember.

If it does that is a great way of getting into Hive on the Leo system :)

This is really great news and updates... LeoFinance is just way ahead....

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Multi-chain has many benefits, including one that is maybe not too obvious and that is "advertising". Being on multiple chains increases exposure, as users of different chains see new additions being made available.

It is one of the many ingredients in moving a project to the next level. Great job!

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The development is extremely exquisite.

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That's too bad that wee can only see wLEO on other defi platforms. The fees are too high for most of us on ETH. But if bLEO can be staked somewhere else I would for sure try it !

We're all waiting a lot for poly cub ! I hope to stake some there !

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till KINGDOM come !PIZZA

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