Hivestats App Updates and Development Plans | and HBD Integrations

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In this clip from this week's AMA we talk about development and LeoFinance's latest dev hire.

We've made a ton of progress this year in finding and bringing on new talent to our team.

One major lesson we learned in developing CubFinance, LeoFinance, LeoMobile, PolyCUB and all of the other amazing things we've built in 2021 is that we need to EXPAND.

Expansion is key for an ever-evolving Web3 community like ours. Our continued expansion as an organization has made us a lot more organized in the later stages of 2021. It's also allowed us to bring on more talented developers to take the reins on a number of wide-ranging projects.'s mission is to aid all Hive users in finding stats about their Hive account and making the most of their Hive journey. We have had a lot of plans in the roadmap for Hivestats but haven't had the capacity to build it while building all of our other apps.

With our newly expanded team, we've been able to decentralize a lot of command and development. This is pushing us at an even faster pace of development on all fronts than ever before.

The new version of Hivestats will be live before Christmas!



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Looking forward to seeing more and more talent being recruited. You guys have been doing a tremendous job so far, can't wait to see what the future has in store for LeoFinance with the new and upcoming additions.

Let's go!

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It's always good to ask for help and support when you need it, as you can't do it all no matter how hard you try, with time short and people pressuring you, I think it's great to bring new talent on board,
it is part of humility to know how far we can go and when to ask for help.
good luck in such magnificent developments and by the way thanks for teaching us defi, without cub we would never have dipped our toes in even though it has been painful for the price but, extremely comfortable and it is just a price fee to pay for the knowledge.

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Seems like Leo team is geared up and they are bringing more enhancement and developments on the Leo ecosystem. Its good because now with year-end we know what we can expect in coming weeks and months. Hive is growing and I am sure that Leo is going to follow the same trend. Thanks for sharing this great update and I am excited. is such a nice tool and I use it every day. This is one of the tools that help us track the ensure account including hive-engine and we can also see how curation is going. Enhancement on this will make it awesome and I look forward to having the updates getting live soon.

I am Impressed with your work on :)
Keep up the pace :)

There is so much going on in cub finance now. I have to admit without cub defi I wouldn't have stake or provide liquidity in the farms. Because of the other blogs that give you step by step instructions I was able to do this. I try the bleo the other day, somehow you need to convert it to wleo. I need do more research !

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One major lesson we learned in developing CubFinance, LeoFinance, LeoMobile, PolyCUB and all of the other amazing things we've built in 2021 is that we need to EXPAND.

Which is definitely a good way forward as well and I believe it will help to enhance the blockchain more with quality ideas and features on the blockchain.

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Love how the Leo team are working hard coming up with amazing developments everyday.

It was a great year for @leofinance and with latest development on hivestats the team is closing 2021 with a bang. I remember it is one of the first that I tried which helped me to access my curation APR and work upon. Also it details everything with regard to hive-engine balance and all rewards. A one stop need for everything on Hive.....wishing g the team best of luck and loads of new things to accomplish in 2022.

I'm using HiveStats and I'm really happy that you guys will make it even better!
That's big regarding showing APRs for Cubfinance: Extra exposure.

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Great to see HiveStats growing as anyone needs a stats app to check his operations on Hive. While I am using HiveTasks at the moment with the new features I might switch to it.

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It’s good to know that there are a lot of developments being made locally on Hivestats. I opened a ticket on discord and I’m still waiting for the error to be resolved. I hope the error will be fixed when updates are pushed on production.

I’m always available for beta testing. Both on web, android and iOS versions of any project. could be a powerful analytical tool if integrated with other Hive dApps. It could function like apeboard or debank or zappper where users can visualize and aggregate assets across Hive DApps. Looking forward to this development.

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Happy we have Hivestats here, Steemworld was in Steem days really good to overview what happens.

IMO Hivestats already has a way more user-friendly interface. So I love to see those things envolve!

Amazing news and .. cant wait to try out the new HIVESTATS .. you said before Christmas, right? :)

Great to see that ! Improve what we have is really needed to stay always up to date ! !PIZZA

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Hope to see new talent to added to the Leo finance community. Kudos to you guys on this the new project which you guys are given us a rest of mind on the future of Leo finance. looking forward to see upcoming additios boss.

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Great the team is bringing in more hands. The coming year is sure gonna be exciting has more development rolls out. Keep up the awesome job

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This is a sweet approach and I am really impressed with the consistency of the team. 2022 seems bigger for Leofinance.

That's very exciting, great work guys. is very helpful and impressive tool and it makes tracking on Hive interesting and fun. As the Brand Leo, always stands high in terms of innovation and creativity. 😊👍 !PIZZA

With our newly expanded team, we've been able to decentralize a lot of command and development. This is pushing us at an even faster pace of development on all fronts than ever before.

With this new development, I know leofinance will achieve more. Keep up the good works.

Hive is a good and interesting platform, using nice app leofinance to run gives you the idea of how crypto works and it also gives a lots update about it

Hivestats has been such a useful site and concept, I'm glad to see it is getting attention again. And that the team is looking more deeply into HBD.

I use HiveStats regularly, and I'm so stoked to hear about the update!

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Great to watch this and catch up with all the news, glad to hear about the progress and hiring. All the best!

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I want to appreciate the for the good work and development that will commence next year on the project to make it flexible for new user on board and bravo to the talented ones who join the team to accomplish the mission of the project.

Very cool! Can't wait to see it and I sure hope we get some LEO stats in there with it!


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