Airdrop Madness! | Hive Blockchain Airdrops, PolyCUB Airdrop, IDO #2 Airdrop!?

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Airdrops have taken a center stage in crypto.. as Neal says during this clip of this week's AMA:

"Airdrop Farming is a thing"

In fact, there are now Discords, Telegrams and other various online outlets where people gather and specifically discuss which crypto's to buy, stake and hodl to most effectively participate in various airdrops.

HIVE has 2 major airdrops upcoming:

  1. 3speak
  2. Ragnarok

With these airdrops inbound, we have seen a lot of positive action on the HIVE Price. These pieces of news may or may not be related.

The LeoFinance team has been working on PolyCUB which is going to airdrop to CUB hodlers with daily snapshots over 60 days (similar to the SPS airdrop to Splinterlands players).

We've also been working closely with IDO #2 and their team. We've told them that doing an airdrop to CUB hodlers alongside a slightly smaller IDO would likely gain more traction for their platform and sweeten the mindset of CUB hodlers who may want to participate more heavily in their IDO knowing that their team is committed to benefiting CUB.

Additionally, we remember what happened with IDO #1. One thing we've mentioned to them is that getting an initial audience and community to seed their launch is vital to success. With this in mind, we've recommended an airdrop to HIVE holders as well.

If they decide to go this route, we think they'll get their airdrop in to HIVE POWER holders in addition to CUB holders and an IDO. This could lead to a massively successfuly launch.

As I say in this clip: what's good for IDO #2 is good for CUB. One of the top farms on IDO #2's upcoming platform is a CUB-IDO#2 token Liquidity Pool which will have a ridiculously high APY for anyone staking both CUB and their native token post-IDO.



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Leo Finance and Hive blockchain are the places to be right now and are at the epicenter of some groundbreaking airdrops. An ecosystem that keeps on growing and keeps on giving, simply a must-be for any crypto enthusiast or investor!

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Very true. Seems I have been missing out of some news. I need a guide link on how to access the new CUB interfaces and pools.

That's great to hear. I know we are all looking forward to the drops and I have to admit I'm glad to hear the Leo team pushed for the Hive holders to get a drop as well. It's great to have a win/win relationship.

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All of this is awesome!! The only problem is too many choices :-)

Decisions decisions.

WEN?!? Ha!

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Where can I read more about polycub?

Swen Ser?

What is ragnorak though? I keep seeing things said about it but no links to what it is?

Amazing so many products to choose from. Thanks to all these updated information I have staked some cub and also bnb. It teach me so much as I have to use metamask and provide two tokens, gives you a lp token to use. Prior to this I have to admit I didn't understand how lp worked. But still I'm having problems converting leo to wrapped !

I really love to read that hive blockchain have so many upcoming airdrops, which will attract more people to this great platform!

Honestly speaking I can't wait for those airdrops on hive. It would pave so many ways for the hiveans and also create more awareness to the world of crypto, hive is a great platform, so I expect good things to start and keep happening here. I'm sure alot of people around the world would be affected positively through this airdrops. Nice awareness and good write-up @khaleelkazi

khal's hand looks like a crab claw in the thimbnail :P. Crab people taking over Hive confirmed :D

Can anyone please help with links to these:

HIVE has 2 major airdrops upcoming:

Need to gather sufficient details.

Hive is doing amazingly well now, with all this airdrops coming I think this will be a game changer.

Keep doing the good work guys

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Game changer would be understatement by then 😂


at last good news from about Aridrop in the END of Year 2021

Wow!!! Hive keeps giving and giving , being on this blockchain gives you so much that you start feeling guilty and start looking for a way to give back.

I have plenty cub staked to my kingdom anyway so looking forward to the airdrop.

I would love to see it cover all hive balances as well as that would be a huge benifit to the ecosystem and the community.

It would really get people to see how enjoyable and profitable it is to power up that hive and set an example for others going forward.

This place just gets more exciting every week.

Great.. I feel excited but I re ally don't wanna miss out on the cub drop.

I guess I need to start holding cub as well.

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It's has been rain of airdrop in Hive blockchain, infact the starting of activities right here (Hive & LEOFINANCE) began with airdrop.

The experience many team have had in the past towards airdrop brought in a secure model for distributing the airdrop, this separate real being from those that just in to receive and dump.

As we know, airdrop purpose is adoption. New project token set to be release, an airdrop make the token reach out to many and increase no of holders. Great to see CUB polygon based App coming soon and getting in is very simple. Acquire as many CUB you can on PancakeSwap, stake it (not compulsory) g increase your quantity of your CUB.

Leofinance set the pace for many to benefit and made people start there crypto journey in a sweet way of generating passive income, receive multiple airdrop, and get quality post that can help them increase their knowledge about personal finance, crypto info, economy and many more..

Keep it up @leofinance ✔️💎

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in order to receive 3speak & Ragnarok airdrops does Hive need to be powered up or can Hive be liquid in the Hive wallet ?

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3Speak Airdrop conunts both liquid and powered up hive.

I don't know about Ragnarok. Haven't hear of it yet, can you please give me a lead?

ITs such a joy to be part of all this at this time. Airdrops do make life feel like constant Christmas, and passive income is an amazing way to reward all of the folks who have been so committed and supportive of these awesome projects. Excellent that you are including Hive hodlers as part of the conversation with your IDO's. All for 1 and One for ALL! :D

This is going to be awesome and everyone holding hive power and cub will be happy. I hold both and excited for this.

Sound awesome. Nice deciding to include hive holders in the share of the airdrop. Good for the project and everyone stay happy

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que bueno tantos productos. Gracias a toda esta información. Me enseña las opciones que tengo para elegir. Debo admitir que me falta aun por aprender..

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What does snapshot over sixty days mean? Do they average your balance over sixty days?

Thank you all for this opportunity..
There's a lot of scam airdrop everywhere ..but ever since I heard about loe finance and hive Broken chain is the right place ..
But can someone educated me more on this Leo finance

This is a typo, right?

Hive Broken Chain

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So how can this help me...
Or how can I earn with it please

Wow this is amazing,it will be something great, it will be of joy to everyone here looking forward to that and thanks for the info

This is good news

great content

great content

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Honestly speaking I can't wait for those airdrops on hive. It would pave so many ways for the hiveans and also create more awareness to the world of crypto, hive is a great platform, so I expect good things to start and keep happening here. I'm sure alot of people around the world would be affected positively through this airdrops. Nice awareness and good write-up @khaleelkazi

The leo platform no doubt is the best place to be to get more information and genuine resources in the blockchain

Can't wait for it :P

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This polycub airdrop,we have been waiting for this airdrop since,when is this airdrop, dropping because no date yet.

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The interesting question raised within this is "whether people outside the Hive ecosystem are even AWARE of these airdrops?"

Seems to me that one of the avenues to growth for "Greater Hive" is precisely to not get too locked into our own little closed feedback loop. One of the great things about Splinterlands (for example) is that it's part of Hive, but it also stands alone as a functioning dApp.


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What is IDO?

Which account gets the Airdrops if one delegates hp, delegatee or delegator?

Well thought out post, do you think there will be a need for a verification service based on Hive Blockchain to help with making sure the airdrops go to the people who are not farming?

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I am loving all these airdrops. It’s incredible. So many new millionaires every day.

Whatever happened with IDO #1? There has been no update on their Telegram since September. I am glad that there is a farm on CUBfinance to use it in some way.
It would be great to have Hive holders included in any airdrop from IDO#2. Exciting times.

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Making a IDO2 Airdrpo to Hive Users could definitely bring attention to people not even knowing about CubFinance !

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Seriously good news all round and fantastic to include Hive holders possibly as the more that participate in Kingdoms the better for everyone.

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As a newcomer I'm trying to learn more about leo finance and I think this is important to me to learn more. Airdrops are always awesome and once I earn airdrops that was a great experience.

hope HP holders have the opportunity to get the PolyCUB Airdrop

Looking forward to it and stacking as much as I possibly can till that time comes!

WEN Airdrop to LEO?

This is all looking good but do we have a start time for when this is all gonna start

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