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A 3 letter word. A power-packed meaning. A lot of money lost and opportunities left by the wayside.

FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

FUD is an interesting thing in this world. Many people allow it to drive their decision making - especially when it comes to investing and being a part of something.

Fear creeps in at the worst moments. To use an outside example, Thorchain was pushing all-time highs at $20+ just a few months ago.

A hack took place where millions of dollars were stolen from the protocol. The protocol recovered and went back online. Another hack occured.

Then, the worst happened... a Third hack. Another outage and a revolving door of FUD set in that was so loud, people ran for the exits.

RUNE crashed from $20 to $3.. It didn't remain at $3 for long... The Diamond Hands of the Thorchain community realized that FUD was temporary and they could become Thorchads by picking up RUNE so cheap.

The FUD Cure

When you know something is great - from a fundamental level - you cure FUD.

When you believe in a mission, a project and a team so deeply, FUD is irrelevant. In fact, FUD can be a path to greatness if you know how to leverage it.

I was one of the people who bought RUNE at $3-6 when FUD dragged it off its all-time highs. In those moments, people on Twitter and in Discord were claiming that Thorchain was a dead-chain project. That it was vaporware and headed nowhere.

Belief cures FUD and gives you the clarity to make life-changing returns. A lack of belief is the oxygen that FUD uses to manifest and become the downfall of emotionally-driven investors and community members.

...But this isn't about Thorchain. This is about a post I just saw in my feed while I was sitting for a Coffee and testing the mobile app today.


We had a record turnout in yesterday's AMA. A lot of amazing people showed up and we had a lot of fun. We did everything from dev updates to picking a contest winner for "Khal's new AMA Background image" to answering the normal AMA questions.

One AMA Question stuck out: "Is LeoFinance Spreading too Thin With All These Apps and Developments?"

A question that we've seen multiple times this year. But a Question that is extremely important to ask.

Below is my response to @behiver's post where he reiterated the concern that LeoFinance might be spreading too thin. The short answer? No. We're moving faster than ever but the FUDsters are out in full-force.

Emotions will drive you to the brink of disaster.

FUDsters look only at price action to dictate the success of something. FUDsters live in the comments of Thorchain's Twitter handle. They talk about how the project is dead because RUNE went from $20 to $3.

FUDsters Don't:

  • Look at fundamentals
  • Consider their belief in the project
  • Look long-term
  • Think about the technology

That last one reminds me of that meme with the guy with all the gold chains "I'm in it for the technology"...

Some of us actually are in it for the technology. Money's important too but when you derive your decision making from the perspective of "money is everything" you can be led to some pretty toxic and depressing places wen number doesn't go up in the short-term.

I'm here for the technology and even more importantly; for our Community. Neal, Mitch and I have talked about this on the "Roundtable Podcasts" many times in the past...

F you money is the type of money that has been made by people who've been in crypto this long and held on to projects they truly believed in with massively deep levels of conviction.

While we could go out and live on a beach, retired and living well beyond our prior means just sitting in stablecoin LPs or renting out Splinterlands NFTs... I'd much rather be here, in the trenches and building something more important. I'm here for the next 10 years. The FUDsters are barely here for the next 10 minutes.

My Take:

I can understand the concern about spreading too thin but if you think in a tiny box, you’ll go tiny places.

Massive projects become massive by attracting ever-wider sets of users.

Even use Splinterlands as a local example: Splinterlands has exceeded the userbase of Hive. You can’t exceed the user base of Hive if you only build on Hive. Hive is great but everyone knows you need to build outside of it to bring people back into it - Hive is the base layer technology. Not the end-all-be-all of what we can achieve. Splinterlands also shows this by using Hive for Game TXs but BSC for their governance token and nearly all of their major financial outfacing activity.

IMO we tapped out the potential growth of LeoFinance within only the Hive community a long time ago. Nearly everyone on Hive knows what LeoFinance is and we’re quite frankly the largest community on Hive.

Look back to the explosive growth of LeoFinance. We’re much larger now than 1 year ago. The token price is more than 10x higher than it was 18 months ago. We had only 4-6 people working on the project 18 months ago… now we have 20 people with 8 of those new hires being in the last 4 months.

We delivered CubFinance this year and 3 major iterations to it - kingdoms is an entirely new platform with all new smart contracts.

We delivered LeoMobile this year. A massive, 12-month long undertaking that finally came to life and approved in app stores 1 month ago.

We delivered bLEO and LeoBridge.

We delivered Lightning V2 which made LeoFinance faster than ever.

We delivered LeoInfra V3 last week which allows Facebook Hive Lite accounts - something no other app on Hive has been able to achieve thus far.

And so many others…

Edit: We delivered Hivestats V3 less than a week ago because we hired on a new dev and were able to further expand our team.

Those who look long-term, see long-term. They see what's happening fundamentally outside of only the price. IMO, LeoFinance has delivered far more in 2021 than anyone even thought possible in 2019 or 2020.

Those who look short-term, see short-term. They see only what's happening to the price or what's "in the news today". They're akin to those hysterical Covid-scared people who watch the news and sway their opinion because of one thing one news anchor said that one time.

People love to have short-term memories and use only the token price to dictate whether something is successful. I choose to focus on our fundamental growth - focusing on growing our team has been my #1 duty this year and I’ve overseen the hiring of 12 new team members in 2021 alone.

We crushed it in 2021 and we’ll crush it again and even harder in 2022. If anyone doubts that, there are other projects they can flock to. My concern and focus is not on token price but on fundamental developments and expansion. The iteration of and expansion of LeoFinance and our applications is what matters to me. 💎🐾s are the only ones who will make it to the promised land all the weak paws will fall away and come crawling back once they realize they landed on the wrong side of history.

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I am active on LeoFinance for more than one year now ane my blog is proof of that. Two posts a day, 99% of those through the LeoFinance interface and LeoFinance relater. What I noticed though, after LeoFinance got more into DeFi is that LEO price had fallen and it seems a bit hard to recover. My take is that these DeFi projects that you guys built are probably more incentivizing to be part of than to simply hold LEO and use it for curation for example...

That's my take.

Does that mean that I'm leaving LeoFinance now when LEO barely holds 20 cents?


Leofinance.io made me what I am, a full time blogger, and not leaving it for any community in the world. If I'd stick with GEMS for example, as I was quite active in that community before transitioning to LeoFinance, I'd probably earn more than I am right now, because @appreciator does support a lot of content creators in that community.


I'm here for LeoFinance, for project blank which I have been waiting for so long and don't care if LEO will fall to 3 cents in the next few months, although I'm expecting it to recover all the losses.

However I consider @behiver musing as quite legit and not FUD at all.

Nevertheless I'm here for the long haul and my blog is POMC(proof of my conviction).

I had to say that. Yeah, Ace will stick around, NO MATTER WHAT, cuz Ace is what he is right now thanks to LeoFinance and Ace(Adrian) is a lion at heart.

Over and out.


I saw @behiver's posts, his concerns are basically out of pure concern and maybe not FUD, he's probably still pro leo, but might be envisaging the future and all that. In my case, I believe in the system and this is because I try to keep my expectations rather minimal, this way, I can consider the long-term success of leo as a flagship Project built on hive.

I'm pretty much feeling the same way, but I don't see @behiver question as being FUD at all... Once a Leo, always a Leo ;)

Yeah this post is not calling him a FUDster it's talking more so about a few comments underneath that post and some random stuff I've seen on Twitter. Make no mistake - @behiver is a 🦁 and is even on the Curation Team.

This post took my comment there and addressed the broader audience of people who claim that LEO is in a "downtrend" or "abandoned" or some other line of thinking like that.

LEO is 10x the price it was 18 months ago. The team is now 20 and was less than 6 people back then.

This post addresses the idea that people think nothing is happening on LEO. That's a ridiculous notion. We released a new version of LeoInfra last week which enabled Facebook Hive Lite accounts. We released LeoMobile just in the past 2 months.. a new Hivestats update... all of the amazing stuff we've been working on.

More so, this FUD seems to be driven out of an idea about the price of LEO and CUB and solely for price-driven reasons. Sometimes developments take longer than we expect (most times, actually) and that is quite normal.

When people talk about how LEO is abandoned or falling in price, I laugh at them and tell them to check the chart from anything before 12 months ago. CUB is the reason that LEO shot up to $1. Without CUB, LEO wouldn't have reached those heights.

When PolyCUB is finally launched, watch how all the FUD turns to FOMO overnight. It's truly fascinating to watch these cycles play out from such a front row seat.

CUB will moon.
LEO will moon back over $1.
POLYCUB will bring a whole new blockchain of opportunities to both CUB and LEO.

It's obvious to anyone who is actually paying attention to the fundamentals.

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It's definitely not someone like me who would actually think that Leo is in decline, the team has actually been consistent overtime and this consistency has brought growth and development, the long term expectations for me is Leo maintaining that consistency which it has actually done. The prices would actually come good, for those who are believing, staking and building.

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Exactly what I think too, it might just be him being purely critical, he's probably a Leo for life like you've mentioned.

Great post, I like everything you wrote. Leofinance is building the foundations to be strong in every sector but milti immediately think of the rocket to the moon.

the main reason why I have absolute confidence in the team

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LeoFinance has a bright future ahead with all the work you guys have been doing. So many tools and alternatives in such a short period of time, and a ton of stuff in the works. In it for the long haul. It's nice to see the team expanding and I'm sure next year will be even better.

Keep going!


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🦁 2022 will be incredible

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Lol, who says RUNE is dead? Who says LEO ain't developing?

I'll just said this again;

people should invest in developments, not public opinions

It’s normal, lots of people are putting money first over technology, that’s why there is FUD. Lots of people are in crypto because they heard crypto can make them rich, do they believe in the future of the technology behind crypto? That’s a story for another day. Because believers are the long term investors known as Hodlers.

It’s normal for people to have doubts, and when they ask questions to clear their doubt, just know it’s part of the process.

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It is something that plagues the entire industry. Alas, what can we do.

The ones who look at things from the technological angle have a better idea of what is taking place over those who simply look at what the market says.

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While the post/question about Leo Finance spreading too thin compared to concentrating on Hive or fewer projects wasn't meant in any way as FUD, it has stirred a wave of interpretations.

I am a lion and will be forever one and appreciate everything that's being developed here and the capacity to do so. For me, it was a clear feedback upon the team strategy and the multichain approach which should increase the user base from the Leo Finance ecosystem and bring more benefits in the broader view.

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One of Khal's comments explained that your questioning was the FUD part. He expanded the idea to include the FUD that others have been launching.

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I don't believe anything was meant in a negative light, it really is a good question to be posed so it can be answered with the information Khal shared, good question! :-)

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i would be way more positive if the price of the whole crypto market would not depend on bitcoin.

IMO the attention can move away very fast if the sexy dog coins become worthless again.

Average people love to gamble. So it makes valuations very difficult IMO.

There is a lot of speculation in the market.

But these speculations are IMO not on leo, cub, or something around it.

Its more fear to do something. Otherwise we would also see higher prices on CUB.

Most are for the short term $ here ( and in crypto).

Its pain to loss $ in book, but its the only way to become massive stakes :P

From fundamentals I'm positive.

But i also was last bullrun :P

Also the world economy is meh :D

The only reason it appears it is dependent upon Bitcoin is because that is where all the attention is focused and the big money follows that.

As different projects, themselves, grow, that will alleviate it. Then the token price will not be dependent upon BTC.

Of course, as stated in the article and in comments, token price is a crap way to judge something.

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This is why I love Leo! So, I would say things get spread a little thin too. I would also say, it's because there are so many things happening and that value will catch up.


Each week Khal and frens address the community with openness and talk about what is happening, give legit reasons about delays, etc.

Khal is engaged and in the community, willing to hear and consider the feedback, he learns from each project and frankly he's young, but growing quickly.

Say something critical about Hive and 3 whales will show up and downvote you and call you stupid. Say something critical about Leo, and Khal will make a post and address the issues.

I love Leo and I fully believe we are on a path to huge success for the entire community instead of a handful of people.

Get on board!

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That's the quality of a great person. I've learned to emulate that. Critics come to make us better so, we should always listen to it and use it to our advantage

Good day to you @khaleelkazi

i have Leo-Diamond hands and keep stacking and powering up. i'm in it for the freedom-tech (especially if it includes equitable #communitygovernance).

You may recall we exchanged some comments briefly maybe a year ago, re. Community #Governance. You said you had in mind to look at that subject for Leo Community, but was not ready at that time.

My "pet project" is The Matrix-8 Solution, a Community Governance System with an #Anonymous Concentrated #Consensus mechanism and Trusted Reputation system.

Perhaps if you are ready now to dig deeper, i can share more, as #Matrix8 is getting much closer to being ready.

Copying a message from the Element/Telegram group:

We are in pre-alpha testing stage, about to start using a "DIY" Matrix-8 platform, once we have enough people joined this group and willing to join the first Cause Group meeting. i expect we will have enough within a week or two at most. @cosmic.paradise is about to write to several new recruits to encourage/guide them to join this room. A dApp is in post production phase, possibly beta test Q1 next year.

White Paper here: https://peakd.com/hive-153630/@atma.love/matrix-8-white-paper-abstract?ref=atma.love

It's an open source (free for individual users) project, with first implementation (sub platform) very likely to be for a #Lethean DAO. @snider is lead dev for both projects, ie. https://peakd.com/c/hive-153630/created and https://peakd.com/c/hive-179211/created

i intend you find passion and courage to research Matrix-8 to help all beings around the world break free from the slavery of The Powers that Shouldn't Be and lead humanity into an abundant and peaceful life, with the aid of this bottom up, multi-level, people powered, non-violent (anonymous) system.

Sat Nam

Thanks Atma, i hope everyone can join us in the element/telegram group!
You can join The Matrix-8 Solution General Discussion + Q & A's Unencrypted Room here:

👉 https://matrix.to/#/#The-Matrix-8-Solution:matrix.org

(I suggest you create an element account before)

See you there!

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

All these developments at the top of Hive blockchain are recognized by many communities that are leading figures of crypto. That they have not taken any step to be involved in LeoFinance, Splinterlands or SPK Network does not necessarily mean that these projects could not reach the audience yet. Contrarily, We no longer need to introduce the projects in our ecosystem while having a conversation about crypto. Once the names of these projects mentioned, people have ideas about what their solutions are.

In crypto, the outliers hardly live long while the whole market is going down due to external reasons. Considering the market conditions and uncertainties in the global scale, the success of both Hive and LeoFinance cannot be disregarded. Moreover, All our projects are recognized and mentioned by leading crypto influencers (as a free advertisement) that will eventually bring us more like-minded people.

What we really need is time and consistent work. We are already shinning stars of crypto in terms of Web 3 and Gaming. Sometimes it can be better to look at the cases from a broader perspective to see the big picture ✌

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What we really need is time and consistent work.

Still very early in the game, that is for sure. We do need that.

Personally, I like flying under the radar for the time being. We have a lot going on which is going to surprise a lot of people.

For now, we just put our heads down and keep pushing ahead.

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We have so many people like me that believe in Leo and didn’t have opportunities to invest, i remembered the first time I get access to money the first thing I did was buying 17k Leo without even thinking twice. I believe in this project and I will stay with this train till and after it reach is destination

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You're a strong believer in the future of Leo my friend, something, you encourage me to even build further, kudos to us, for being pro-leo.

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Now the project is clearly understand, despite the 2021 development on Leo finance community and the 2022 project settings plans and I believe that more of the development are still on which we are looking forward to. Good job from the team 2022 will more better than this 2021 and I agree with boss man that 2022 will be incredible

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Wow ! This is interesting. I'd say this is one of the knowledgeable post I've come across with in recent times. Fear is a bad thing one should get rid of.

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People love to have short-term memories and use only the token price to dictate whether something is successful. I choose to focus on our fundamental growth - focusing on growing our team has been my #1 duty this year and I’ve overseen the hiring of 12 new team members in 2021 alone.

The aim of crypto is to experience higher pump in price to invest in other gain but the most important thing is that in crypto we shouldn't be after the price whether high or low because it's definitely what we will experience.

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Actually the aim of crypto is to change the entire nature of the Internet.

The fact there is a monetary component inherent is what causes so many problems. Of course, it is also what is enabling us to change the internet.

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You’re one of the reasons Hive will be a force to be reckoned with. The best building is from building from inside out, my belief in Leo’s growth remains as solid as ever.

We move

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There are many reasons but you are right, we desperately need another Splinterlands. Down the road, the LEO ecosystem could be very powerful.

Khal is right, us all these different tentacles being created to pull in more people. Essentially Leo is building a giant feeder system.

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Good things take time. I love how the Leo team is gradually building. 2021 has seen lot of developments. Great the team has expanded looking from where it was last year. 2022 can only get better. It's important not to look at the short term but where the project is heading.

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You post is once again just yelling at me "HOLD MORE LEO NOW!"

all that projects are impressive and we all know that you're gonna send us more. I don't see any moment Leo staying that low, don't matter how much time it will take, most of us just take advantage of this to accumulate ! !PIZZA

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You are really right in the way you reason, thinking only about prices or short-term results I think that no cryptocurrency would have evolved, it is admirable that as you say you could be in a retired paradise just living on your earnings or income You are present in the line at once, that is the mentality of an entrepreneur, hopefully all of us as a hive will get to work in this way.

By the way in Mexico the word FUD is from a sausage brand, I know it has nothing to do with it but it made me laugh, thank you very much for your publications and the topics covered in your podcast, they are very useful to me being one of the smallest ants in the hive blockchain.


Awesome post love your point of view , I realise I am in it for the technology . I have always made a point of checking out what’s new on the block , that’s how I found Leofiancé . No regrets you keep pushing the envelope.

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Wao, As a new user to register in the hives community, am well pleased with your article about the growth of hives and other project attached to it this year despite the question raised by @behiver post about the expansion of hives project which might trigger fear to people. Tnx for the information about the expansion of hives project and the goals to achieve 2022..

Despite the question raised by @behiver towards the expansion of hives project, ur articles has encourage and assured users about the achievement of hives project in 2022 and tnx for making me understand more abt the project

Everyday the more I am into @leofinance... the more I fall for it. I too took it as a just like any other Hive frontend and didn't focus much earlier, which pull me a lot back in my hivr blockchain endeavor.

Now if I look back, I must admit, it was biggest mistake I did on Hive which put me so behind in the race....now as I am picking up the pace, my trust on @leofinance getting more and more....the way everyone moving ahead with technology and community by side tye future seems to be very clear. They have some clear goals in sight with are yet to be fulfilled and in no way I see the downfall......the team is up...and getting stronger...BTW here one thing like to point out.....the tiger attacks with a strategy....like they take a step back before pouncing on its prey our tiger is already on attack and will be high on popularity.
I.never see FUD kind of things here ... @khaleelkazi

I'm barely on LeoFinance Khal as it's all beyond me (this is why I'm not rich). However I've watched you from beginning and seen your vision, progress and steadfastness. The other day I heard you had an app... I mean, WHAT THE!! I have utter faith in what you are doing and kudos to you and your team for the solid, methodical, expert and skilled way you are going about this. It's projects like yours and Splinterlands (another one that's beyond me 🙈) that bring value to HIVE. Im in it for writing and stories - that's my love (and herbalism etc) but without the arterial roads of the baseframe of HIVE, the blogging side of it would be dead in the water. Happy New Year and keep roaring.

Join the lion side!

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No one wants to hear about my financial disasters, mishaps and ineptitude.

Am loving this developments, leofinance keep getting better. That means more money for Us, @behiver
With Leofinance by my side I have nothing to bother myself with

I've been in crypto a long time and have seen many projects come and go. Making promises and never delivering on them. The LeoFinance/CUB/PolyCUB ecosystem seems to me that it's going to be one of the most sound and safe places to put crypto to work. Also the way you guys talk about and execute your plans is pretty mind blowing from my perspective. I can't imagine the amount of work and hours that go into building such a robust ecosystem. One of the biggest things I look for when I'm going to invest is the project's engagement with the community and that gets demonstrated here every single day. Respect.

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With all the rug pulls in DeFi, we all can sleep at night knowing Khal isnt about to do that. He is in it for the long-term. With what he is building, his payout will be very nice. He isnt looking just to make a few bucks off this.

So there is a lot to be said for reputation going forward.

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Exactly my feelings. This is the DeFi for the people. One day everyone will see.

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Ho Hum. More of the token price means something bullshit.

When are people going to realize that markets are insane? They are fun to watch, trade if you have the skill, and have as a talking point. Yet, to make any decisions or look for validation from the markets is equally as insane. One is listening to a crazy entity, which is what markets are. They are driven by fear and greed. Does that sound like the basis for logical outcomes.

The market misprices everything. Now do not misunderstand, I am not saying to tell the market it is wrong. That is how you lose all your money. What I am saying is the price is either too high, or too low. There are bullish spurts, and bearish ones. What is right?

LEO is way undervalued based upon what the development says. However, we cannot tell the market that since it is the market. It is much bigger than any of us.

So you have a choice: believe the market which at one time said Yahoo was worth $475 a share or believe those who are watching things at the foundation.

The choice is yours.

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FUD will always be a part of crypto, and everything else in this world. And like you said, FUD can be used to your advantage. But the main thing is that the focus always should be where your focus is. Keep it going in 2022! Happy New Year!

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I have been slowly but surely increasing my stake in Leo since the beginning. It has been a great educational resource for me in all things crypto and I have been happy to experiment with all that has been created-Leo Dex/Leofinance/Cub/ Even IDO #1.
If I did have one criticism that would be that future plans are talked about too soon. I get all excited by them and then the conversation peters out to Wen and soon! This can create an impression of a lack of momentum.
I will still be buying and staking and looking forward to when soon becomes Now.

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LeoFinance has delivered far more in 2021 than anyone even thought possible in 2019 or 2020.

I'm new to this space and am still stoked about what I'm seeing happen. Keep the information coming!!! Make 2022 10x! To the moon!!! 🎇

Those who look long-term, see long-term

Golden advice.

It's so easy to get caught up with short term price movements.

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It's practically impossible to spread FUD against LeoFinance and its projects, at least among the true believers. Leofinance team has been one of the most active and performant we have in our ecosystem, and I doubt things will slow down any time soon, as you are in full expansion. One cannot talk about spreading too thin when older projects are being upgraded and improved (HiveStats) and when team is also expanding to match the expanding number of projects Leofinance is involved in. If Leofinance only had a few devs to work on a growing number of projects and with high complexity in different ecosystems, then yeah, maybe we could talk about spreading too thin, but not in this case, when there are devs dedicated to certain projects and certain blockchains.

Belief cures FUD

This is true, confidence in the value proposition. FUD does create opportunities for people to invest at a discounted rate. Winners buy the FUD.

FUD is part of the business. It will always be there in the space. It is up to people to know how to deal with FUD and as well use it to their advantage. FUD will always lead to bleeding and it's a period where weak hands are shaken off.

To me, FUD is golden opportunity but it takes only the smart and courageous to take advantage of FUD. Buying the dip isn't easy but when you know what you are doing, you see dips as golden opportunities to stack up and fill your bag.

Maybe I'm late to find LeoFinance but after discovering LeoFinance I'm enjoying my stay in this platform and I'm glad that I'm getting good support from LeoFinance. I'm really very thankful to LeoFinance and also to authors and curators here.

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If spreading too thin was a real issue Alphabet (Google) should have died a long time ago. People need to understand that LEO isn't some butter spread on some bread. It's a full fledged ecosystem of DAPPs that cater to real user needs.

CubFinance is what finally got me into DeFi pools. I went in because there was an existing track record and trust in the people. I barely even take a look at how my investments are performing on HIVE, LEO, CUB, Splinterlands and even BLURT because I know that the path forward is a one that is going up.

Those spreading FUD are living a life of uncertainty (that is often accompanied with toxicity). What LEO and many others are providing is a peace of mind! That is what is truly differentiating these projects with your typical cryptocurrency project be it a million dollar project or billion dollar project.

I feel my investments more secure as part of HIVE ecosystem than on Ethereum (which has become large inaccessible for many users due to fees).

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People love to have short-term memories and use only the token price to dictate whether something is successful. I choose to focus on our fundamental growth - focusing on growing our team has been my #1 duty this year and I’ve overseen the hiring of 12 new team members in 2021 alone.

I would like to mention @jlufer here. He is one of the few people, who make a living with Hive, and he see/consider Hive as "our company".

So based on this viewpoint, we are all co-workers. And this is true, because the people, who think long term about Hive, build connections and friendships by regularly interacting with others. Or with other words, use this platform, as it is supposed to be used. As a social media. We focus on collective growth, instead of individual growth, and we are regularly active, regardless the price of Hive.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Just caught up on this post and all of the comments threaded underneath.

Love your work, your passion for the project and I wouldn't want to be contributing my small part anywhere else.


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Eghhhh...sometimes I find Gems a bit too late.


Read how this all have started with Toruk

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I agree, people will see more of what they are looking for. If I look for opportunity, I will find it. If I seek God, I will find Him. If I look for my car keys I just put down a moment ago...sorry, no idea. Old age can be hard.

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This fud affect alot of coins this year, something like Everrise coin

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