Wow … you have 1,000,000 Plots ???? That’s like $ 500,000,000 … you are going to be a USD Billionaire

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Haha, no. Just 100 plots, but that is worth 1,000,000 airdrop points (10k each)

Well…. Even 100 plots is massive …. $ 500,000 …

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I have healthy envy 😂, so happy to see that!

Wow congrats! What a great accomplishment. !PIZZA

@kennyskitchen! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @shauner.

Did you know you can earn $VFT through the PIZZA farm? (5/20)

I am happy for you.
You are one of the whales in the game.

I am NUMBER 5000 😍