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One week ago, I had an idea about a post gathering users' opinions about how we can increase retention in Hive.


Lots of new users sign up for an account every day, but not all of them stay. In this post I asked for your opinion and I got some great responses!

Let's check them out:

@detlev believes that meet ups and sharing more information helps users to stay, otherwise they may have issues finding their keys or understanding how the apps work.

@jaraumoses thinks that it all comes down to the motivation. I agree with that, they need to be inspired and motivated right from the start, but with feasible expectations.

@emeka4 s point of view is that the users need to be properly informed about all the options.

@akumagai expresses his concern that maybe people here do not know/abide by the rules so they can be intimidated when they first come.

@blitzzzz thinks that a rise in price will sure help and he also points out a common problem between new users... RC

To be honest, the best way to have more user retention is probably when HIVE price goes up. Everyone wants in during a bull run, and the bear market puts everyone into hibernation mode.

The upcoming change where RCs can be delegated (instead of HP) should also help retain new users. I remember when I first started and was running into a perpetual lack of RC to even comment more than a few times.

@rpren expresses a great idea! A little quiz for all new comers and an incentive for completing it PLUS this could help the users being matched to a community depending on perferences etc.

Why do people join FB, Insta, TikTok etc and stay? Their friends are there and they feel welcome. Unless we offer the same on Hive we will always have to find innovate solutions for retention.
Incentives are fine (think bonus pool for the first 10 posts within a certain timeframe) and likely insufficient longer term unless they find a "home". We could offer a quiz to guide them to the "right" community and link it with the incentive.

@chincoculbert is sharing useful opinions and at the end he believes that newbies need to be shown support

If we can make hive a little less complicated then I think users would always want to be there.

First there's supposed to be a lot of encouragement for the new users, I know most times they come for the reward and it gets frustrating if they don't get it, if they can be more initiatives like the #newbiesinitiative where newbies are taught about the necessities of hive they get guaranteed vote on one or two of their posts in a week, it'll do well to motivate them and make them stay even if they don't get votes more often.

I still wonder why we can't make direct messaging on hive work, I enjoy having my personal space and they're times that I'll want to talk to another person without the whole world knowing what we're talking about... instead of going all the way to discord, we could make hive be engaging and have people text each other. You can decide to allow messages from friends only, that's a setting that can be safe, and not everyone checks their email, they're times I go days without opening my email so sending emails might just not entirely work.

I just believe if newbies can get people to show them around they'll feel loved and want to stay ❤️

@bencwarmer is talking as a newbie (and brings back memories ..)

In my opinion, the thing that could be done is to have notifications immediately after creating the account that refer to multilingual tutorials in order to make it clear how the various functions work.

I speak from my experience.
I approached Hive as a single, without a contact person, in fact after my registration I abandoned almost immediately without even posting a presentation or an article.
To actually log in I had to run into a user who was already registered and who took me under his supervision

So ... many of the ideas were about how people get confused with all the different info/keys etc.
How about having mentors (could be language, country, community mentors) that could be assigned to newbies after the new users would fill in a quiz and we could see their interests etc? What do you think?

Could that be feasible?

Back to our giveaway!

Thank you so much for participating to my 17th giveaway!


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Congratulations @chincoculbert!!


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That's it for now!

Thank you to all the participants, I appreciate your time!

Stay tuned for tomorrow there will be a flash 24h giveaway announced :)

Remember the #LPUD and accumulate more $leo :)

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Congratulation to the winner!!!

Yes, I think is it a reasonable solution with mentors!!!

But mentor must be assigned to the newbie in the meantime of account creation.

I think we need a internal chat where New user and the mentor can talking about Hive

We could use the official links of hive discord/telegram!

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In this case we need to create (or nominate) official Hive channels for every country where New users can find help

Maybe #threads will have a "private" setting that will enable DM type of messaging.

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Well, they sure got a whole lot planned :) Who knows!

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Congratulation to those who participated in the giveaway and to the winner.

Agree, mentorship is a very effective way to keep new users.

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Congrats to the winner

Thank you for participating :))


Thank you so much @katerinaramm ....I'm feeling great right now...thanks for coming up with such a giveaway..and an opportunity to shape hive ❤️❤️

Nice to see you are happy :)

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