The Slow Death Of Steem/Steemit

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So I read that Justin Sun is basically bailing on the Tron foundation, things aren't looking good for Steem. Part of the purported value add for Steem was the integration of Tron rewards and what not, but it looks like that may go away. They aren't developing it, they aren't forking it. This project is dead man walking.


There is a bit of panic on the STEEM front. It's not like we didn't see this coming. The entire platform has become a vehicle for exploitation. For evidence of this, you only need to look at what gets pinned by Steemit, and what gets boosted by the account Upvu. It's clear that nobody gives a shit about what's happening with STEEM/Steemit and their initiatives.


Who's left there? It's either delusional 'Justin Sun is our savior' types or people that want to suck as much value out of the system as possible. The real value of STEEM (the community) bailed, and the folks that are left feel entrenched and are in a healthy state of denial-- folks like Steemchiller. It's a shame really. I hope he makes his way here after STEEM dies.

I've gone to Steemit from time to time for nostalgia's sake, and many times the page doesn't even load. Sometimes it does load and I get node related errors.

Anyhow, going on two years later, if you came to HIVE you made the right choice. Let me say that HIVE is by no means perfect, I have been very critical of the governance and direction at times. But I feel it is here to stay, and STEEM is on its last legs. Was it always the intention of the Justin Sun supporters (The Korean community in particular) to suck the platform dry until the very last block? I'll let you decide.

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Sun didn't seem to care too much about Steemit. I expect he was embarrassed by how he was beaten by the community. All the developers left too, so he got a really bad deal. I can see the platform is being milked by a few people, so I'm happy if it dies off. We do need to accept some of the refugees at least. I know there is some bitterness against some of them, but Hive needs to be seen as a welcoming place. Those who betrayed us will have to take their chances.

We do need to accept some of the refugees at least. I know there is some bitterness against some of them, but Hive needs to be seen as a welcoming place. Those who betrayed us will have to take their chances.

I agree, I don't think everyone who stuck with Steemit had ill intent.

I can testify to this:

I agree, I don't think everyone who stuck with Steemit had ill intent.

Steemit is my first entrance into real blockchain space, hence, I feel glued to it even when most of my posts there earns nothing most days.

I knew steemit was a downward spiral after my wife @goodysam made an introduction post a couple of weeks ago and got no warm welcome unlike here on Hive.

I wish the users of the two blockchains well because I believe in the principle of candle 🕯️ lights, it looses nothing lighting other candles.

I expect a lot just wanted to be where their friends were. Some did make enemies though. Hive needs to have a good image to get more on board.

Hive needs to be seen as a welcoming place. Those who betrayed us will have to take their chances.

100% agree!

We do need to accept some of the refugees at least.

Not cryptopie though :)

LOL! Those who tried to cheat us will have to work to be accepted. We will always have grifters to deal with. I think anyone should be able to earn, but they need to do it honestly.

I agree and the good news is, there's blurt as well, waiting for all the scammers, spammers, plagiarizers and cheaters, with open arms 😂

I look over there now and again. Not much going on apart from milking. Can you blame some Hivers for joining in? It's just not worth my time.

We've had so many forks/copies of Hive and none of them is where we are right now. How many have tried to get big and powerful on those new platforms just to learn it was a waste of time.

The developers really matter and most stuck with Hive. The community matters too.

They had to find out the hard way.

When do you blame everybody for ditching him?

Worst part is when you screw people over and they leave you don't get to continue to screw them over! LoL

Justin got the best deal ever. He got karma.

Karma can be a real bitch!

If we all stayed there and kept copying and pasting content onto there, power down rewards and buy Hive lol. Would be massive!

St--m may be small enough that those milking it can prop the price up to keep the money mine going. It would help if some of them moved here instead if they care about actually building something. We shall see.

Development is nonexistent, most of the community left to Hive, price is quarter of Hive's, Steem Dollar peg is still broken... which could be the very reason why people are still there. They are milking the ecosystem with inflated SBD price while they still can. That's not going to last.

Yeah, it's all about the milk at this point!

Man it's too bad that we can't just hold Justin's feet to the fire however us being successful on hive is just the best revenge ever served cold.

Opportunity as well as unending growth as well as the world's greatest talent happens to reside in our blockchain.

Personally with our decentralized system just as long as we all fight for freedom and engage in the governance process we can keep the Great Law of Peace moving forward into the next centuries.

There is some massive important work that is starting. We are just on the tip of the iceberg.

Sure is quite a funny situation how everything worked out.

May the best chain win!!!!


And anyone at the town hall? Thank you. Those were epic when the entire community came together and fought back...

I think in the end he'll get what's coming to him. I remember the town hall, buying more steem to power up, shifting around witness votes, etc.

Steemit hackers attacking hive accounts.

Please support a friend! Wow... I'm not shocked and this is huge...

It died in March of 2020 when the community, especially most of the talent, left.

Look at the applications that are here which were started on Steem.

It really was not a difficult decision for many.

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John McAfee's words that you cannot buy a community ring true.

When you don't have any redress for your grievances sometimes the best move is just a leave and build the house next door.

At least the community showed up here! Now we have so much future and opportunity it is pretty phenomenal.

It was an easy decision for me!

Some wanted to be edgy.

Did those greedy bastards who always say "I dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars into STEEM! Need to recoup investments" managed to do that with those $300+ garbage posts?


You think they graduated Steemit School by now?

They may be coming here or going into Blurt fulltime soon.

Well.. this is informational. I don't bother going there, though have been tempted to jib them about their crap token price. Are they all going to pile in to HIVE? They are not going to be exactly given a warm welcome.

They are not going to be exactly given a warm welcome.

If they manage to dump their STEEM for HIVE and come here with good intentions, they should get a warm welcome back IMO. Accounts like Upvu trying to operate here will get slaughtered. I haven't used my downvote in ages, but I'd come back out of retirement for that shit.

Your post and comments is the reason my love for Hive keep growing.
Hive, a platform that offers opportunities for everyone to grow.
Much respect Sir

At a guess, Upvu is some kind of bidbot? Yes, that won't make the transition at all. As long as they are printing STEEM everyday it will continue, but may start trailing in value as time goes on. I say leave them to rot in their cesspit.

Yeah, it's a completely unchecked Bidbot. It's so bad now, you have those who get Upvu votes and everybody else.

So.. are you going to cross-post this on STEEM? 😃 I may have enough RC's to manage a $0.0001 vote.

I wouldn't want to provide any motivation.

You should follow this account then: @zero. Plenty of people for practice.

Followees accounts to zero out?

I recognize some of those

So...You think we can expect an influx of those, delusional 'Justin Sun is our savior' types or people that want to suck as much value out of the system as possible, to Hive?

I can see it now...All those, never really liked Steemit anyway and I love Hive, posts. 🙄

"we just wanted to milk steem to buy more hive"

okay where is that hive then

"well, it got kinda expensive"

Indeed. There's always a reason(s) and they always believe the ones they make up. Same as those who post on Hive and double it up on Steemit.

I think they are people who were mislead into thinking JS was a person of integrity and his star power was going to take Steem to the next level. The people who simply picked the wrong horse to win. They could capitulate and come over. I think there are some who know they would get taken out to the woodshed and wouldn't even try.

Those posts would be nausea inducing, but I'm sure they would come.

I think there are some who know they would get taken out to the woodshed and wouldn't even try


Those posts would be nausea inducing, but I'm sure they would come.

Also indeed.

Thanks for replying. I've not been back to steemit for a look in a long, long time...I like it that way. Thanks for your update though, interesting indeed.

Actually presently we've got a bunch of these bad actors doing all sorts of crazy situations now we have hacked accounts!

Look at @shepherd-stories as they just discovered their hive account was hacked and anybody who has a old account from before the fort needs to double-check their keys and change them!!!!

Actual hacker from steemit! And he is really an actual situation that needs to be dealt with and identified a lot closer.

Man the blockchain is the wild wild West.

I actually expected Steem to collapse a lot faster than it has. It only hung on for so long because of all the Justin sycophants continually propping it up.

Just a couple of months after we all left, Steem looked just like Weku or any of those other crappy offshoots. Good riddance!

Let it burn


Whatever happened to all those funds that “Robinhood” sent to bittrex?

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There's still an ongoing lawsuit AFAIK.

Damn that sucks. Sounds tedious and expensive.

Also, pretty sure everyone who had their funds stolen would have to give up anonymity IF they even win their own funds back. What a mess.

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I've gone to Steemit from time to time for nostalgia's sake

Been visiting the prior site too just to check on some folks if they are still alive. With these ongoing, I might expect some STEEM folks to be swarming in Hive in the future. I am seeing it already as Hivewatchers are getting some appeals relating to blurt and steem abuse lately.

Was it always the intention of the Justin Sun supporters (The Korean community in particular) to suck the platform dry until the very last block? I'll let you decide.

I think it was just created for Koreans now. Trending pages and even the homepage is just written in Koreans can't seem to find some good articles lately there.

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Moving to HIVE was such a good choice! STEEM was corrupt years ago ... remember bid bots?

Oh yeah, I was VERY anti bid bot!

I still remember the days when Steem was worth more while I was exchanging it for Hive, always knew it was a good decision but it sure did exceed the expectations even more and it's probably not the end of that.

Oh hey, long time no chat!

I suspect that may be why SBD & STEEM have been decreasing in value and HIVE has been increasing. People are divesting/investing.

You're right, there is no development over there and it shows. The guys in the Japanese community have worked pretty successfully to build their community back up, but all the original members never came back. I would encourage them to come here, but it seems they are dialed in with whales there.

I think it's obvious that if Sun is bailing on Tron, which is his baby, then the chances are excellent that he doesn't care about Steem anymore. (If he ever did)

He only cared about advancing his position... LoL win win for him everyone else loses... Let's circle back to that...

Loved getting interrupted by Justin scum and giving him my time to speak. Very telling.

The community spoke. That's for sure. The best chain won...

Hive on!!!!

He just wanted some quick easy extra money, same as @ned. Thankfully none of them got as much as they wanted out of that deal.

I am not even surprised.

thanks for Hive :)))

Can a chain ever really die. I see this happening in multiple chain projects and I also see the people taking over and developing dead or dying projects into something that Blockchain lovers can be proud of. Is this not what web three is about? The people taking back their power??

A chain "dies" when nobody wants to run a node for it anymore.

Profit seekers will be the first (and probably majority) to go. Those who are left are either hobbyists or those who actually have the intent to make things better.

I've never run a STEEM or HIVE node, but I've run enough other nodes to know that they require regular care and feeding. People who don't maintain their nodes properly will fork themselves off the chain, etc. It might limp along under the care of hobbyists, but I wouldn't want to be storing any real value in something like that.

I hope Tron does not die. I think they have some decent projects. I just decided not to get into it because what JS did with steem(it).

To be honest, I haven't heard a single good news about SteemIt after moving to Hive.
Back then I did not understand why people were moving. I basically just switched to Hive because everyone of those who I was following at that time did so.
After some time I realized what was happening and damn, moving to Hive was a good move!

I don't follow blindly. I have find the benefit and when JS started locking and stealing people's steem that was it for me. I didn't want to risk the time I spent and tokens I earned.

The truth is that Steem started suffering the very first day Dan decided to leave. Development started lowing down to end up not delivering at all. Selling to JS was the final bullet for the project and luckily the seed which gave birth to Hive.

Overall, a great example of how the community was able to turn around the money.

"Probably many of Steemians will die, but this is a sacrifice I am willing to make" - Justin Sun, 2021, colourised.

At a point steemit was everything to me, I get to know most of the things I know now by steemit and when hive was Created I still check the price and sometimes visit but I have get over with it now because I’m now in love with hive and it communities

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We'll see what happens with Steem when we see what happens with Steemit, Inc. Personally I think it could recover if at some point the Steem community decides to jettison the Steemit, Inc. stake and that company finds some other way to monetize than just selling off stake to stay afloat. I mean, eventually they're going to run out of tokens to sell anyway, but it would hasten things if they just burned it all and forced themselves to actually add value to the community. We'll see if the Tron Foundation decides to keep it. If/when that happens, that fork might turn into something great again. Personally, I'm not interested in participating right now, for the same reasons I powered down and left in the first place. With that control of the witnesses hanging over their heads over there, it will never live up to its original vision of a censorship resistant and decentralized online community. Hive is better than it ever has been, even when it was called Steem. There are more great projects in the pipeline, and some of the current ones I haven't even explored. This place is where it's at, and I think the recent token price strength reflects that. We've got our own kinks to work out, but we're ever improving, and that's all the hope I need that this is where people will end up en masse when they finally get sick and tired of the censorship and manipulation on the old web enough to actually leave that shit behind.

Interesting. I just looked up the corporate info on Steemit, Inc. and it seems as though they no longer exist as a company since before the supposed sale to Sun. This is their status in Virginia. They didn't renew in 2019. I guess Steemit as a brand is just owned by whatever entity Sun bought it with, and there is no subsidiary? This would probably make it even more difficult for Steem to get out from under that problem, since the Tron people aren't going to be able to just wholesale spin it off as an entity. This also raises the question, did Ned have the legal authority to even sell it to him in the first place? He was acting as an officer of a corporation whose status was inactive at the time of the sale.


Wow, that is interesting!

Thanks for the information my friend... ^_^
now I already understand about what is happening with steemit.

8 months ago, I was just logging into steemit to check out what's new, but everything looks completely different over there, everyone I follow has stated migrating to hive, that's what made me move to hive too... ^_^

And damn!! it turns out that Hive is hundreds of times better than steemit. I'm happy to be here now, a place where everyone can develop themselves and of course so appreciated by other users in this ecosystem...

Peace ✌🏻Have a great day everyone~ ^_^

I've gone to Steemit from time to time for nostalgia's sake

Same here, but have not transacted nor logged in with my account on any interfaces for a very long time. Never even bothered to reinstall Steem Keychain when I moved between computers recently.

I did leave like everybody else.
It was nostalgia for the name sake.
The core community did leave Steem and we have Hive.
I tried to go and check but I got lost.
I even change my password in order to truly disconnect with steem.
At first when Steem was pulling better value than Hive in dollar, you could second guess yourself but when #Splinterlands, #Dcity, #leofinance and many more came over, Steem was done deal.
Hive is what Steem was when I joined in 2017.

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Reintegrating STEEM with HIVE would be an extremely interesting experiment ... a reverse hardfork.

HIVE is a better currency while STEEM is a better brand. Getting the brand back would improve the HIVE ecosystem.

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I disagree. STEEMIT has nothing HIVE needs, whatever brand they had is tainted IMO.

I agree but I'd use the word "toxic" rather than "tainted". What happened is permanent on the blockchain. There is no cleaning it up so it will always be poisoned. We became something different with Hive. The Steem brand needs to end and begin as something different.

Toxic is fine by me...

The taint of the SteemIt brand still affects HIVE. Notably, it keeps HIVE from getting the press the platform deserves. So, even though SteemIt has relatively little to offer, reducing the negative impact of SteemIt will help improve the overall ecosystem.

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I'm intrigued by the prospect of this.

If Justin Sun is looking to just dump it for pennies on the dollar, then the Hive DHF should make an offer.

Even just to get the valuable domain and make that a Hive front-end.

Would make everything right in the world again :)

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I don't think so. Hive has done too well on it's own to reconnect with a broken and regretful "ex", unless we did it for a gimmick, in order to basically just rebrand with a different name and theme.

Turn the whole thing into a mockery of the STEEM/HIVE fork with half the community trying to get back together with STEEM, while the others run in the other direction to live free from all that nonsense. :D

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The token has been declining steadily and is doing pretty poorly of late. I delegate out my SP and sell profits for hive to poerruo here. I think it's time to just power down and say goodbye for good.

I think that sooner or later the choice will be made for you.

Best I better cash in while I can!

It's almost the same feeling as bumping into the girl that ditched you, and now she looks sad, bitter & broke.

Strange feeling, but I can't be mad! Oh well, life goes on!


Well, thanks for the information. I never knew about Steem though but I'm looking forward to a great experience on Hive!

I see our beloved @jondoe is still active on that chain... Such a loss for Hive 😀. It's amazing how many has this guy managed to fool and how much of the rewards he's taken, mostly thanks to circle jerking, just by refurbishing news. I forgot "The Doc's" main account but I still remember him. Steem can go to hell. It was clear to me that's going to happen since the take over and the hardfork. Luckily Hive proves to become a true WEB3 platform.

Not sure who that is TBH.

You have him in the first screenshot. JonDoe is actually his alt account. jrcornel was his main one.

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Sun is clearly committed to the money and that is about all. He is not able to understand the strength and value that a correctly enabled community can bring. Sad to see... but as you said

It's not like we didn't see this coming. The entire platform has become a vehicle for exploitation.

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He never cared about the long term prospects. He just wanted to win. It was a pyrrhic victory.

What happens if the Steemit users come to HIVE?

I think some would be welcomed, but the people with bad intentions who were key to the Sun takeover would probably not be.

A lot of people were led by the money and Why wouldn't, it felt like steem was the better chain due to the price, overtime, people like you and I actually made the right choice, its actually absurd, Why would anyone in their right sense stick with Justin Sun?

People with shiny object syndrome got taken by a fraud with shiny object syndrome.

RE the first comment, it will be something to keep an eye on - Steem PDs with the intention of abusing over here, that's got be tempting since any botted circle jerking could easily be replicated, albeit for a considerably lower return it'd still be worth their while.

Time do dust off the DV power!

So sad to see @pennsif on that post over on steem... sad he chose so poorly. I wonder why?

he was being flagged/down voted here on Hive, simply go to his last posts and review. No need to wonder

Nope just one post... and he wasn't really posting here... he was just doing a journal of his votes for months. He used to do really good posts at one point

I was getting downvoted quite regularly. I even got downvoted on comments yesterday.

Not a particularly welcoming environment...

I wonder why that is...


You leached enough here. You only come back when it's clear Steem is no longer habitable.

Pennsif's actions have been quite obvious by trending on Steem daily with "news posts" of a dead platform. It's embarrassing really how some are only driven by money and disregard everything else even if it's as obvious as the Hive fork. I'm not one to hold grudges but for every person who stuck with Steem and "provided them with some sort of value" in exchange for upvotes there's tons of other people who have yet to find out about Hive I'd rather give chances to disappoint me than just welcome anyone back.

For LOLz

You can see where he's in between delegation bot recharges!

Oh no, people who wanted to maximize on several accounts are now not earning as much as they could've compared to those who had some integrity, poor lad.

we welcome you to The Farting Community, we are looking for Developers and Advisors as well Fartent Creators

There are many people in our community like myself will always welcome you back

Yeah what he said. There will be some that have a harder time at forgiving so you would just have to be ok with it? You could just decline votes anyway for a bit if you are worried about reward pool money.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Mahatma Gandhi

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And we should be ready to forgive those that are having a hard time being forgiving. It's hard and people are just protective of something they care about alot.

Anyway I'd be happy to see him around again. Doesn't mean everything goes back to exactly the way it was before... people change situations change... and its just different

I'd like to see you back, but supporting the corrupted St--m won't win your friends. It's still a fresh wound for some. Think of those whose funds were taken. My accounts was censored for speaking out. So much for freedom. I just see a few accounts milking it. Sad, but true.

Anyway, hope you are well.

Lol, supports someone who attacked the network. Then, wonders why people who were affected don't like your presence here.

Who's gonna forgive you? The dissonant bunch with nostalgic issues they need to sort out?

Is that another sort of double standard we offer here on Hive? That you are being "forgiven" for speaking better English or tugged a few heartstrings from the past?

Dude, there are consequences to every action. Yours have been etched on the chain. Your "Pennsif" persona is dead. Try again with another account and hope people don't figure out it's you.

I think you should give it another try over here on HIVE !

Looked through your posts and only saw one downvoted much at all. Maybe your comments get downvoted by a couple people I guess... but yeah if you came back you probably would face a lot of it for a bit so it's up to you but eventually people would forgive you for stabbing steem/Hive in the back. I know I would ... we all make mistakes. I'd love to see you back.

Are you surprised by these actions?

I've visited there a couple of times since the fork. It is a joke and not sure what keeps it going.

Yes, there will be those who come over who did not split to begin with. I agree we should welcome them in, but like you say in the comments, I am sure it won't be without a lot of ribbin.

Why do we even bother with the pre hardfork blockchain, which name I'm not going to type? Does it make any sense to check the status? The only thing which can we do, is to rip the rewardpool there and buy into Hive and Hive projects with it, or at least this is what I'm doing.

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It has been going downhill and now that justin Sun is literally running for his life as the Chinese government wants to get to him see his latest diplomatic role that he bought from the Bahamas government.

The contrast with HIVE thriving is just incredible !

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Maybe stop posting there then.

Hive made Steem obsolete the day it was created. Anyone who stuck around dug their own grave. haha.

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So glad the fork happened. I was cross posting for a while, but realized steem is pointless these days. It's sad considering all the steem promoting back in the day, now it's an empty shell.

Oh, almost forgot that platform existed. It was just a matter of time they suffer such fate. Great the good authors all moved to hive.

Steemit hackers attack hive accounts!

Things are blowing over check your keys!!! Recovery accounts! Get help from hivians to learn how if you don't know.

Insane!!! Please support my friend and spread the word!

Please don't vote my comment here and rather support someone that got hacked clearly from steemit and they hacked her dog account on hive!!!!

Please don't vote for me and use it supporting them!!!


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Now I am thinking that I have made a right decision moving to Hive.

I think time will reveal that was the right choice.

For sure!

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I've read lot of suggestions,view and opinion as regards this topic of discussion. Well I believe time will reveal what will become of steemit. Whether it falls totally or resurrected by some superheroes 😀.

Time reveals all!

Poor STEEMIT...we knew thee well. Hopefully the refugees are able to make their ways here.

@justinsunsteemit is a MOD in The Farting Community, should I fire him ?

If you mean fire him into deep interstellar space then yes but please wait until at least April 2, 2022. @justinsunsteemit will be guest blogging on my account April 1st like he has been for the last two years.😁

lol nah downvote asap as usual

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Did steemit really end up? I am the sbd from my account 2 years ago.

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It's been fascinating to watch the steem thing since the fork. seems to be mostly bots anyway.