Crypto Update 1/17/2022 | Splinterlands General Sale, Exodus Wallet

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Splinterlands General Sale


I hadn't really planned on buying any more packs and going with individual cards, but it was announced that future air drops would take 350 packs. I had 900 packs on my account and another 1,000 packs in a pool. This entitled me to 6 guaranteed cards per airdrop, which is more than halfway to max out a legendary. To maintain this going forward I had to buy another 200 packs in total. So for now I'm back to buying individual cards to finish building my deck. I will say I made the mistake of trying to buy credits right when the sale kicked off, and it took that transaction over an hour to clear.

The good news is I got one of these bad boys, which takes a dent out of the expense:


Untitled design.png

Exodus Wallet


A handy weapon you need in your crypto arsenal is the Exodus wallet ( It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies. It has desktop and mobile versions that you can use together. The coolest thing about it is you can swap between cryptos right inside the wallet. You can also stake several cryptos from it as well (SOL, ONT, ADA, ATOM, VET). I have found it to be very handy in many situations. For example, I can mine RVN and swap it to BTC right inside the wallet, then send it straight to cold storage. I think it uses a 3rd party exchange for liquidity, but I've never had an issue with it. This is like the Swiss Army Knife of software wallets.

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You're super building your decks with the purchase of these packs, I couldn't get much as my finances are limited and I'm trying to leave the bronze leagues as my first priority. I guess the announcements of the airdrop was really a huge Incentive to go for more packs, how long do you intent to hodl?

I'll hold forever as long as I can get an ROI.

This Exodus wallet, is it recommended to a newbie and does it have Hive/HBD listed? Because those are all I have right now😅

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It doesn't support HIVE unfortunately :(

Awwwww ಠ﹏ಠ