Book Review: The Fearless Mind by Craig Manning

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As the author was a tennis coach, there are A LOT of anecdotes about tennis. These were difficult to get through at times since I could care less about it. If you were a collegiate or professional athlete, I could see this book being a lot more relevant to you. Aside from that it was a well-written book, the chapters were short and digestible, and it was only 176 pages. The key concept of the book is that you should avoid ego-driven goals, such as 'I must win', and stick to task-driven goals. Yes it's another self-help book. Much of what's inside is cliché to me, but I'm more interested in the psychological aspects of it. He does suggest doing journaling, as do several authors. It's something I've wanted to do but have never got around to it besides the occasional blog on Hive. The title is interesting. I'm not sure what about his approach makes you fearless in the traditional sense, it's more an approach to eliminate fears. If you happen to find this book on the cheap, it wouldn't be a bad pickup.

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It looks like a good book, thanks for your nice review

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