Understanding The Dynamics Of Engagement & Interaction; Selling The "Rewards" Illusion

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I used to work as a literature teacher back in the days earning about $30 a month. I had the content, but it was difficult to engage it to my students. They were young teenagers from different backgrounds; rich, average, poor, those with difficulties understanding and so many more.

Education in the Nigerian sector was very lucrative especially if you can guarantee up to 70% success, this is the direct advertisement you actually need to bring in more students and made more money. So it wasn't just about having the content alone, it was about communicating it in a comprehensive way that would sell the needed ideas.

So I had the ideas for the content, but communicating it was difficult. I had a boss who would Incentivize me when I did a good job, and he would also correct me rather than threaten me with the sack when I did a very bad job at trying to impact the content I had.

Inventing & Investing On The Scope

3 years into teaching young people, I came to understand that investing time into studying the better methods to impact them was the right way. Young people in Nigeria love money, they understood the concept, many of them knows how it works differently.

The only thing that excites them was money and telling them a compelling "money" story in relativity to what I taught, sold the ideas, I used currencies as examples in the most weird of ways. In many cases I would reward them for good deeds and eventually, my salary was raised.

Interaction is what sells a concept, negotiation is a course on its own that can be studied in a university, this is because the act of negotiations through interaction can be rewarding. Many people aren't a direct representation of their contents and this is because they're engagement level in real-time doesn't exactly sell them.

A focus On The Product; The Seller

People are often lazy to learn the dynamics of engagement even when the prospects are totally rewarding. I currently use a Zenith Bank account in Nigeria and this is because their customer care service is probably the best in the land.

They understand that people are excited by the prospects of ROI, the nation is a place where people want to earn ROI without understanding what business their money is being used for, provided they smile to the banks on a monthly basis. While their services aren't totally shitty, they sell these packages in an aggrandizing way that leaves an illusion in the mind of the customers that they're actually the best.

This is totally because people hate research and details tell them a wavering story, but show them the money. The bank understood their clientele and improvised their interactions to make more money themselves.

In life, we've gotten to a stage where fringe skills can make one a lot of money. Interaction is a fringe skill and requires more wit than brawn. Take a look at social media, people follow the engagement and the money, when the illusion of money is there, the engagement and popularity is huge.

This is why you'll see someone on Twitter saying things like, "retweet my tweet, like it, comment and stand a chance to win $10,000" or something like that. Now the idea isn't whether this is scam or real, the main goal is to create an illusion that there's the prospect of free money, which would boost engagement, at the end, the person might give away that money, or they might not.

Either way, their aim has been achieved, growing their own brand for more money, and it might take time for people to see through this charade. It takes a superb understanding of people to eventually get them to monetize you firstly, it now depends on if you're a direct representation of your brand.

Creating The Reward Illusion

However, many people studied the dynamics through experience/trial and never get to spend a dime to study it. This is why studying how to use a skill is different from the practical way to actually master a skill. Take a look at the Hive blockchain, some of the best creators are the best engagers, they sell their contents through their interaction.

Funny this is, some of these people might be very shy in real life, but they're beasts in terms of engagement. At the end of the day, your interactive skills leave a better interpretation of your content. This means that your contents can be average, but immediately your interaction call sell it dynamically, people begin to see an illusion.

When you see how real estate millionaires talk about their journey, people are motivated by that success story, hence they're keyed into that illusion especially if the real estate teacher has great interactive skills.

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I've learnt a lot about the importance of engagement from my time on read.cash. Having observed over time, I've seen that the best earners are those that interact and engage the most

It's great you learnt that. The crypto space is a whole new learning curve

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This is on point.

Talking about real life experience, you'd be surprised to know that many people who are very active on the keys (online) usually tend to like their space and to be on their own in real life.

What works here is engagement. Of course, putting in a good effort on your page also counts so that when you attract people with quality engagement, you would be able to retain them with decent contents. But Engagement cannot be overlooked.

Well Done on this one @josediccus ✌️

You've stated your points really good. To me, interaction is sustenance because you build a chain of network overtime, you'll wouldn't even need to sustain the energy too used to, because you're already established. It goes beyond contenting on hive though, to so many aspects of life.

You are completely right about the focus as you have explained in your Twitter example people are "hypnotized" by the reward (or money)... But, in my opinion, the focus on MONEY (product) can be the long term, but the results of that are almost always short-termed...
HIVE is a different beast and the only valid long-term focus that will bring you results in the long term is focus on PEOPLE, engagement, creating new relationships, etc...

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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HIVE is a different beast and the only valid long-term focus that will bring you results in the long term is focus on PEOPLE, engagement, creating new relationships, etc

This is definitiely right, I kinda feel that with Hive, the end will justify the means when it comes to building and renewing existing relationships while maintain the focal point on growth that's longlasting and actually sustainable. Online, on traditional social media, it's not always the case. Thanks for the inclusion and curation too.

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I tend to be a bit more shy in real life. In a way, I like the internet a bit more but I can talk depending on the actual conversation. If it's something I know, I will throw in my what I know and start a lengthy discussion but I just don't feel like talking as much in real life on general topics. On the blockchain, I just take it as a learning experience so I don't mind knowing everything as I don't have any real responsibility to know everything.

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Yeah, I can say talking on the internet, gives us more freedom to be opinionated and strong will, but since we mostly spend our time on the internet, I guess it's understandable, im not a very rigid person in real life, but on the internet, I can be.

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This is something I'm trying to pitch to my children (newbies o😂) comin onboard. Even if you're average, your interaction shouldn't be. I don't know if I'm shy IRL but I do know I don't talk easily.

Mehn, Hive has taught me a lot of things and i keep learning daily by constant Engagement.

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Well, interaction in reality can be easier, it would require more skill and direction, if it will make impact when it comes to "online",
Online, people are a representation of their content and that's why they need to try hard to make it come out good.

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What it all comes to at the end of the day. I just posted something amazing ( Now what?). I gave my students the best lecture ( Now what?). It the extra mile after the work has been done that seals the deal. It begins with an individual but to succeed call for interaction and feed back. As the classic saying goes if you want to go fast go alone, "but if you want to go far go together"

It the extra mile after the work has been done that seals the deal.

That extra equates to that added effort that would entirely change the narratives, yeah. Thanks for coming through.

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Thank you for the thoughtful post.

You are really my brother in pen and heart! Contents of your usually highlight reason why this should be this and why that should be that! I really commend your efforts boss!

Thanks for upgrading my knowledge once more even at this moment!💯❤

I'm glad you found it useful and thrilling. Thanks for dropping by.

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Thank you for reminding us of the importance of commitment. For making the community see that it is interaction that will facilitate and smooth the way. That the best way to sell is positive and honest human relationships.

We invite you to visit our project to learn more about us. We want to continue to promote just that: interaction, engagement, feedback.

A big hug to Nigeria.

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Excellent post @josediccus, among the few things I know of course this was not. Thanks!

Our current socio-political climax is centred around communication and narratives and the best storyteller often finds themselves at the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, hive hasn't utilized this tool.

However, when it comes to the individual level and navigating the hive space many people have clocked this and they've amassed wealth and status for themselves.

Building your social skill is a must if you want to thrive in this space (for now). I learnt this early in my journey.

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