The Aspects Of Curation You Probably Don't About

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Curation is one aspect of the chain I love despite the fact that it can be tasking. However, there's no manner of Impeccability to one's curation practices that would be sublime and this is because of difference in vote weight, the way, the contents might differ, the mood of the curator, the relationships of the curator with the content owner, the peculiar or unique meaning or Interpretation of quality.

These are the things that makes curation enjoyable despite how challenging or time-consuming it can be. The truth is, many people on the chain might aim to be curator, but the truth is that it comes with so many responsibilities.

These responsibilities might also range from making decisions on what should be deemed quality or what should be rewarded. I used to tell people that curators always make the difficult decisions, sometimes it comes off as controversial, sometimes it doesn't.

The Fun Behind The Indecision

The truth is voting power is probably the reason why the content creators might not be 100% satiated, but it's often a very difficult job to curate each and every content you want on a daily basis and still manage to stay above 70% of one's voting power. Another thing is, the mood of a curator typically affects their curating pattern.

I've been friends with huge stakeholders in the past and in specific occasions, they've been magnanimous with their voting power probably to celebrate a milestone or to reward a person for being consistent. The truth is, people curate or vote according to their disposition. There's no curator that would say that haven't voted emotionally rather than logically and this is dependent on the relationships and bond they've built overtime with this people.

A curator might choose to vote a person more frequently after they've met them face to face, this isn't because the person is a good content creator all of a sudden but because meeting then in reality has opened up a more organic network and familiarity.

Curation: Differences & Context

This is a proof to show that curators are proportionally prone to curate logically as well as they would emotionally. Another thing is the way the content might tend to differ. Some curators prefer contents with more viewership and engagement irrespective of the quality of the content in itself, some might prefer posts with backlinks, great formatting and prefer aesthetics in general.

Others might just want posts with only original photos, another might just want to spread their vote around irrespective of the content, provided It's original and not stolen or plagiarized. Some others might just have their own fetish, for a tiny curator as me, I prefer relatable and captivating contents, this might also be countered with how practices of prospective recipient of the curation on-chain.

This might further be simplified by how they're building their stake. Truth is, this might feel harsh, but eventually it helps the recipient of a vote to build their stake. It's always a win-win situation

I've been a tipu curator for like forever now and i've personally used my small stake to curate as well. Sometimes I have many options but limited means and this means having to select a post and leaving the other. Many actually do not know that I am a 70% manual curator and 30% automatic.

The people on my automatic list are the one's with proven track record of building and consistency overtime, they're people that I remember even when I'm sleeping, writing an exam or even eating. But this isn't criteria enough, sometimes I switch things up, change the vote value, remove, add and of course pause the whole auto vote, especially when I want to hit 100% again.

I do this to often give others a chance or when the recipient of a vote isn't meeting up to content requirements anymore. However, my ways might be totally flawed I can't say it's right and this is because it's strictly of my own accord and might not be good enough with another person.

Not Just Enough To Go Round

I get a lot of engagement lately and 50% get back to vote my engagers even after using a tiny percent on the contents itself. The fact that I'm not really a big stakeholder limits me in so many aspects as it's often difficult to cover almost everyone without getting drained, that said, it's probably more of a good thing than it isn't.

Sometimes I probably tend to vote creators who put in efforts especially at watching my videos, this is because I tend to appreciate their input, the time taken, the internet time and of course the effort at engaging. Engagement might be fun, but it can be exhausting especially when its back to back to back.

A lot of people have probably unfollowed me because of my inconsistency in curating them, I guess I'll tender my apologies because it might look simple on the surface, but it's quite challenging.

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Yeah this is exciting and instructive to know, I believed you talked more about auto voting and curation in our interview. Good news is, it is scheduled to drop by 5pm today!

Exactly, its a dicey issue as I might not even be totally right about what I said, the truth is, its an opinionated view in respite to the experience I actually have here.

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I really don't understand this curating thing as I'm still trying to find my way around here being a new user. But from my experience on other writing platform, I know that playing any other role other than the basics can be quite tasking. Like I said, I don't understand it, but in a sort of way, it sounds like moderating and that's no easy task. Hence, I really don't expect someone to unfollow a curator because they aren't be curated enough. That's quite a sense of entitlement

Well I guess some people weigh the work they put in and when it doesn't tally with their the result, then there's an attempt at an irrational action. But then like you pointed out. These things are not easy, it's fun but definitiely not easy.

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It's hard to figure things out but we only have so much time. So you can just do the best job you can do and I would also want to curate more people. Everyone's opinion is different and I think it's nice to see this. After all if everyone was the same, only certain people/content would be rewarded.

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Exactly, it's good that we have different strokes for different folks, having different ideologies towards curation helps to spread the votes even better. The job of a curator is probably more difficult than envisaged.

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Baba Make I no meet you for real life..

You go think say you be president of Nigeria.

But yeah, curation will most times not be easy for big boys like you based on the engagement on your post, quality in relation to yours and more.

But yeah I am very happy that most of your curation is manual.

And I can boldly say I have benefitted from it.

Thank you for all you do

Baba Make I no meet you for real life..You go think say you be president of Nigeria.

Hahah, well, you wouldn't probably notice me in the room if you actually enter. No so the thing be.

As per curation, it's difficult, finding the weight to meet up up a lot of contents, sometimes one totally misses out on their intended contents towards curation, but im loving it, with the small stake I have and Hive going way up, its been challenging and fun at the same time

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Hmmm... You wey I dey see for video.. The way I go spot you ehn.. You fit no believe am

Curating manually and for the right purpose requires a lot of effort and that is why I appreciate people like you that still do.

Keep doing the good work bro

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Thanks a million man, I try my best actually. I believe manual curation is exciting, it let's you discover a lot, but if i'm to leave the chain on a hiatus, i'll probably auto vote

This is a very important aspect @josediccus. Some times after making upvotes and I have exhausted it, I plan to wait for at least 12 hours before voting, but then I move around and see other posts that I find so difficult to ignore.

I know my upvote level is minimal and can sometimes most times not noticeable, so I look out mainly for good contents that has not really been visited with an encouraging upvote. There my upvote can count more than on contents that has been upvote by various whales. Although I still cast my upvote on contents like that, but I mainly lookout for under voted contents.

You have the right mindset when it comes to curation and that's what matters if you ask me. But its not easy for the vote to actually go round because it is limited. There are many contents but the vote weight is actually limited, however it is, I believe we gotta do what we gotta do.

It is very very very limited, deep down this is what we all go through while curating, thanks for bringing it up for a read

This is a nice write up sir. I commend your efforts!
But I have a question. I must be sincere with you sir! Pls what curation all about?

Curation on hive is the process of discovering contents and rewarding them with votes according to the weight of one's stake.

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I had someone who complained about not being curated no matter how quality their posts were while even posts that weren't "good" were being curated.

Practically had to explain this and also tell the person that good is subjective.

Yeah mostly it's hardly about quality since quality isn't a general but definitive concept. Plus, different people owns their stake and can do whatever they want with it.

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Exactly, no one really owes anyone anything on hive.

I like how you honestly and tactfully present what your role as a curator feels like and entails. Definitely, in a system that operates a proof of brain consensus mechanism, activities will always be flawed by humans innate flaws and imperfections.

Someone will always feel cheated, and there will always be some form of perceived bias. But no one will really understand till they find their legs in your socks and shoes.

Keep doing what you're doing!

Thanks for that lovely comment. Yeah, there will hardly be satisfaction since some would feel cheated while some will not. Because of how limited the vote weight is, in the sense that it needs to recharge at every point in time, not a lot of people would be satisfied. But then, its what it is.

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And this is what makes hive balanced and worth it. In as much a like for every post done any how would be great. There is need to upvote content that will shape and raise the standard of hive. When you start the desire is to much as much, but when you become a believer you realise. We are building something as a community for the future and we can either make or break it. Everything is dependent on the people on here and what quality they wish to see and promote overall

You touched various areas of this and it goes to show that it's not a one-road trip. It's different pattern for different people. Funny enough, people also switch up their pattern every now and then.

What majority have in common is that they want to be sure that they are giving their vote to someone that deserves it.

The yardstick used to measure how much the person deserves is a different ball game all together. Hehe.

😂 and here I was thinking that being a hive curator is one of the easiest job to do on Hive. Well it’s good to see that everyone is trying as hard as they can to add value on Hive either by creating content or by curating. Nice post buddy.

It's difficult because of the limitation of vote weight and the fact that there are more contents to curate. The aspect of human emotion is also there

Finally I could get someone to explain to me what curation really means.

Still figuring out the community jargons as a new member less than a week old.

Thanks for sharing this @josediccus

I agree curating is a challenge, and it does require consistency despite your other obligations. It would be wonderful indeed to be retired and be able to dedicate yourself to this full time.

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Well, it will be definitiely be good, im looking forward to owning more crypto

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