Hive: An Improvement Beyond Financial Ramification?

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There are things I would personally be grateful to hive for and this is growth in all ramification of life. One thing is, finance is the most important aspect of a person's life and this is because a good finance creates a better quality of life, psychological balance, mitigating against the fear of having nothing, Influences decisions on quality of life, retirement, determining the parameters for investment and expenditures and so many other things.

The reason why I say finance is the most critical aspect of one's life is because, we totally build our choices on our capabilities to actually enact them. Because we live a life of need and want, most of the things we actually need to fulfill the life we want is often reliant on a person's ability to decide if what they need is within their means. Man's ability to get what they want and need is the definition of comfort.

The Attempt At Exposure

Nevertheless, we do not need all the money to be comfortable, but the only way to discover this, is exposure and education. When you look at a blockchain like Hive, you'll discover that it's a school on its own that develops you better to face real-time issues, while this might not totally be relatable to everyone

I feel each one is impacted by hive rather differently and this is caused by one's original sociocultural and financial background. For example, Real estate is typically considered very expensive and complicated and only for the elite, but by just being here and learning the basics, from people who have become even bigger success than the people around me, then I probably have a chance.

This is to say that hive as an institution, firstly impacts you financially, then goes ahead to influence the other aspects of your life.

I see the world as a complicated place. In Nigeria for example, many people are struggling to find their way and this is because they've been wrongly exposed while seeking for the answers that can change their past.

I've seen a person who sets out to study a course in Udemy, but ends up gambling with all that money, due to a money doubling opportunity they discovered on an ad they found on Twitter. This is to say that it's difficult to sieve through the endless decision-making process to find the best answer.

The chances of failure are high, when people do not have experiences and exposure, which is actually acquired by doing the right thing for a long period of time. People don't gain monetary experiences, by doing the wrong things, they only discover the diverse depth of failure, which still keeps them stuck to ground zero, despite how much they have learned in life.


Hive: The Process Of Prunning

This is simply to say, not all lessons are good to learn, we need to learn the right lessons because life is short. Hive automatically comes into play. A lot of people are not definitive, that is, they're not tapping into the richness of hive to actually improve their lives in all ramifications, in life, it hasn't always been about the level or degree of resources, it has always been about management.

The problem of a lot of people isn't money, it is management. A lot of people that complains about not having the right amount of resources are the ones that actually have the highest exposure to resources. While money is always the focal point, many people are not considering stability, exposure and longevity and an in-depth understanding of hive, it's attempt at development and stability from some of the most brilliant minds are why some people have constantly sailed, making better decisions irrespective of challenges that comes with life.

Diversity has come to be the strongest suit of hive so far. Most of my knowledge concerning Crypto is as a result of the deliberate dive of a community like Leo into recognizing Crypto as an important aspect of a blockchain that was firstly built on the concept of "blog-to-earn"

The Traditional Propensity To Save

That said, the internet is great, but an opportunity like Hive is greatly intentional. We need the right intent towards a particular prospect to thrive. Hive has taught me that we really don't need to be conventional in some of the most important approach of our lives.

Saving is one of those life changing decisions, that we need to actually get right in life else we might suffer from financial implosion. People are conventional and traditional about saving in the bank, as it solidifies one's future and prepare them for emergencies, but overtime, smart people here have learned that you even lose overtime by saving in the bank.

The real-time herd mentality, is why many fail, but on Hive, I've realized that we don't fail, we only have setbacks which actually might set a prerequisite for doing it better. That said, failure becomes less relevant when a person is improvising. Sometimes we need to manage ourselves firstly. The ability to get it wrong or right, mostly stems from how we utilize the richness of experience we can tap into. Luckily, Hive is a richness of experience.

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You're right friend. I might not be here long enough to authoritatively take a position but the little time I've been here, I can say that hive is a lot more than just a place to blog to earn

Time and exposure can bring the needed experience we actually need here, However it depends on the attachment you place on relating with the ecosysyem here.

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Time does not equate to insight.

You seem to have grasped onto some very important blogs in your time here, ones that appear to be steering you in the proper direction.

Insight comes from listening to those who have an understanding. That does not require time but rather focus.

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Most do not dedicate the time nor effort to understand what is taking place nor do they engage in a manner that will equate to long term success on there.

Those that do tend to stand out rather quickly.

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You're totally right about this. One thing I've come to understand is that hive is beyond money and tend to affect the lives of people rather differently, but people don't understand unless they actually give in their time in a different way.
Hive tends to change people who tends to stay and make long-term plans with the chain.

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Internalizing the Age of Abundance really can be eye opening for people. When they realize that they can participate and get rewarded and that it keeps growing over time, then things start to change.

Of course, this is enhanced by the encouragement they receive. You are right, to achieve this they need to stick around a while.

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Truly Hive is the bright side of the internet, a platform I believe with good strategy, management and the right amount of patient can help one become a better person in all aspects of life. The system and related ecosystems has been designed for human good, with limited learning curve and regard to non-whales and newbies. Hive really inculcates important life skills, and for me, I've not learn better the importance of time management as much as Hive has thought me. With a 7 day period to everything, I've just learnt that I need to be more strategic about my time.

I enjoy your articles, they're so relatable!

Thanks for the Insightful comment always, this is the aspect of life I was generally refering to. Overtime people have become better at investing, making the right crypto choice and making use of one's time rightly. Wish you well with the usage of your time.

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HIVE is a great place for information. In a way, I have seen both the good and bad of a lot of different crypto or projects. I have seen a few mistakes that people have made and it has helped me a bit as well.

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You're right. Overall, I think hive as a learning curve has helped a lot of people to personally learn and be better on their own on so many aspects of life. One would be investing.

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I like the overall sentiment of this post, and especially like the phrase blog-to-earn, as t is truly a proof of brain concept central to Hive.

Good Luck in 2022!

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Thanks for the comment, yeah the blog-to-earn aspect of Hive is really back peddling to give the other aspects of hive to thrive. In earnest, thanks a million for coming through.

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Hive is a financial machine and enables startups and investor participation in all the projects that are born here. Simply an ecosystem where someone can outperform financialy.

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It's a sophisticated ecosysyem and the truth is, the startup aspect they talked about is totally true. All round, i've improved personally just being in the system alone and tweaking my way to compounding and learning about crypto.

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Everything on Hive appears to be geared towards outsized returns. This is a fact many overlook. The compounding effect on Hive is enormous. We simply do not realize all the different ways things can add up.

Of course, a lot of it starts with our personal activity.

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The truth is I've as help a lot of people from saving, To investing and I'm learning how to be better everyday

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Investing actually makes us better as people, im glad it's doing the same for you brotherly.

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I think most people come into hive and focus so much on the financial part that they miss the others, even though finance is very important, hive gives way more than that.

Hive offers more, financially rather than monetary, it seems rather confusing but it's actually the truth. It's what I actually tell many new users.

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I understand what you mean.

Financial success is achieved only after attaining success in other areas first. Basically we need to treat the social side of our activities to see the financial side expand.

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I think most people feel like it's the other way around, attain finance and every other thing falls into place.

I won't lie I used to also feel the same but it is because of how much importance is placed on our finances.

And most people do not succeed on a platform like this because they are focused exclusively on the financial aspect to start.

Following the masses is a great way to fail. Doing what the few are doing is where the success rate increases.

Those who focus upon engagement find their finances on Hive also improve.

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This is very true, my finances improved a lot when I started focusing more on engagement.

Yeah because you take a lot more action most likely. And the more that is out there, especially with comments, the greater the chances of someone rewarding them.

It also can help in getting followers.

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I guess people just find it harder because it takes more effort engaging than just posting and leaving


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Man's ability to get what they want and need is the definition of comfort.

I think this is wealth not comfort.

I feel if a man is able to get what he needs, he is comfortable.

But when a man is able to get what he needs and is still able get what he wants, he is rich.

This is to say that hive as an institution, firstly impacts you financially, then goes ahead to influence the other aspects of your life

I can totally relate to this. I mean hitting targets and being consistent in doing something can increase your chance of being consistent in other aspects of your life

Also, it builds self confidence that you can achieve something when you set your mind to it.

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