Finally, A Legendary; Buying & HODLing 110 Packs. (The Player's Dilemma)

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Packs: Pre & Post Buying

Before the general sales, I decided to open the two packs I have left, and I got a collection of rares and commons and after opening all the seven packs I actually bought during the presale, I finally got a legendary, and it was generally pleasing since I've been opening packs without really being lucky whatsoever.

After that, I decided to buy 100 packs which comes with 10% bonus, but unfortunately I forgot that I'll equally need vouchers to get the additional bonus, and I went ahead to make the purchase and sadly lost out on the bonus, however after that, I still went ahead to purchase additional 10 packs to make it 110 packs, my biggest purchase since I've started playing splinterlands. This was about $440 spent, which might reduce my SPS airdrop, but I added about 13k extra DECs.

I reckoned that if I hodl those packs they would still add up to my SPS airdrop, but it's going to still reduce, but the essence is that overtime, opening these packs will help me build my deck as well as increase my collection power which is the long-term plan as much as collecting and staking SPS is Important too. The season reward I got was the best I've probably gotten in a long time.

Splinterlands have been fun, despite the dips and all, I kinda feel the market has been reacting to the influx of the new cards and this has brought a certain instability and dips to some extent. When I bought the packs I opened during the presale I didn't have alchemy or legendary potion. Which actually increases my chances at a legendary or a gold foil.

So the pack opening ended up with really disappointing returns and I had to purchase about 100 each of these potions. It was after I actually bought it, that was when I opened the last two pack and actually got a legendary in one of them, plus some excellent cards too.

The truth is, I am not totally dependent on Splinterlands for anything, this would include expecting instant reward for my investment. I know this because I came in when the economy was blooming, and it's halted and retracted at the moment, making my investment dip really well, but this isn't actually a problem.


Grinding From The Scratch

The people who were building when the money was not that great have earned their dividends and more, so I kind of feel like, people who were gaming when the market was doing well would have to wait, build and watch their investment take a plunge, but this wouldn't be for long especially with a person who's aiming to build.

This is exactly what I say to people who are aiming to invest in Splinterlands. One thing I've come to understand about play2earn is that you're going to need a lot of time and effort to build a well as customize how and what you want to earn.

This is determinant on your endgame as a player cum investor. If you're a newbie with enough time and little cash, don't be scared to put into those two, the only thing you should be wary or do away with is over expectations as this can crash your experience and makes it difficult for you to actually believe in the long-term prospects of the game.

I want to steadily put in cash in the right places, if I put in $50 on a weekly basis for two years, that would be serious money in maybe three years.

However, I'll still have issues with putting money in the right places because irrespective of how little I know at the moment, I still believe I need to learn enough economic strategies to the game, but then there's no two ways about It's either you put in money or put in time, or even put in both. Playing Splinterlands, i've realized money can be proportional to the time invested even if not totally. However, it gets to a stage where time isn't enough, and you'll have to put in money.

All in all, you don't make profit without the right economic strategies, and you don't grow without enough in-game strategies as well. Growing on all front is what eventually makes your Journey a success and puts you in a prime position to do well in the future.


(Pack) Plans For The Future?

Why the future? Because nothing is currently guaranteed, unless you're putting in mad money and calling some sweet shots. Nevertheless, it would be good to enjoy the aspect of the game while building from the bottom to the top. The news on the outside is gloomy, and it would be better if you don't pay attention to all these. Of course, the expectations would be high by default especially when you're just getting into the game due to the precedents.

However, the best ways to actually reap great dividends on hive is to actually build overtime, taking less, putting more and actually waiting for the right time. This might be very difficult, but then, this is the way. Gaming has totally been changed, the dynamics to earning now makes it even more purposeful for so many and on hive, Splinterlands can be a great opportunity.

I've been meaning to go beyond the bronze leagues and I think I have a decent chance now, my Collection power is over 4k, and I reckon that from the cards I'll be getting when I open the packs, if I get reasonable cards, I'll generally increase my Collection power without needing to buy too much but only what I actually need.

I also bought all my packs in the first 24 hours of the general presale, making me eligible for any future airdrop. Plus, this year, the target will be to actually begin to Max up some of my cards to increase their levels, this might be expensive, but the year is still long and anything is possible.

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The competition these days is insane man. Even climbing out of bronze league na problem.

Keep stacking them cards my man.

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You're right, sometimes I see many smart players in the bronze leagues, these guys aren't joking as they're pumping in money on a daily basis. Thanks for dropping by, it hasn't been easy

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Nice way to go about it. Keep stacking those cards. I’ll have been extremely tempted to burst open those cards if I were you

Loool I think I will actually resist the urge. 440$ was hard for me to cough out. So I'll be holding it for months so I can benefit from them.

I have this innate fear of not doing well on Splinterland. Maybe it's because I was lashed sporadically the last time. I told myself I'd take the time to learn more before going back again which takes time, but I think I was traumatized. I discovered maybe I can't deal with failing afterall.

However, I still want to go back but not before I understand how it really works. Those symbols and numbers are all new to me but With time...


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As at September last year, I knew nothing about Splinterlands, I had that same fear, I wouldn't really say I know it all, but at least i've gotten some useful knowledge. Overtime, my decisions are bound to pay off, but for now I just want to take the bold steps to keep learning, keep accumulating as well as putting in the little funds I have. You should too.

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This speaks to the diversity of splinterlands. The game is actually expensive and not childs play when it comes to finaces. But time and consistant buys and rewards will get you where you have to be. The games economy is a thing to factor into all decision making because growth from this games is not one sided

Like you said, it's very expensive and not easy to navigate through. The game's economy is so sophisticated, the strongest actually survives.

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Very true and just showing up regardless of where you are in terms of investments changes everything over time

Congratulations on the legendary card. Did you open all 100 packs or just part of it? I opened 58 packs today (whatever potions I had available) and I got my first GFL. However I did open like 500 untamed packs before and no GFL. So I think its quite rare for legendary cards.

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I don't know the parameters for getting these cards but it was seven packs I got from the presales that I opened and got a legendary. Its what motivated me to buy the 110 packs, its quite rare, planning to hodl my own packs

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That is really good for just 7 packs because I only got 1 legendary and 1 GFL from 58 packs. I was probably only expecting 1 legendary off those packs given my luck.

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Congratulations on the legendary! I am sure that opening all of them will get you into Silver although holding on to them is also a good idea as the value should increase once we sell out.

I'll just hold onto them, probably for a few weeks or months and see if they'll appreciate overtime. The legendary I got is worth like $17 at the moment. Let's see how it goes. Thanks for your support.

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Hi @josediccus,
Did you know that I run the EasyDeFi pool? And that 35 weeks into the pool we are projected to have a 100% ROI for the year? Did you know that the minimum investment is 100 Leo? Did you know I am delegating a Gold Chaos Legend card to new investors?
Perhaps you should check out these posts?
EayDefi ROI post
EasyDeFi Gold Foi Card Delegation Post

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Thanks, i'll definitiely check that out.

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I have been playing Splinterlands for quite some time and I have to say that this is a game that has given me a lot of Stuff and I am grateful for that.

Well it hasn't given me a lot of stuff, I'm an hoping that it's going to be an investment that would eventually pay off overtime for me. Thanks for dropping by.

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Splinterlands is getting tougher everyday. With general sale still on we will more players coming to the game. Congratulations on your legendary card but try and use portion all the time to increase your drop chances.

Nice one brother

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I'm currently being tempted to open them at the moment, but I get hodling would be the best option. I no longer have any cash to throw in so I figure, this would futuristically help me to build a deck and I can sell the rest when it adds value