The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 82-ish w/ Brian of London

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I mentioned this on the podcast...But I think @brianoflondon should become an honorary co-host of the show....As this will be his 4th (or is it his 5th) time being a guest!!!

And we love it!!!

The legend is back for another awesome talk about his PodPing project and of course, his @v4vapp initiative on the blockchain.

Brian has been quite busy spreading the Hive message to the world and we get an update from him on everything he's got going on!

Plus he's fired up a new proposal to help fund the V4V application as well!

Hope you guys enjoy the show!!

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This is such a great way to connect even more people… now you see more interactions.
Learning a lot this week… o yeah… before I forget: Nerdify all 😎😉

Ha ha ha ha!

Thanks for taking part!

You are welcome 😊
Thanks 🙏🏻 😎

The CryptoManiacs Podcast is very interesting. There are so many great projects on Hive. I love to hear about BrianofLondon's projects that are so cutting edge. You just nerdify the whole process and educate everyone. Take care.

Yeah man, the guy just gets what this place needs. Podcasting is a MUST here!

It's great to see you nerds, nerdify everything here ... and oh boy, do I like to get nerdified, and nerdify my own things as well. So thank you for this opportunity. I see so many advantages popping up!

It's an eye-opener!

ha ha ha ha trying for sure! thanks for the comments and very unique way of using the secret word LOL

From CryptoManiacs to Crypto Mondays to Thursday Night Live to writing posts every day, you find a way to nerdify everything. I don't know how you find the time.

I mean, if I don't work, my kids don't eat....That kind of kicks me in the butt :)

Thanks listnerds to bring me here. I like the way you Nerdify your posts ;-)

Awesome man, thanks for taking action!!

Your podcasts are full of great information as well your training in of click track profit is great for all. To nerdify things just make it harder for new folks and you guys go the way and make it more simple.

Trying man, hopefully more and more people jump into things!

Getting a little more exposure to all the content Jon is creating. I didn't realize he was quite this prolific and wanting to nerdify everyone.

Thanks for checking out the post through ListNerds sir, appreciate it!

That was a great nerdify show! Thank you guys for all the info, it's really good content.

Love what you guys are doing on the BlockChain. The way you have Nerdify Hive with the mailer is genius. Have been having a lot of fun with it.

Appreciate ya! Thanks man!

I caught some of this when you were live. Quite engaging to hear his take on things Hivian. And the discussion re: how many API is too many was great. In a distributed system, more is not always the answer.

Nerdify it up!+1


Thanks for the comments man, and for checking out the post on ListNerds!

You're most welcome. I am still going through the bits and pieces of ListNerds. Loving it.

It looks like comments will always be an issue. I like that the fact that he is thinking of using HIVE as the solution. I also gave the proposal a vote.

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Awesome stuff man, I'm sure Brian appreciates it!!

Great podcast bro came from Listnerds
Brian is an interesting guy
Have a blessed and successful day😎

Was very interesting podcast
Have a blessed and successful one


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great show as always 👍👍
I watched the show he was talking about.

Appreciated, thank you sir! And welcome to the INDEX guild :)

Am happy to be part of the guide.

came to know via listnerds email
thanks, I have bookmarked it. will listen to it later.

Hope you enjoy it!

PodPing sounds great! Another wonderful advancement for HIVE and mobile users!

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It's awesome! Can't wait for the podcasting world to wake up to it!

Heard the super awesome shoutout to @brianoflondon from Adam Curry! Really excited to see how it progresses!

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Pretty cool! Brian is a legend!!

It amazes me to see how many projects are being developed this year looks to be a great year for Hive :-D

Lovely and amazing show as always and I appreciate @brainoflondon as well.

Thanks very much!

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Always a pleasure to see what Brian it's been up to. And to use a trending word in the comments (I wonder why :), he only nerdifies his work, not his talk, that's a plus.

It's been a while attending this podcast. I need to add it to my calendar as I have enjoyed them in the pass.