The Big Reason Why...

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Tonight didn't go exactly how I planned....

As you guys know, we've got a big week ahead! And usually on Monday's we do our weekly 'Crypto Mondays' show but tonight, the powers that be decided against that....

The city I live in had a major power outage about 3 minutes before I was about to stream and record the show and lasted for 3 plus hours...

What was I going to do?

I decided to open up the webcam and record a little head shot video...Explaining our big 'Reason Why' for relaunching ListNerds!

Hope you guys enjoy the show, I know it's not what you may expect from me on a Monday night but alas...

I had to get some stuff off my chest lol

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They all think we're crazy until we actually do the thing we said we were going to do.

Then they say "i always beLIEved in you". Capital letters for poetic emphasis haha.

Why can't u do crypto mondays on tuesday?

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I believe in you Sir!!!!!

No lie!!!

The lie is in believe!

Listnerds does have potential. I am sure once the Hive community decides to use it, it'd benefit them too. It's like soloads functionality coming to the blockchain. Looking forward to your podcast with taskmaster.

Do discuss stablecoins in the next podcast, I'd love to hear you guys discuss about various "low fee" stablecoins in the market.


Interesting idea, I'll make sure to mention it to him! Never heard of those, I'm so used to HBD lol

Life goes on and it was just a short video this time (which works better for me at night). I am looking forward to how many new people are onboarded onto HIVE through the listnerds project.

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Yeah it should be interesting. We're getting lots of questions about it, so there is interest!

I'm curious to see how listnerds works in Hive and what traction it can attract to the platform. I think it is an excellent marketing tool and that it can be really useful.

Crossing fingers!

Looking really forward to Thursday and the launch of the all new List Nerds. Missed you guys last night. Thanks for staying up to create a video for us.

Yeah sucked...And the power didn't come back until way late...So glad I could bang something out quick!

Appreciate all the effort you and Blain make for the community! Have a great day and see you on Mastermind tonight! 😀

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Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

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This is interesting, first time I'm seem a 3speak video. I have tried a few times before on other blogs, can't load it but this time is ok. I think it's 2 hive per token, can buy some once I sell some of my other tokens. Good potential !

Yeah, seems to be a few issues with the thumbnails showing up properly too. Should be fixed soon I hope :)

I CAN NOT WAIT for listnerds! Keep going. Don't listen to the detractors.


LOL If I did that I would have given up decades ago :)

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Awesome bro hope it goes well mate
Have a successful one:)

You handled the power outage with grace. I would have lost my mind. Do you guys have a lot of power outages in the Winter?