The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 116 w/ ActiFit

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Move to earn seems to be all the rage right now in crypto huh?

Fun fact....

@actifit has been building a 'move to earn' application on this blockchain for years and in our opinion...

They are the pioneers of this movement!

Today we were joined by Mcfarhat the lead developer and creator of Actifit for an update on everything happening in this popular application and community.

From DeFi to shedding some pounds, crypto adoption to everything in between....

We hope you really enjoy the chat :)

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Awesome stuff. I know they have been doing some stuff with Leo and I look forward to seeing how that turns out for them. I had to stop using the dapp a while go because I just didn't have enough time in the day to write a proper post. It became too much work for the amount of rewards I was getting.

I created another account @jonolsonproject for ActiFit content. Helps me keep my timeline clean but still lets me put out when I hit a target.


Yeah, I was doing that with my sports account for a while.

That was an awesome interview, love to hear all things Actifit!

It's such an awesome app!


Thanks, time to learn about Actifit. :)

So easy to use too, thats the best part!


This was an interesting interview. I learned a lot from it.

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it.


Getting paid to get off my butt and move. I have it on my phone. Now I have to start using it. And I have my sister's old fitbit to use too. Seeing this in ListNerds reminded me to listen to the show.

I have used it with FItbit, but it works perfectly just having your phone in your pocket and it tracks everything.


Thanks, Jon! That is good to know. It is hard getting used to wearing a watch again. It's been awhile. One of the things for which our phones have eliminated the need to have.

I didn't know that much about Actifit. Interesting that there will be connections to other trading platforms, the value of AFIT has already been growing rapidly. I'm very HIVE centric, but I do not shutter when I hear the word METAMASK.

You and me both man...I absolutely hate the BSC / Ethereum environment using Metamask.


Awesome interview!

I include Actifit in my list of 80+ cryptosocial media platforms and protocols at the end of my book Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media. I'd like to see more interviews of people in the cryptosocial space in general, and Hive in particular.

Thanks for checking the show out. We always have Hive creators and builders on the show each week :) Lots of awesome people on Hive!


I'd love to interview you for a podcast segment. If interested, sent me a memo and I'll return with a way to contact me.

It's nice to hear that the BSC bridge actually came out and it looks like the blog post about it did come out. Either way, I still think it's weird that Move to earn doesn't include Actifit in articles.

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It's literally...The first real blockchain based move 2 earn app...Crazy it isn't front page news yet.


Just downloaded the app from google play and I am now testing it. How about if you are not able to hit that 5,000 mark? Let us just say that my score for the day is just 1,000, what will happen to those points if I can't complete the 5,000?

You won't get AFIT tokens unless you hit 5k, but I will post it if I'm close...Just to show people I'm actually being active lol

😄 This is the 2nd app I have in this new move to earn economy.


Great interview. I loved hearing all about Actifit. Thanks for all you do for us.

Thanks for checking it out!

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