Thursday Night Live - The 'Experts' Agree...?

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I had a good laugh this week when I was poking aroudn traditional social media...

I follow a lot of the leaders and experts in affiliate marketing and they are all stressed out....


They feel it'll be harder and harder to send 'marketing messages' in the future without being filtered out by Gmail and the major email providers.

So what's the solution?

And this made me laugh....

They basically described ListNerds!

Hey I'm not saying what we are building is the future of email marketing but one has to think....

What will the future hold for traditional email marketing and will it be...On the blockchain?

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It's probably one of the first times I have heard someone say they want more emails. I think most people prefer to have a little less most of the time.

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lol it's completely backwards!!!

and we love it lol

Good show,
Yes, having an built-in inbox is the way forward, And it's not new many mailer sites are already doing it completely or partially.
Also, not everyone checks and clicks on the list emails sent to their email accounts.

And Yes, I am sure listnerds is not about Buffalo :-)

Hopefully, it incentivizes everyone to be more active within the platform!

Excellent show, Thoroughly enjoyed it, Your business model is kicking butt. Nice to see what's going on with List Nerds. It's no Buffalo.


Thanks man, we'll see how it goes in a few months from now lol Throw things against the wall and see what sticks is the motto lol

👍 At least you've got more data now that your site is working well and attracting people.

I can imagine them cracking their brains to figure out how add gas fees and other junk the comes from Eth and even how they can get the small people on the run for their money when the market goes down, well are the guru lol, and they will have to fight brain and then realized this side of the world. Milk and honey. but before they can get here am already a Buffalo in here


ha ha ha sneaky play on the word! Well done sir!

Hey I'm not saying what we are building is the future of email marketing...

Be confident. Sure you are. Take the approach this is totally revolutionary and is going to change the face of affiliate marketing.

If people in that industry are not using this, then they are akin to the hind end of a horse.

That is the approach you have to take. When you have the Golden Goose, be sure to have the swagger that some with it.

Bro, when I grow up...I wanna be just like you ;)

Thanks for the kind words man and the support. Means a lot!

The only way the broadcast would have been better is if we all had some Buffalo wings to eat while watching.

Oh I do that every Sunday when it's football season LOLOL

Without a doubt this is an innovation in email marketing. We will see how this Buffalo behaves and what changes it produces in the advertising ecosystem.

We're pretty happy about the response so far. Time will tell, but we're excited for the potential!

I missed the show last night. I'll have to listen to it today. I'll have plenty of time since I'll be indoors all day. It's below freezing in Texas. I'll be it's really cold in Buffalo.

Hope you enjoy the show! Lots of exciting things happening!

Great show last night. I enjoyed the discussion and all the tips and tricks that were provided. Also, the comment about Buffalo really got me going. Take care and keep moving on. Slow and Steady wins the race.

Yessir, the only way I know how to move :)

I remember the Google slap, where one day everyone woke up and found all of their Ads shut down by Google adwords. Such a devastating day it was when this overly powerful company decided to change the rules without warning and cause the marketing World to change forever.

Now we are seeing something similar could be happening in email marketing partly from the same company. It would be great to see the decentralized eco system powerful enough that it wont matter what these big companies do, they wont be able to dictate the rules anymore. We will all be in control of our own fate and they will not have the power to do anything about it.

Buffalo has a big game this weekend, I hope they put up a better performance then last year in the championship game.

Yeah man, that's the fear right?

Who knows what Alphabet Inc will decide. But if we build here we have a much better position to decide the future!

Oh yes, I remember Sweeva - it was highly innovative in its day. By total coincidence... I got an email from Thumbvu today informing me I'd just referred somebody! I have no idea how that happened - the link must be 10 years old or more... it's like burying a landmine on the prairie and ten years later a roaming Buffalo detonates it.

Speaking of finding links... guess where I found the link to this post... ;)

Wow, blast from the past!

I remember when I bought ThumbVu from @krenden I was so happy! I loved that site!

In the Netherlands we have a proverb "Buffaloes don't catch foxes", which means as much as "Smartness wins out". I often agree, and ListNerds has both, the strength of a Buffalo and the cleverness of a Fox.

Hmmm, now I'm curious what that makes of the creators ... a fox-like buffalo? Or rather a buffalo-like fox?

Oh I'm going Buffalo-like Fox for sure LOLOL

Different timezones can be an hurdle.
But I’m here now… the Buffalo (‘s) woke me up and I started my day. After reading your emails I just had to comment.
Have a great day!

Thanks so much for taking action and being a part of ListNerds!

Following the daily trail and learning new stuff.

Awesome to hear it sir!!

I signed up to listnerds yesterday. I hope it's another homerun for you guys. Someday, I'd like to be a part of this kind of project/launch.

Thanks man! We never really do 'launches' we just throw the switch and turn it on lol Long tail stuff for sure we hope :)

I believe blockchain and crypto is the future and Listnerd is a firstmover here with crypto rewards for being active.
Go !Buffalo or will it be another wide right moment

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No wide right...Never ever ever again lol

Man...I'm so excited about all this stuff 😂
When you said that we have to act now since we are still early, I felt it ahah.
This opportunity is too big to just stay on the side and watch, I need to get involved and put in the work. I'm gonna make a plan to grow my position on Hive/Listnerds and execute it this year.
Thank you for opening people's eyes about this.
Great show & GO Buffalo !!

Appreciate it!

Thanks so much for the comments....But yup that's the secret for sure. Off the sidelines and into the game!

Listnerds runs like a Buffalo i think it can't be stopped, and it's impressive 👀

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Thank you sir!

Of course, I am a big fan of all of your shows. As I type the word show it feels like it is less than what you are really doing. Last night you hit it out of the park. The info was so useful I took notes yup bedrock style pen and paper lol.
Tomorrow I am starting a weekly live stream, and used ListNerds to advertise it, yup I sent a solo ad my second one this week, hoping it is so popular I can take a trip to Buffalo for so many reasons lol 😄

Thanks bro!

Yeah I'll most definitely check out your streams...Just need it to be on a day I'm online lol

lol, It is okay I am doing two other Live streams on Wednesdays @ 2 pm EST. & Thursdays @ 2 pm EST.
Following your example 😉

Email is one of those words that is both a noun and a verb. Like Buffalo, as in the sentence The aggressive AFC Buffalo buffaloed the Division 1 Pac10 Buffalo. I think ListNerds might be taking greater control of that verb side of email, and in particular the passive verb side of getting emails. At least in my experience, I do not tend to open any of the "start earning easy money" emails I get. It really has changed with ListNerds. When I email, I read, received, and act. I don't really want to be a content creator, but even that is starting to break down the longer I am engaged in this project. I mean, it does seem like I can create and put content in front of people who actually want it instead of just being a spam. I'm coming around!

Appreciate this comment very much, and the Pac10 reference lol

Yeah, I think the cream will rise for sure in the emails!


It was a great show as always, hope your Buffalo Bills do well this weekend just be glad they are not playing the Bucs

Crossing fingers!

I don't know if Listnerds is the future of email marketing but it is a very good tool and much fairer with everyone who participates. I do not have any doubt about that.
Once again I have that feeling that I can't help but write the word "Buffalo" I don't know why, could it have something to do with Listnerds?

Hope it opens it up to a brand new world for sure!

More engagement!!


This is definitely the future of email marketing. I can not believe I am right there at the start. This is going to be an awesome 12 months :-D

The whole business model of e-mail marketing may face a very hard time with the spam filters picking out their stuff. I would say listnerds plays a pioneer role in several aspects :-)

I think so too. And they wont even care potentially about Sender Score down the road. If there is even a sniff of being a marketing message, they will filter it.

Big opportunity for this stuff being built on blockchains me thinks...

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Great @jongolson
Have the best weekend

What was great about it? A little bit more man...Need some engagement here;)

Yeah i get it mate we all want more engagement it's a two way street also😉
Sorry how the fact that i logged into Listnerds followed a link through left a message is not enough for you.
It doesn't seem very grateful
But i guess i can give a little more, thing is i really don't have a lot to say about all this stuff because i am trying to learn it.
I catch your stuff when i can and i engage when i can.

My mental health problems means i have to process information and navigate the world differently.
I am actually trying to work on my short comings support would be nice.
I really hope it all goes well for you, i do like your content and i am trying my best i hope this is enough for you @jongolson

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend

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Listnerds is the future.
I definitely joined the right boat before the huge waves that are going to appear soon.