The Crypto Maniacs Podcast - Episode 176 w/ Brian of London

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The honorary 3rd member of the podcast was back on the show today!

We welcomed back @brianoflondon to the 'Maniacs for a dive into everything he's been working on....

From Podping, Value 4 Value and his brand new Proposal......He's one of the hardest working guys on the blockchain and it's always a blast when he stops by.

Hope you guys enjoy the show!

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Always good to hear updates from @brianoflondon. His Video with @epodcaster this week was really good. Podping explained from scratch and in detail with nice visualization.

I have to check it out, people have been raving about it!

It's a good show and I like how he mentioned that he would sneak in Hive into a BTC conference. It takes guts to do that when you know how tribal some of those maxis are.

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Hilarious! Anything to troll the maxis, I'm there for lol

Welcome back brianoflondon to the podcast. I am new on hive start from today to watch your podcast because i am crypto users.

Welcome to the fun, thanks for checking it out!

Hello @jongolson I missed the beginning of this the other day, so I'm watching this over.

I am trying to get use to all of the new words like "witness" and trying to remember what it is and “curation” and others.

It's like a new language! I'm getting better Jon. The more I read the more it all comes together.

It's not easy and can be overwhelming but it's fascinating and wonderful.



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