A Funny Thing Happened When I Sent An Email...

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The Relaunch  Evolution of ListNerds.png

It's almost been a week now since we re-launched ListNerds!

There's been plenty of talk about how it could be a massive change in the way email is looked it going forward, and I'm excited to see where we are in a few months from now.

Lots of people still scratching their heads though, on both sides of aisle...From affiliate marketers to members of the Hive blockchain, a chunk of our potential audience still hasn't figured out exactly how this all works...

It's new. We get it. And our job going forward is to continue to push and raise awareness for this new approach to email marketing but also, introduce more people to Hive.

I've set up 18 accounts so far and delegated Hive Power to them, just enough to do some basic transactions and help them have resource credits. But as time goes on, I think I'm going to need plenty more Hive Power LOL

It's a great problem to have!

Anyways, enough about that for now, the main reason I wanted to write tonight was to highlight how the community has embraced a cool new approach to using these kind of programs courtesy of @achim03 and a little sprinkle of Jongo on the side!

So in traditional mailers, the idea was to pitch your product or service and get people to your website.

Very web 1.0....Here's my website, come buy from me!

Now I'm not sure if this will ever stop in the affiliate marketing world, but if you have spent any time within the CTP community, you'll know our method goes like this:

  1. Build the relationship first...
  2. Sales will come as a by-product of great relationships!

So how could we use ListNerds going forward as a way to...Build great relationships?

By PULLING people, instead of PUSHING offers on them. And then leveraging the simple fact that we can, reward people and tip them for taking action here on chain...

Here's an example:


This is a recent message I sent using the ListNerds platform...

I'm going to break it down and show you how a lot of us in the CTP community think this could be a great way to build those great relationships AND bring more traffic to our Hive blog posts...

PULL don't PUSH!

As you can see, there is NOTHING to buy here. I'm not trying to sell ListNerds members the latest greatest software, what I'm trying to do is PULL people to my blog post.

The idea is that the more I get people to engage with me, and look forward to my emails, the better results I will potentially have in the long run.

Reward Them For Taking Action

As you can see, I'm 'bribing' them with a little upvote and Hive tip through @peakd I'm focusing on second layer rewards mostly and spending out of pocket to tip them some Hive tokens. If my readers will make the effort to engage with me, the least I can do is reward them!

Gamify Not 'Give Outs'

And finally, I don't just say 'click here and get rewarded', I make them earn it lol Just a fun little trick, the needed to include the 'secret word' in the comment to get the Hive tip and higher upvotes!

Cool story Jongo...What about results?

Obviously it's only been a few days but so far, this is what I've seen since I sent this email out:

I got 17 comments from different users on my blog, some even I haven't interacted with much at all in the past.

Out of the 17 that made a comment, 10 of them used the 'secret word' and were rewarded with higher votes and of course, the Hive tip!

How About A Good Ol' Fashioned 'Marketing' Stat....?

For all the statisticians out there, these are the click through rates my recent mailings have seen on ListNerds. Not saying it will stay this high, but traditionally, mailers see about a 10-20% CTR....


What Does This Mean??

One thing about affiliate marketing and online marketers in general...They are a creative bunch!

And ListNerds opens up to some interesting ideas to drive traffic to Hive based blog post and so much more.

Again, we're only a few days into the re-launch, but if this gets more people using Hive AND getting better results from using a service like ListNerds, I think it'll be a huge win!

What are some other creative ways you can think of to use this new form of traffic generation?


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Sounds like I need to sign up for sure over the weekend and I should make sure to include those secret words. This week has been crazy lately and I don't feel like doing it until I get more free time.

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Looking forward to welcoming you to the mix :)

Go Bills!!

I really like the meme at the bottom about high swap fee's and that hivepay has the lowest fee's around! that is a really awesome thing!

Yeah man, just trying to do our part to add value to the blockchain :)

Ooh I think your doing that in many different ways! And your doing a great job of it!

I noticed those incredible CTRs too. They will probably not hold at those levels, but still they'll be a huge improvement compared to what traditional mailers offer (or even your own list).

They did go up this weekend...But hey, who knows where it'll go. Heck if it sits around 50% I'll be beside myself!

Great way to promote your posts. Love this idea… @jongolson
It helps with paying your bills in the end run… so we say : Go BILLS! We prepare for the future!

Thanks very much!!

You are welcome 😎 thanks for the tip, much appreciated 😊

We should market listnerds on hive. Imagine we pring tons of hive users to the platform that want to promote their posts and build their brand. Now not only they get curation rewards from upvoting content but in addition they earn CTP and mail tokens when doing it from Listnerds.

It's a great way fro people who want to engage with posts but get crazy surfing through the flux of hive posts. Just engage with the posts that are promoted on listnerds...

and Go Bills ;-)

We always wanted to build a 'content discovery network' here on the blockchain. We might have actually just done it lol Still early but the ground work is there for sure!

Thank you for these great tips 👀

Glad you enjoyed them!

Thanks for the Tip,

@jongolson! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @chapelle. (1/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Go BILLS! Because my Panthers are having another of those "building years"?

lol They have a good head coach....And a great secondary running back (Chubba Hubbard is from the city I live in right now lol)

I am not sure what else you could do to change the way you interact with the community. There is no lack of interaction and support from your end. You guys are so supportive that even when people post questions in the Telegram that should go to the support desk, they get answered anyway. Someone is always there to lend support.
Oh and since they're not playing the Packers yet, Go BILLS!

We put a lot of work into the tutorials and white paper...We just want more people to use those resources LOL

I do try to find answers on my own first before I ask for support. Amazing what you can learn when you take the time to read.

Made in Canva

-- @lisamgentile1961

I'm very excited with the new ListNerds and I'm sure there will be some issues as we move along but you all provide awesome support. My issue is setting up the auto mailer. Support ticket coming.

Crypto is a big change in our lives and I do believe it will be the way in the very near future.

As for mailers and traffic exchanges it's time for a change and I would love to be the guinea pig for the first traffic exchange built on the blockchain and completely using crypto.

thanks to you and Blain for all you do.

secret word: Go BILLS! (from the email)
secret word: Nerdify (from the post)


Yeah we've been playing with ideas for a TE based on the blockchain for years now. Just not sure how to tackle it.

We called it a content discovery platform, rather than a way to pitch splash pages. A fundamental shift in marketing approach would be needed.

I would definitely some thought process and create one of Blain's mine map but it would be fun.


It's good to see this idea being taken up by several other Listnerders too. I keep on getting sent back over here! Go mails! Go BILLS!

Hopefully more people use that for an engaging opportunity!

I have not yet sent an email through listnerds. Need to work on my email first. But i like the idea of redirecting them to hive posts.

It is simple, if you want to earn crypto you need to verify and verification can only be done if you click the link first :-).
So it's an added layer of earning if you want to or click the link and earn credits as you use to do to send emails.

by the way someone said, Go BILLS!

I replied with, Nerdify :-)

Makes people that want to take part, look around a bit and put a little bit of effort into it all!

As I said before ... I like the way you Nerds nerdify everything, but it can only get better if the "go Bills" enter this party too!

lol Very creative. Thank you!

Thank you, I'm trying to polish my rusty creativity a little shiny again.

It is interesting to see how much engagement is generated and if the response level stays as high as you are seeing.

Yeah that'll be the real test...After the honeymoon phase is over, in a few months, are people still excited to read the emails and get rewarded.

I think your idea of promoting your hive blog posts on list nerds is a great idea and I think it will work well in the long run for those who use your idea. Are the Bills go to make the super bowl time will tell but in the mean time Go Bills.

Yeah man, I mean I dont think it's like..A revolution os anything, but it's a great way to generate traffic to ones blog on Hive.

I agree with your comment and something I need to consider for future promotions. It would help with the 80% pull Jon talked about.

I saw your email on Listnerds and I don't think that "go Bills" is in my vocabulary. 😂

I did a simular post about this tonight but you have a much better way with words then I do.

fyi: I just got an e-mail from you on listnerds and I couldn't verify it because there was no link in it :-)

Thanks @achim03 Yeah it got cut off for some reason I am in the process of submitting a support ticket now, it sucks nobody can get any credit for it but I'm sure it will all work out.

ha ha ha ha Bro, you guys fired Flores....I have no idea why!

Oh snap, I'll go check out your blog man!

The CTR numbers are great, rather unbelievable. I've never seen a mailer give such great returns. I really gotta get on the ball and use the new ListNerds to my advantage.


It's insane. I mean I'm sure they will go down, but even if they stick around 50%, that'll be massive!

Yes it will & I believe it'll stay up way more then regular mailers. The fact that you actually earn something other then just credits will keep people interested.

Well, I think it would be better if the tool could allow us sent two mails per week in the free account, because I can't market my recent post, unfortunately. However, it's an amazing tool as it is! Thank you very much for it! Go BILLS!

Yeah we wanna get more emails into the system so that all account levels can earn enough tokens to mail.

Remember, anyone you refer, you can send mail to as well.

Thank you so much!

wow, wow, this a great way to promote our product on hive and get people interactive on hive and also on listnerd. I keep thinking of ways to promote Hive and give out rewards and this is a perfect nut-tie. while we try to find better ways and efficient ways to promote we can get this at the backbone resting on our skills. wow Go BILLS!

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Yeah man, something different. And the more creative you are with it, I think the more you will generate some amazing results.

I've only been on ListNerds for a couple days and I'm loving it. Gamifying email marketing is a genius way to drive traffic to your blog.

Also - Go BILLS!

Thanks very much!

Yeah just a cool new way to drive traffic to our blogs and increase engagement!

You are an expert and marketing Rock Star. That being said when you were posting your results in Telegram never did I imagine having the same results.
Wouldn't you know I had the same results as you? Which is very exciting.
Show up every day, and build those relationships, could not be simpler yet you have to scream this every day using several different mediums.
I keep missing your Sports Show, and one day be one of your regular fans Go BILLS!

Yeah man, this isn't rocket science at all.

Showing up every day and producing is the super power!

That is true no argument here.

Speaking from my experience, I did not believe therefore I did not want to try.

I am so happy that I decided to take a leap, which I did because I feel that I have gotten to know you and Eliana and Blain. So much so I started calling Blain buddy and he was like what is that about. lol I can be stupid sometimes.

I agree, part of the key is to Build Great Relationships. Having the systems/programs in place that facilitate that is also a key. I am a Cowboys fan but they are out so Go BILLS!

ha ha ha Sorry for the Cowboys man. You guys will always have your back to back against us lol

I really think you guys have found something really game-changing with ListNerds and the proof of mail system. When the mainstream gonna find out about this, it's gonna blow their mind. It's an excellent example to show people what we can do with crypto.
Keep up the good work and Go BILLS !!

Thanks for the kind words!

Yeah we hope so. It brings it back to the importance of building relationships with those emails. This was lacking big time in the business.

GO BILLS! isn't something I relish saying, but since typos kill unicorns, what's "quilified" mean? :D

Appreciate your article and pointing out that it's the relationships and pull that works today.

ha ha ha Just trying to make everyone feel a little comfortable with my Buffalo Bills propaganda lol

Hopefully this can teach more people that building a list and building a relationship with the list is the best way in the long run, pull instead of pushing, and when in the "hive network" rewarding them with hive is a good way to get them to interact.
Go bills, it's time for your first Superbowl win

Yeah we just fell in love with this place for everything you can do here. The perfect mix of use case and potential!

Lots of content shared here today @jongolson! I appreciate it, I am not a very active blogger but I love this community, and a big part of that is the eagerness of folks like you to share. Oh, and "wide right!" errr, I mean Go BILLS! ;)

Ahhhhhh the wide right reference!!! Touche touche lol

Grew up in Buffalo as a little kid. Those were 4 strangely terrible years, the Marc Levy Jim Kelly run :) :(

Been making progress on my own ListNerds account. This is going to be an interesting journey. I look forward to dragging more affiliate marketers across to Hive off the back of the mailer. They mostly all understand safelist and traffic exchange traffic. They mostly understand blogging - now to get them pulled in to be paid to blog and read emails.

Still feels like a Go Bills moments.

What's old is new again :)

That's our thinking...Combine it all, and put a new ribbon on it. Improve what's been working for decades :)

Exactly. Gets exciting when the coin value goes up and we get rewarded for all the old work some more.

The ListNerds are on fire, can barely wait to see the returns it offers for staked tokens. Hopefully that data will be available soon enough to share it with the members and community and even add it as part of the site.

Should start paying out tonight, as it's been 7 days. The people how purchased solo ads over the week (as they were automatically verified emails) shared a BUNCH Of LISTNERDS token already. A few guys got 107 LISTNERDS last night alone.

Nice Initiative! Will be looking forward to sign up to this!


Awesome, looking forward to having you!

After watching that video on the listnerd site that was when I began to understand the whole concept. It's stunning, it wouldn't take anything than to click and begin to send those emails, it would require some certain skills which you've and you're still taking time to highlight. I love the fact that the whole concept is adoption. It's exciting,

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It's new for sure! And I think it could help bring much better quality content to ListNerds....In the form of Hive blog posts. More people trying to get people to read or watch what they created, rather than just pitching some online money making thing.

I can't wait to see what Listnerds can do for the affiliate marketers during the Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas times. I suppose this approach would help many affiliate marketers to get some eye balls on their links and content too. I love the gamify approach and as it is more like earned than takeout. So it's a good system to establish long term.

Yeah, and marketers can be VERY creative. So I expect new ways to generate more traffic using this service down the road too.

Once a while you work on some projects, may be sometime you can add me to some project. I surely will add some value to it. It would be a great way to develop my overall personality.

Nothing stopping you from joining ListNerds and giving it a try :)

Really listnerds it's a great idea that I think would work well. Yesterday I sent my first email to 100 people to promote my weekly giveaway, the process was really easy to execute and in a few seconds everything was ready.
I guess it's the beginning but 103 emails were sent, 3 opened and 3 clicked. A CTR of 100% I hope the rest will be opened.
Anyway I think it will be a very useful tool that I will use regularly.

Awesome to hear it!

Yeah, the best thing about ListNerds is you can get the numbers and then test and track different headlines, times of the day, day of the week that you send....And see where you get the better results!

No offense...but your support is weird...they keep canceling my business account...then restoring and then canceling it...make up your minds...If you don't want me to send mails through listnerds I will stop doing so...

sorry to hear you are having troubles with the account. what is the issue exactly? i’ll see if we can bang out a solution for you in the morning when we have all hands on deck.

Literally as described...Business account got removed a week back and today again...bought it in dec 31st 2021..(I am one of the earliest supporter of this project).

Order Number: evt_1KCHbkCilXkqC6pOVEq3IerF

Lost access to it mid jan..dropped a support ticket...got it back...lost it again this morning...right before my auto mailer went off...I have got 2 mails off in the past week..because of all the issues happening (which is normal for a new venture)...

I would have bought the enterprise but didn't have the option back then...I like the project and you...but the investment has to make sense for me...

If you can do something, that would be great...

Let's clear the air here. You upgraded an account before the relaunch. After the relaunch you created a new account because you couldn't login to your account. You should've submitted a support ticket about your account instead of creating a new one. Creating multiple accounts is against the listnerds terms of service. You then requested your new account receive the upgrade the other account paid for, which was completed, mistakenly. So the upgrade on the new account was removed because that account didn't purchase an upgrade. I then replied to your support ticket that you need to delete the new account and I will fix your old account so you can use that. So all in all, delete the second account that you created and I can restore your old account.

Hi Blain...

As clarified in the support ticket...I had to use the same email to create an account again...here is the proof..


I did the verification on December 30th on this email...

and then when the site went down for maintenance and it came back up...my account got deleted or something...so on the same email address, I created a new account figuring it would reject by saying that email is already in use...

But No...I got the email to verify it on Jan 14th which means a second account got created using the same email address..


Since we are clearing the air here...you guys should have programmed the system to not accept my email address if my account already existed...

When moving databases, sometimes things fail. There were a total of about 5 accounts out of 30k that this happened to for one reason or another. When I went to fix the error, you had already created a new account, disrupting the fix even further. I apologize that sometimes things don't work perfectly, to including merging massive databases. But your first move should have been to support instead of taking it upon yourself to create a new account.

I am sorry to hear that Blain...but I didn't have any instructions to reach out to support...and it didn't appeal to me as a first step...either way I want to keep supporting the project...so should I delete my account now?

Yes, once you delete your 2nd account, I can reinstate your first account. I'll extend your upgrade as well to cover for lost time. Just update the support ticket letting me know and I'll get it all setup, I don't always check mentions,but the support desk is always manned!

Interesting hope it goes well buddy
Have a blessed and successful week😎

It is very interesting. We like to think so lol

I love the way you promote and enhance the idea of your content it's amazing and a work well-done to learn and gain from

Appreciated, trying new things :)

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I like that, pull not push!
Obviously, I'm still new in this world and I still need to learn some tricks here and there. You will see me posting trials and errors in the next period probably, hopefully, there will be some successful ones as well.

I will keep reading your posts and say Go BILLS! :)

Hive and Web3 is going to change the way we do everything including online marketing. Glad to see that the ListNerds is doing its part to get the Web2 marketers Web3 ready.

Way to go Go BILLS!