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Good to see you leading the charge on threads Jimmy!

Riding the wave Steve.



Never no what to says on the twitter like account. But I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Bob, just go with the flow 🍺



bradley approve 3.gif




This post will be #threaded

P.S. Came here from ListNerds

Happy Friday Bradley!



You're welcome 😊

@jimmy.adames! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (5/20)

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The bit I haven't got yet: do you get rewards on LEOthreads? You can vote for individual threads?

@shanibeer you definitely can, but how it breaks down currently may not be impactful.

Just a guess, but each comment getting an upvote may not work well as a whole, but for those who can answer that better than me there will be earnings.

I’ve seen upvotes personally that showed something, but I’m sure who upvotes can make that difference.

I doubt anything done on HIVE or LeoFinance for that matter won’t have a way to earn attached to it 🦁


won't have a way to earn attached to it

for sure 😍

I'm thinking that they are essentially comments, aren't they? so you are right, that would be the way to think about individual threads. But I'm wondering about where you get a series of threads, like a thread conversation (sorry if a name has been invented for this) or, like you were talking about, a threadcast where they are all grouped together. I guess this is part of what we will see developing 😂.

Yes, the possibilities are huge. Some I’m sure will be possible sooner than others.

Khal is a guest on The Cryptomaniacs tomorrow and I’m sure Jon and Task will pepper a handful of questions regarding threads.



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