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RE: Ragnarok: Deckbuilding Poker Chess

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This is a good way of doing it, because in actual chess I never liked how the bishop and knight were both worth 3 points and would constantly be sacrificed for one another.

These 3 points are only a rule of thumb, and who is really superior, bishop (somewhat more often) or knight, depends on the characteristics of the position (but right, of course the are exchanged quite often against each other).

Well, nice to see you are on lichess, too. :)


The knight seems to be better early game or on cluttered boards where pawns didn't trade.
Bishop pretty good about barreling down on the king from across the board mid/late game.

Right, the knights like blocked positions more.
Actually, most chess software evaluates knights in average with about 3.25 points and bishops with around 3.5.

Personally I've just always liked Knights more because of the unique movement and the ability to fork the king/queen.

Please don't fork me if we play on lichess once, then in the endgame I will checkmate your king with my two bishops (+ king). ;-)