About Gaming and Regaining Focus

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A person's learning curve is not always uphill, sometimes up and sometimes down, that's what I experienced when I was learning to code.

You will find yourself learning to be consistent, sometimes you will meet a moment where you stop and need a lot of energy to start again.


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This condition of inertia must be experienced by everyone, including me.

I try to give myself a little gratification for gaming, but that only attracts me to keep playing, who isn't interested and challenged by Splinterlands.

Recently Splinterlands came with an update in their economic system, I see that as something positive to reduce bots, but on the other hand, it will feel heavy for those who only rely on renting cards.

At the end of last season, I managed to get 66 Chests for 3.4 $, of course, I also got a lot of cards that will increase my power in the long run.


I see this game in the long term unless you have a lot of money to buy cards and compete in the high leagues.

I also learned something new about this game, don't push yourself, take a break, because in the end you will get tired and leave.

This is where I see the importance of timing when to play, and when to work to add new skills because there are targets to be achieved, and everyone is working and growing.

In conclusion, movers and shakers don't sit still, they do something, are productive, and consume little.

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