HBD on the move!

in LeoFinance2 months ago (edited)

HBD has drifted below its peg! This means folks who understand how the chain works have an opportunity to scoop up some percentages! Now, will this result in lower hive prices? I dunno! Maybe! Regardless, the mechanism to keep it at its peg can be taken advantage of at these prices. Go to "convert" hbd. In three days and a half days, the dollar cost averaged value of Hive will appear in your account as if hbd was worth a whole dollar.
Risks: maybe hive tanks and you'd have been better off taking the hbd off the site and trading it for fiat.
Maybe hive skyrockets and you'd have been better off buying hive with the hbd immediately.
Rewards: if hive stays the same or goes only a little lower or higher, you just got a 10% discount on hive. You can buy back the HBD and see!