Ethereum NFTs are live on FTX.US alongside Solana NFTs

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Finally Ethereum NFTs start to launch on FTX.US alongside Solana NFTs.
Ethereum NFT Users and owners now are allowed to buy, sell and display their NFTs on FTX.US.


Cross chain NFTs are on the same place for NFT collectors and investors.
Each NFT based on another chain has a bit different feeling.
Some Ethereum NFTs are expensive and a bit royal level targeting position.
Solana also has very expensive and rare NFT collections, but it has a bit young and aggressive feeling that may be based on very challenging number of projects and sleepless night efforts from recent pioneers on this chain.

This sort of cross chain market places may take place a lot more and more. And relevant service and business would arise to connect each other and arranging all data based on same criteria.
All different chain wallets should be evolved to support and connect other chains avoiding any possible threat of hackers and scammers.
OpenSea also has cross chain market place that includes Polygon, Klayton, Ethereum. And utilizing wormhole bridge, it is possible to transfer NFTs between other chains.
Decentralized and Centralized market both of them now start to serve multi chain markets. I am very curious how much amount of NFTs could move and what impact it could make.

NFT itself should evolve into next stage having additional value or new offering capturing real asset value or new value creation. And then the infrastructure connecting all this new asset will be fine and precise.

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I really need to start staking solana. There's speculation that solana is going to go to 10x what it is now. Minting NFTs is so expensive though.