How I Scored 1,555 In FREE LEO With This Strategy!

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The worst part of Buying the dip is paying the ETH fees, but the Arbitrage from WLEO to LEO price totally made it worth it! 🙌

The Key To This Play

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WLEO at .16 cents
LEO at .18 cents

Converting USDC to WLEO gas fee on Uniswap cost $90 to purchase 18,500 LEO
But the Arbitrage was $370 so take out the $90 in gas fees and its a $280 gain on paper. That might seem like a small amount of money, but if you look at the amount of LEO acquired, it's an extra 1,555!

Screenshot 20220123 182732.png

In It For The Long-Term

I staked the tokens for the long term so don't expect to see that gain until LEO hits $2, which would make this little savings worth $3,111 when LEO hits my first target 😎
That .02 cents Arbitrage makes a HUGE difference!

Share Your Best Strategies For Gaining Staked LEO

I am interested to hear who else has found a way to capture some extra LEO using similar or better Arb strategies. I am open to theories as well as proven strategies in the comments!

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I've been doing it with Bleo on Cubfinance as well.

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Nice arbitrage and great to see that there are still such opportunities. The hunt never stops!

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The worst one is, when you think that you have bought the dip and the coin sell More than the dip you are expected

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Ha ha tell me about it! It's okay, I learned a long time ago, that buying at the bottom is nearly impossible and as long as I am happy with the investment and holding for the long term it will win.

The best part about LEO is that we have this community to learn and share from. So even on days when the coin is down, I am still getting utility from the coin by being able to vote on people's posts that inspire me!

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Buying when the coin is down is good,but sometimes you will see a coin on a dip zoom ,you buy it,and expect the coin to bull, maybe the next day news Will move the coin to another direction.

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the 2nd worse thing about buying the dip is it keeps dipping! haha

nice tip, I bought a bunch at $.20 but not really worried since like you and many others, believe that $LEO will ultimately be worth much more.

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I agree with you and just got off the phone with @scaredycatguide who agrees that .25-.30 cents is about where LEO belongs currently, but as he ramps up his onboarding training we will see a gradually larger and larger increase of people who have the capital to stake growing here on Leofinance.

Right now LEO is on sale and I want to own as much as I can get at these prices!

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Arbitrage opportunities are awesome. Hopefully more come with pLEO coming soon

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Just Hodl them

I agree with you! I am very long on LEO because of the quality of the community and the continuous work the Devs are putting in on really valuable projects!

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Wow that is quite amazing. I avoid ETH like the plague but I guess it works if you are trading in large enough amounts.

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