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Some of you may have seen my tweet a couple of days ago that I have finally became a Hive Orca. I thought it is an important milestone and an achievement on Hive, and is appropriate to share the experiences that lead me to this level. @hivebuzz, sometimes annoying but mostly very useful and fun bot that adds gamification to Hive, has left me a comment two days ago that I have reached the Orca level on Hive, as the image above shows.

Hive is a fork of Steem. But most of us consider Hive as the continuation of the original chain and the idea of bringing decentralized solutions to the internet. For this purpose I would like to refer to the chain as Hive from its beginning, and time I started participating in this network.

When I first joined the network, I was fascinated with the idea of decentralization as an alternative to traditional social media and networks. What lead me to this network was bitcoin that offered and still offers an alternative to traditional financial systems.

My journey on Hive started with a simple motto, which you can still see in my profile - "I just want to put some positive stuff out there. If it works, great. If it doesn't, no problem". I believe not taking things too seriously and not expecting anything from experimenting various ideas and solutions is a better approach, so that we don't get disappointed if things don't work out. The idea of transforming how we interact over the internet for the benefit of ordinary people instead of big tech and big money did resinate with me and still does.

Hive has many features to accomplish the mission of decentralizing the web with ideas like property ownership, data ownership, monetizing content, fast and free value transfers, immutability of data, free of censorship, and many more. But what really stuck me most was the idea of ordinary people building equity by doing ordinary things they already do online without being manipulated by big tech companies and venture capitalists who only care about enriching themselves.

I am not a good author, nor am I good at social media. However, I quickly understood that such effort would need support and such support would come with participation. I did my due diligence to understand the network and the blockchain in its simplest form at first. But later dove into more technical aspects, just because it was interesting and useful.

In my early days on Hive I discovered Curie and people of Curie who were doing amazing work to make this project a success. At the time when I joined Hive, Curie went public as curation project and wanted more people to participate. But also at the same time they experienced a flood of participation and had to take measures to limit to the quality. There was a rule to accept new curators if they submit two quality posts to be reviewed and both were approved.


Somehow I was lucky and both of my initial submissions were approved and I became a Curie curator. More I learned about Curie, its mission and people involved more I liked it. Curie was doing what the entire network was suppose to be doing and trying to make this project a success. In a very short period of time I was able to reach the ranks of top curator. I was earning Hive just curating instead of authoring posts. I was so obsessed with this idea there wouldn't be day without me going through at least 500 posts.

Curie is still around and continues in discovering new talented authors and bring them to the forefront so others on the network can also discover them. Back in those days I did get involved in programming to create tools for more efficient ways of curating. I do remember writing a script that showed how high user retentions were by Curie compared to the overall network.

If it wasn't for Curie I probably would have moved on to other things and not be here. What an amazing project and a community! I was so obsessed with Curie that I remember a time I was sitting in a hospital emergency room waiting lobby and found couple of talented authors and got their posts approved and rewarded handsomely.

After a year and half of active involvement in Curie, I decided to explore other projects on Hive and became active in SteemHunt, where I spent as moderator for about a year. I was also offered to become a community manager for the project, but due to my time limits and other obligations I had to decline the offer. Unfortunately, when the chain split happened the project chose to side with centralized forces and that was the end of it for me.

There is so much that goes on in this network, it is not that easy to keep up with everything that is happening. So many Apps, projects, communities, etc. I always tried to stay up-to-date, but it really is not possible to know everything that goes on in such a decentralized network. It is the best to focus on things that interest one the most and spend time and effort in those matters.

Thanks to @trumpman, I discovered LeoFinance and ever since started posting mainly using Leo frontend. What a great and successful project! Many people who show interest in decentralized solutions are also interested in the crypto world and innovations in this space and finance. Of course, such a project had to happen and Leo has done it the best.

I was also involved or sort of participated in Neoxian tribe, just because @neoxian has always been one of my favorite whales. Neoxian banking is known for most. Before even DeFi was a thing Neoxian was lending money for those who needed.

I can't leave this post without mentioning the most amazing people of Hive Poker League. I probably spend the most time online chatting on various topics with Lucksacks people of Hive in Tuck's room. Those are the best times. However, they don't earn any Hive. Not cool! Lol.

All this said, becoming an Orca on Hive is a great honor that did involve a lot of participation in various communities in pushing this great idea of decentralize web forward. It also required investing in Hive with money and time. Hive is a great journey. There are many of us here, while may disagree on many things, still united in making decentralization of the web a reality.

I believe in a free market and everybody should be able to do whatever they like with their property. I am not ready to power down and sell my Hive yet. If I did it would be for two reasons, one that I need money for something more important, two I would like to increase my Hive by trading.

I never took Hive too seriously. Neither should you. I have always regarded is as game. In this game I believe I have achieved the goals I have set. One of my final achievement goals were to get upvotes from @blocktrades and @smooth, which happened recently. I probably should stop playing now. :) But that's only on an individual participant level.

In a community level there are bigger things we are trying to accomplish here. There are many who are involved with their talents, skills, knowledge and art to bring something amazing to the humanity. Hive can do this. I do believe.

What are your thoughts on Hive Orcas? What do they need to do to continue to push the idea of Hive forward to empower ordinary people doing ordinary things in this extraordinary network?

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Congrats on the milestone. I am always happy to see people growing their HP as it helps spread the rewards. I got to orca thanks to the split from 'the other chain' as I sold what I had there to buy $HIVE. I have kept on powering up and now my vote can be a couple of dollars.

Hive is worth fighting for, but it can also be a lot of fun. The community keep my enthusiasm up.

Hive five!


Thank You Steve!
I agree Hive is a lot of fun and the community is awesome.






@geekgirl, you've been given LUV from @steevc.

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A beautiful result! The Orca status is synonymous with commitment, perseverance, dedication, excellent communication and the author's skill in making his posts appreciated by the community!

I am still far with my 30k powers and I hope to be able to get the title by the end of 2022. Commitment and consistency are characteristics that I have, I have to improve communication to get more support 😜

Congrats again!😊

@tipu curate

Thank You Claudio! You put in well in words I couldn't come up with. 30K is awesome and being dolphin a much more fun in this game. :)

Of course, being a dolphin is a very good status but in my part there is a saying: appetite comes with eating! : D

You will @claudio83, just keep grinding my dear :D

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Thank you mate 💪😋

Wow! Wow! Wow! You have an interesting and inspiring story,I read it all. Yes! I saw your tweet days ago and I thought it was high time you got that badge...
You really must have given your all then because I left steemit out of frustration lol.
But Hive is a different atmosphere,there are lot of content curators and wonderful people now(Doesn't mean the Orcas have less work). I think it's a big achievement for them and they can give back to the community by spending more time and helping others to know the tricks in playing the game. I love the game now but I know less tricks😄. Congratulations again @geekgirl. (There's no quote tweet here lol)

Thank you Samostically! Hive is great. Tricks are simple, consider it as a game and have fun doing what you enjoy. Everything else is secondary, but will surprise you. Really. Thanks again.

Another pen to paper words from an Orca😄. Thank you, Hopefully you will still be on this platform when I win playing the game.

Congratulations on becoming an orca.


The large dolphin and orca crew are the ones that I respect the most,.. most put a combination of time and money in and have worked hard to be where they are.
You will find them on chain, in touch with users, players of the games, basically experts at this point.

Keep connecting, using the chain and interacting with users!

Again, Congratulations.

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Thank you @whatsup!

You always have the best words to describe things.

Congrats @geekgirl. You are a better author than you realize. Even better you are a wild poker player and the table is always more interesting when you sit in.

Thank You Chops! Poker games are the best. I need to get back to playing. I just keep forgetting.

Congratulations. I think getting Orca status without spending that much is an achievement most people won't get. I think the best thing to push HIVE out is from the application front. If it's something they want to use, they will naturally come over and HIVE is a fast and feeless blockchain so it is definitely appealing.

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I agree. Useful, entertaining, and fun apps what will make Hive work at its best potential. Thank You.

CONGRATS with the Orca status!

Had to check your wallet to know (or maybe to remember) how much HP is required for Orca status. Nice job! I do hope I'll become Orca as well, but this is gonna take a lot of extra blogging since am just halfway I think. So weeks ago I decided on a different tactic to get to Orca: Powerdown my HP and try the sell high and buy low tactic. I guess this is gonna take another 4 to 6 months or so to see if this tactic is gonna bring me closer to my goal :)

Curie: yea, still around, much less active from a Curie community point of view to years ago. I guess more distributed with more individual users curating with the support of Curie. I was one of the first community curators for Curie, started back in 2nd half of 2017 and still curating almost every day. Four years, can't believe it :)

More than a month ago I opened a post of yours and continue to stay open in one of my browser tabs (this one). Though am not a dev or something, I plan to learn from it to extract admin reports for tax purposes from HiveSQL. For some reason, I never came to a point to start trying. Instead, I adopted the manual route a few weeks ago. Not sure if that was wise, since it took some time to get everything into Excel, transform the fields such that I could start to do some categorisations and calculations. But the job got done. Next is to go the HiveSQL route though. I suppose, soon I have to look into it starting with your post :)

My ideas of Orca's is that they shall swim freely in the wild ;)

Trading Hive to accumulate more is a good strategy. I personally don't like trading Hive because of the bias.

I know you have been curating music category for a very long time. You are an expert curator. :)

Automating reports with HiveSQL is fun and saves a lot of time. Once you get the initial setup done on your computer with a basic script, then building a more useful script is easier. Feel free to contact me on discord if you have questions or need help with HiveSQL.

Thank You.

Trading HIVE: To be honest, I have quite big troubles in selling HIVE, have so much emotional attachment to it. But I also have to take the opportunities that are there. So far, I miserably failed. Example: When HIVE shot to 1,5$ recently, I happened to notice this pump since I woke up in the middle of the night, and checked my portfolio.. something I never do when waking up at night. I saw the pump happing live, started thinking: maybe I shall sell and in a few hours when HIVE down again, buy back with the same amount of $. Went to my laptop, looked at the screens for an hour and then decided not to sell. Could've been an easy 2x on my amount of HIVE but wasted that opportunity. That 2x would've brought me close to Dolphin status if I collect all my liquid HIVE and powered that up. Now am still where I was before that pump. That's how emotionally attached I am to my HIVE hahahahaha

HiveSQL: thanks for the invite. I'll likely take this up. First I need to check if my HiveSQL account still works, some months ago it didn't. Anyways, something for later this year when I (hopefully) have a little more time to spend on these kinda things. Thanks again :)

I believe in the system because definitely I feel that Hive is getting so many things right even if we still have a long way to go. I remember you in the days of curie as well as steemhunt, probably utopia as well? But I'm not sure. It's amazing to see how you've transitioned and your trading stories months back have definitely inspired me a whole lot. Congratulations on being an orca, it's not easy, you've come a long way. Orca is my next aim too.

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Thank You @josediccus! That reminds me that I need to get back to trading again. :) As of late I have become more of a hodler.

Hahaha, please do, although it's through being a hodler that you have actually become an orca here. You use to be so keen on trading like.. say.. 8 months ago or so.

Yes, you are right. I still want to do that. Then somebody told me it is a good time to buy and hold. I ended up buying bunch of coins which I don't feel like selling right now. I will need to create another trading account, fund it and somehow figure out a way to keep long term investment and short term trading separate.

Congratulations on your status as an Orca. Your story is inspiring and what I took out from this is to take hive as a game. And this statement alone speaks volumes and kind of sums up how to get to the orca status in no time. Because if you are into playing games most especially video games you will understand better. One tend to spend time on a certain game, have fun, challenge fellow gamers and also feel challenged to win and move on to the next level which on it's own brings about a sense of fulfillment.

So when considers hive as a game you will not be deterred by obstacles instead you will be challenged to scale them.

I'm just starting out and learning the ropes and I find some of these communities interesting and I like to author posts mostly.

Thank You. Yes, it is more fun to view it as a game, rather than taking everything too seriously.

Orca status is quite an achievement. It sounds like a lot of hard work and dedication to the platform and various projects brought you here. I didn't realize that you were involved in so many projects.


It's not easy to achieve. You are continuously doing great things to increase HP to reach this amazing level on Hive blockchain. I have seen two or three days ago you have completed 4th Hive anniversary. I wish you all the best for you next achievement. Some people think this is only rewarding platform finally very quickly they were go out. But you are a really great example who're consider to long term plan.

Congrats to you @geekgirl and it is certainly a long and tough road to get the status.
Now for Whale status next 😘

What are your thoughts on Hive Orcas? What do they need to do to continue to push the idea of Hive forward to empower ordinary people doing ordinary things in this extraordinary network?

I have a few Ocra friends that are doing exactly this and as soon as I reach the milestone, I will be doing the same.

Thank you.

My pleasure and thank you also for the vote on my post.

I never took Hive too seriously. Neither should you.

I think this is actually something that makes hive great. People are here experimenting and giving the community some of their time. This means hive is a melting put of ideas and innovation. We have no deadlines or fixed milestones, just a movement of independent minds in a decentralised hive. I have to admit this can be frustrating at times as things can move slowly but i in recent months it seems like a lot is coming together and there are many flourishing projects to be involved in.

I hope one day to achieve orcha status and join you. Great overview of your journey and congratulations on this milestone.

You are right, there are many things being built on Hive. That's what make me believe that Hive has a bright future. Thank You.

Congrats on reaching orca! Didn't you also start the hive(steem)torch? That is also a big thing!

Anyway, if has always been nice to see your avatar popping up on my feed, also a reassuring sight to see something familiar over the years!

Thank You Bengy. Yes, the torch experiment was fun.

Is it still going? I lost track of what happened with it!

Steem torch one ended during the split. Hive torch one ended just recently I think. There is new one Pizza Torch going around.

If it wasn't for Curie I probably would have moved on to other things and not be here.

most that are here for a longer time have a community that kept them here. for me i think biggest part played photogames.

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You are absolutely right. Hive experience is better by participating in various Hive communities.

Thank you for sharing your story. I have been around here and I see that most people here are super inclusive. Similar to you I was very happy that in the beginning, I had so many people giving me detailed advice. Although often i still feel like a newbie. So much to learn here. As you say your level of engagement determines your success and fulfillment in this environment.
Without some help from some other experienced members, it can get frustrating here. There were times when I felt like 'what for' am I doing this here. Yet I try to post every day or at least 4 times a week. If orcas keep looking out for the beginners it will make them feel they can grow here. Then we can all grow. That's what I hope for us here.


Thank You. I agree with everything you said.

Congratulations!!! I'm still in the fishy zone🙃. Could you by chance teach this student a little bit more? I see that i still have my work cut out for me and although i don't carry Hive on my head, it's one thing that gives me rest of mind. And i want to grow on it in every possible way.

Thank You. I would say focus on what interests you most, don't hesitate to ask questions, participate, participate, and participate. But I know nothing. :)

Awww. Alright. I would triple the engage-force then😊

So cool story it's so nice to write your journey and how you bring great stuff to the hive Blockchain, my begining was sort of similar, I was discovering bitcoin and reading a lot about cryptos and so on, suddenly I came across with Hive and here I am. What I like about this network is that everyday is a different story, as you said there are so many things to take in, every single day we learn something new. Thanks for sharing your cool journey and wish you the best in the orca team lol

Thank you.

Congrats on becoming an Orca, this is well deserved and I wish to follow your path very soon !

Keep on rocking and I am glad you are posting on leofinance so we can access your very interesting content ;)

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First, congratulations on your Orcahood❤️

What are your thoughts on Hive Orcas? What do they need to do to continue to push the idea of Hive forward to empower ordinary people doing ordinary things in this extraordinary network?

I think the main things would be education of New Bees and encouraging them. Also a way to make the "non blogging" aspects integrated and yet still out of the way of the blogs.

Thank You.

You are right sharing knowledge and experiences is powerful.

It's what will allow new people to see the real potential of Hive, and encourage them to give the best of whatever they have to offer.

Whether this is writing, visual art, gameplay, technical work such as coding, or other media like videos / photography I think almost every human being has something to offer here. This is regardless of their weakness in other area(s). We just need to help them discover their strengths, and advise kindly in the places that need work. This is where education and even one on one help from volunteers could help massively in member retention.

Thanks for the kind words and support 💓


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Congratulations on reaching that milestone here in Hive. It is inspiring to read about your experiences since you started here. Being new and just starting, I would love to play a good game too and perhaps, one day, find myself achieving something too :) Salute to you!

Thank You.

Congratulations! I'm still in tiny fish mode, so it's inspiring to hear about your Orca journey. Go! @geekgirl! Go!







@geekgirl, you've been given LUV from @shinyobjects.

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Thank You!

Congrats! No easy task but quality, engagement and providing value are ways to start to fast track your way. It only continues to compound now.

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Thank You. I do like compounding. :)

Congrats @geekgirl!! I know the feeling, belonging to the little exclusive club, feels immensely proud.

I have a little community called Hi from Hive which collects people's Hive experience and journey and pins it on a map (it's based on the travel map Pinmapple if you know what that is). This would be a fantastic addition to it. Plus, there are currently no pins from Canada! I was wondering if you'd be interested to add this post to the Hi from Hive map? All you need to do is to add the hivefromhive tag and the pineapple code to your post. You can find out how to do the latter on the community page

I'm hoping the Hi from Hive map can be used to help onboard users, so the more pins I get on it, the more useful it will become. Thanks!!!

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Thank You very much.
I did see that community, just didn't get a chance to participate yet. I am not from Canada though. :)
I will take a look later. Thanks again.

Just realized I said congrats on Twitter, but not here. 😂

So to make it chain official...

I still have a ways to go before I hit that point, but getting a little bit closer every day. As far as what Hive Orcas can do, I'd say (based on what I've seen from accounts who recently leveled up) just keep doing what they've been doing, since most seem to be working to spread the word of decentralization & helping smaller accounts in their own ways. Which I think is an awesome way of doing it.

Thank You Traci!
You are absolutely right. I agree with all can making this endeavor a success by doing little things. You are the best at spreading the word of decentralization and what Hive offers.

Super congrats on that one and it sounds kind of cool actually. What is even cooler is this sum up on how you have spent your years in the working an building process and how that eventually is paying out. We are all just doing something that seems right and sometimes it just does ;)

Enjoy there and waaaay more hiving to go for the upcoming years!

Thank You. We do this because it is fun and a positive innovation.

Wow. Congratulaions on your great achievement.

That is something that deserves celebration.

Thank you.

Congratulations for the wonderful achievement.

Thank You.

This is really a great achievement. Congratulations to you. I also wish to be an orca someday. I need support of people like you.

Thank You.

Great work, @geekgirl! ;)

Thank You!

Congrats, hope also to reach Orca soon :)

Thank you!


Thank You.

Congrats! ;)
Pls, keep the small fish around you! We're friends :]

Thank You!


It is my next goal.


Thank You!

Congrats @geekgirl

Thank you.


Thank You!

Congrats! Can't wait to get there myself, but I have a long way to go.

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Thank You!

Congratulation on becoming an Orca @geekgirl, welcome to the club 🎉🎉🎉
Sorry to read that HiveBuzz can sometimes be annoying.

BTW, do you mind reviewing and supporting the Hive Authentication Services proposal? That would be much appreciated.
Your feedback about the project is welcome too.
Thank you.

Thank you @arcange. Will do.

Thank you for your support, really appreciate it! 👍

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