Let's Keep HiveSQL Free!

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HiveSQL is a Microsoft SQL database that contains all Hive blockchain data. It was created by @arcange, and is one of the super useful projects that has become part of Hive ecosystem for a very long time. As Hive blockchain continues to grow everyday, that data stored in the blockchain grows as well. Storing data, maintaining the database, and providing public access to it for all Hive Bees is expensive.

For the last couple of years HiveSQL managed to secure funding from Decentralized Hive Fund, and remained free. This proposal is going to end at the end of this month. @arcange has published a new proposal, HiveSQL Services Proposal - Let's keep it free, requesting continued funding from DHF to keep the service free to use. While it is very close to getting funded, it has not reached the funding threshold yet.

Currently, this proposal is right behind the HBD Stabilizer proposal. HBD Stabilizer has proven to be very effective tool, which not only helped keeping HBD price pegged but also has been earning income for DHF. It is probably the only solution that has managed to add funds into DHF, which also helps keeping funding awesome projects on Hive sustainable for a very long time.

In the past before the introduction of HBD Stabilizer, for proposals to be funded they had to gain more votes than a Return Proposal. Nowadays, HBD Stabilizer has replaced the Return proposal as de facto funding threshold, because HBD Stabilizer uses up all the remaining available daily HBD from DHF.

The way it looks at this time, HiveSQL will probably be funded again at some point. The question is whether the funding will happen before the end of the year, so that there is no interruption of free HiveSQL services. It is also possible that there will be a lapse between the old and new proposal funding, and this may result at HiveSQL becoming a paid service for time being until it is funded. Hopefully, the proposal will reach its funding and continue to be free for the next couple of year.

If you haven't cast your vote for this proposal yet, make sure to do so. It is a super useful service!

Hive blockchain makes the magic of this decentralized network possible. All of the awesome features like open network, open source, transparency, immutability, true ownership, etc are thanks to the Hive blockchain. Hive is a decentralized blockchain that powers social and gaming apps, and building decentralized standards. All of the data is stored in the blockchain. There are many Hive witnesses and devs who provide public nodes that allow us to interact with the blockchain. However, getting a lot of data from the blockchain for various purposes may not be as simple and fast as retrieving the data from centralized databases. Having a centralized SQL database that contains all the blockchain data becomes super helpful.

HiveSQL is a well known brand in Hive network, and many has become familiar with and has been taking advantage of the free service. I am also among those who use HiveSQL regularly. Over the years I have written dozens of scripts that utilize HiveSQL. I use HiveSQL at least once a week, for works that benefits others on the platform as well. I am sure there are many more on Hive who utilize HiveSQL for more useful projects and rely on HiveSQL on daily basis.

Another great benefit of HiveSQL is it can serve as a bridge to Hive blockchain for developers who are new to Hive. While new developers may not be familiar with all the features of the Hive blockchain, most developers are familiar and comfortable with SQL databases. HiveSQL can help developers to quickly explore the blockchain and get a better understanding of the network to consider building on Hive. Once they determine Hive is a perfect home for their new ideas, projects, apps, and games they continue to discover other tools like HAF on Hive.

To learn more why I find HiveSQL to be among the most important tools on Hive, feel free to read my post from last year - Why I Love HiveSQL! Please visit hivesql.io to learn more about HiveSQL.

Please vote for the proposal and let's keep HiveSQL free for a couple more years!

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Voted for @arcange and Hive SQL proposal. I may have around almost 1k right now, supporting quality projects like this.


Thank you for your support @korver, really appreciate it! 👍

You always have my support! :)

Dear @geekgirl, thank you for the shout-out about my work and for promoting the HiveSQL proposal. I appreciate it a lot and I hope this will allow you and the whole community to continue to use it for free.

Hi @arcange , can you give us a reason, why we need closed and with Microsoft bounded certificate Microsoft SQL, when we have now HAF (HIVE Application Framework)?

What is the main reason to keep this anymore?

I support your proposal, because you are great dev, but, I don't get it, why we need this anymore? Maybe you should switch to something more excited and open source project, like HAF, and go there with some amazing projects and proposals further?

Replied here https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@arcange/re-getron-rnjzya

PS: next time you have a question for me, avoid spreading it over and over again in all your comments!


since many weeks this has my full support - https://peakd.com/me/proposals/247

It's interesting how many of us have no idea what is done in the background to keep Hive running as well as it does.

I am not too knowledgeable about HiveSQL concepts, but I do have that idea that it must be pretty challenging keeping it up for 6 years and still counting.

I never really thought much about all these proposals, but I am learning now how super important they are for the smooth running of Hive.

It's interesting how many of us have no idea what is done in the background to keep Hive running as well as it does.

My bounty offer is still available! :)

I am not too knowledgeable about HiveSQL concepts

It's a database which would be much expensive for developers to use and build stuff on hive. Thanks to HIVESQL proposal funding, I can develop my project without worrying about the high costs.

Gave u a basic summary.

My bounty offer is still available! :)

I'm lost.

Thanks for the basic summary, by the way.

Happy New Year in advance, DLM Santa.

I don't have much Hp but I hope my vote helps in some way, merry christmas

Thou i dont know much about HiveSQL and how it works, i love points you made clear here why it should be free. It is a useful tool on hive which helps not just users but developers. I am going to read more now to learn.

I don't know much about this. Because I'm new but after reading that. I feel you sharing a really informative information. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I will support it as an user who accumulates HBD and is paid interest rate.

It's useful project. I shall voted for it just now !

Why HiveSQL is using closed source Microsoft SQL? Why not Open Source SQL, something like MySQL, or PostgreSQL?

Microsoft doesn't belong here in open source Hive world, we don't need it here. Therefore, why we use it anyway?

Because my choice was not ideologically driven and when I created HiveSQL it was MS-SQL which was my area of expertise.

What I provide with HiveSQL is a service and my goal is that the service provided is reliable, available and efficient. HiveSQL is a complex infrastructure with Hive nodes, a backup system, a firewall, performance monitoring, etc... it's not just a database choice.

When I did, many told me I was crazy to publicly open access to a database server to potentially thousands of users. Several other similar open-source initiatives have also emerged. I'll let you guess the rest of the story.

Do you consider it bad because it's not decentralized? Set up your own "decentralized" infrastructure and prove that you are a reliable player over time as I did for years.

Yeah - HiveSQL is a service that works well for years

There is nothing "bad" to use MS SQL instead of an open source product.

My friend, no, you don't understand what i mean.

It is not about rivaling us mutually, and is not about that i think is wrong what you are doing - the job you are providing is excellent, therefore i support your proposal, i voted your proposal for HiveSQL.

But, just to slowly start to rethinking for the future, to not relaying on some of big tech company, because, we see, they can from one day to another change their policies, and we are screwed then.

And no, I have not such expertise in DB like you have, and I don't have better infrastructure as yours, this is not what i meant with this.

Hope you understand, again, what i meant.

Do something similar, run it on different redundant server, maintain all this so that as many projects could rely on this.

#HiveSQL does all this for so many different projects here on the chain.

I don't care if the DB underneath is a MySQL, MS SQL, DB2 or any other - as long as it runs all the time.

Let me know when your service is available and I will vote for it as well.

It sounds like you would say: "Why we need decentralized Hive cryptocurrency, we have fiat currency, and i'm happy with fiat, it works... " But, you need a bigger picture, like with fiat, you are bounded to the fed and country fiat currency, if you use it and all of the problems it comes with it. The same is with Microsoft database, one day, because, you are using it, and you (we) must accept the agreements on it (because we use it), Microsoft can change the way it works, or the way it injecting stuff on it, for example, tracing, etc. like it does with windows, and many other stuff. Windows is working too, if you just blindly use it, and have no interest on your privacy, but, you need to known how and what they do in background, and you change your mind soo quickly then, if you find out and known what you compromise from your privacy and freedom, just with use of Windows, you will sooo quick want to change to something like Linux.

The both other databases works great all the time with many projects, no problems with either.

I just don't understand @arcange why relaying on closed and bounded to Microsoft licences Microsoft SQL, and not on Open Source DB, like MySQL or Postgres, for a free and open Hive?

This is complex and here I don't care which database is in the middle as MS has no access to the data.

Let's think of an example.
Next week I like to go from Berlin to London.
So I choose a train (MS SQL) or a bus (DB2) or a plane (MySQL). No speed judging here....
For me, the journey is the thing I like to get done and
not the type of bus or the type of plane.

If you can build a similar system with a central database from any manufacturers, where you have all devs of Hive apps searching way faster for the content of the #Hive blockchain, please do this with the tools you love to use.

As you see, the service is what we all are looking for and not the different parts the service is built with.

I created many services for banks, insurance, and other businesses and we had this question many many times. The result depends always on your personal view, the costs, and the way you can manage the whole solution.

This said, I'm happy to support #HiveSQL as this saves so much time. I look forward to see your or other peoples HiveMySQL project and will support this as well....

We don't need HiveMySQl, we have it, it is called HAF, here you have about it:

I just don't have an idea, why we still need Microsoft SQL, if we have HAF, @arcange ?

And, no, you don't understand it, what i mean:

Quote As you see, the service is what we all are looking for and not the different parts the service is built with.

We are looking for free and open world here, and not just for service to work, all of these DB works great, and are almost the same in speed, so there is no big difference. And devs can create with all of these DB dApp's, there is, again no big differences.

Like you can see, HAF is done this already.

And, don't get me wrong, we don't need closed source banks here(as a service), we built Hive and HBD as a decentralized service, and we need to build many other dApps (I agree, we just started, and there is much work to be done), to NOT need for banks, assurances, and so on.
So we fight here for this, for our free and open source world, and I don't promote the banks to save money to people, I promote Hive and HBD. The same is with DB underneath.
Like fiat, it works, but, how it works? People have ever bigger problems with it to live and to earn, in every corner of the world, just because the fact like you say, they don't care about the underneath "DB (banks)", they just continue to use it, blindly, without asking, hey what's wrong here, why i'm having trouble with fiat, how this fiat works, where are the problems... But we should don't care how the fiat works, we just should use it, in your opinion? Why then we are here, on Hive, beside making friends and collaborations, blogs and vlogs? I hope, you see now my point, it is not just about a service to work, it is about how is created and how it works.

Replied here https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@arcange/re-getron-rnjzya

I just don't have an idea, why we still need Microsoft SQL, if we have HAF, @arcange ?

What you don't understand is that while HAF may do the trick for some, not everyone has the skill or the will to deploy and maintain such an infrastructure.

That's where all the difference lies and that's what we call service, as @detlev so aptly described it.

We are looking for free and open world here

You seem to be confusing "we" with "I". Don't project your wishes onto everyone.

You don't like it? Don't use it.
Is it bad? Provide us with something better (according to your criteria) with the same level of quality of service.

Hi @arcange , sorry if you get me wrong here.

It is not that i don't like it, and it is not that it doesn't work, I like the Hive and it works well - for now.

But my concerns are, what if, in couple of years, the Microsoft decide to change their policies and certificates (and trust me, they can this, because, we see, in the world, what of power they have to change and influences the peoples lives in the plandemic...), for example, to unsupport, or not accept our decentralized Hive, just some one centralized crypto (done by Microsoft) what their will make, centralized, etc. (it can be, because of the control they don't have here in Hive, or decentralized world). What will be then? Where is going the Hive then? Because, the main engine Hive is working with, or on, is the Microsoft closed DB?

These are my main concerns, and not that it doesn't work ok. Yes, it works great this DB, for now. But, one change in the policies or certificate, and we are somehow destroyed, because of this change.

Therefore, I just want to appeal on devs like you and other, to think about this for a second, and prepare for the future. And yes, i known it is hard to do it. I don't think Hive it was not hard to do, but, we have it, and maybe in couple of years, we don't need fiat anymore, because of great devs have done excellent work with Hive and crypto.

Hope you don't get me wrong, and understand what i mean. Maybe is time to think about future, and not relaying on any of these corporate things. That's what I meant.

I love open source and we produce and use it in many ways.

Our discussion drifted a bit away from the core question about HiveSQL to Fiat and other things.

But we should don't care how the fiat works, we just should use it, in your opinion?
Naa, here you mixed something up - I love and supported hive and crypto for many years.

HAF is an interesting concept and based on our discussion, I will have a deeper look into this and will write a little report about my own results of comparing all this.

Anyway, I enjoy this kind of discussion as we all learn something new. Thanks for your time and efforts. You got a new follower!

Don't need to, just use HAF like it was intended.

Enlighten me more about HAF?

Any links are appreciated.

HAF was a recent addition to hivemind where you can store state on a node and have it decentralized to other nodes.

So instead of a dapp being a centralized database you can put the code on a hive node to maintain it’s state. This can be done with multiple nodes to increase the decentralization.

HiveSQL like functionality is a perfect use case. Although it would take a lot of space, would be impractical on all nodes.

Interesting, I will look more into it.

Are there any docs available related to this?

Hey @themarkymark this is indeed a very good point.

As I lost a little bit track on this, I will read myself into this.
Are there already many projects using it?

Anyway, merry Xmas and always clean and good data...

I'm just not sure, if we use HAF, do we need HiveSQL, which is relaying on Microsoft SQL?

YES!! VOTED! Its a good service and one that we need to support.

This is a great one. Well this is the first time of me chancing on it. I will do well to add my vote to make it stand.

Thanks for sharing 😊

Is that Mean hive is using third party services to store all data

Is it not possible to stored all the data on chain? I knew a blockchain which which claimed they stored everything on chain, the name of this blockchain is a deso blockchain

I don't think it's a good idea to use a centerlized database to store decentralized blockchain data, we should have over own decentralized solution, I mean if it's possible we should store all data on chain

All network data is stored in Hive blockchain. HiveSQL keeps a copy of all the data, so data can be retrieved faster.

Thanks for clarification

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Your comments are coming off as too generic, it makes you look too much like you are just fishing for votes.
This is the game we are playing, but it is best to not look to thirsty, eh?

It takes time to become known in the hive and becoming known for insincere comments is not a winning tactic, imo.

I don't know what to tell you to do differently, but I can tell you that you are getting attention in places you don't want it.
Too much of that attention and things go south real quick.

Irrelevant comment.

I didn't know about this HiveSQL , It must have been quiet difficult to keep running for so many years? I will try to vote for it , if my cote counts that is.

Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

Already supporting it 😇

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I hope hiveSQL stays free..