SplinterGlossary Growing Nicely in One Week

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It's been a week since I started working on SplinterGlossary, as a part of the Leoglossary project, which Taskmaster started about three weeks ago.

My work on the project began on Monday compiling an initial list of terms, but I haven't really added anything until Tuesday.

I believe this is a good time to look back at the week that just passed from the perspective of SplinterGlossary updates.

From now on I want to move this report to Saturdays, it feels more appropriate to be at the end of the week rather than at the beginning of the next one. Making it a weekly report has the purpose of reminding people to use SplinterGlossary when they see fit and of presenting progress which otherwise would escape most readers who have other stuff on their minds as well.


There are 129 terms currently in the SplinterGlossary.

Of them, 40 are linked to resources. Of the 40, only a couple didn't need a separate post for definition, and they were linked either to the definition post of other terms (being synonymous or closely related) or to external resources.

For those few that didn't require a definition post, I might write a post for them after all. The reason? The external link (external to Leo/SplinterGlossary) might change, plus there may be additional information to add specific to Splinterlands. If the external link changes, you only have to update the definition post, and all the linking remains valid. Otherwise, they might point to a broken link or dated information, and there's nothing either myself or Task can do because we can't control that resource.

For example, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is linked to a resource put together by @crypto-guides (i.e. Dane Williams - @forexbrokr), but that guide is for BNB and Binance Chain and includes Binance Smart Chain as a section (or more). That might not be focused enough for someone who is interested specifically in BSC from Splinterlands' perspective.

In this case, I will probably write a specific definition post and probably include the guide as a related reference.

Post definition lengths range from below 100 words to close to 400, just from observations from time to time.

They certainly add up to at least another long-form post daily.

So, what is my approach for choosing terms to write definition posts about?

I do deviate from this from time to time, but my approach is that I take one definition post that has a good amount of potential terms inside to link to and I start writing definition posts for those terms. If I don't have those terms already added to the glossary, I add them.

I do this until the post is fully inter-linked to other terms. Then I move on to another candidate post. Or I just take a break and add a few unrelated definition posts.

Here's an example to show you what I mean. Check out this post for:

See how the links go deeper to other terms? Some are from LeoGlossary too.

Here's another example, maybe even more conclusive, since it was added later when I already started to have more definitions added and inter-linked:

There are 15 internal links (+1 if we count Leofinance's internal link) in this definition post. And one external link to Splinterlands website.

There are other definitions with good internal linking already, but they are work-in-progress and not finished yet.

Currently working on card attributes but I digressed a couple of times with other definitions.

If you write Splinterlands content, terms and expressions like

and others should come up often. Linking them in your posts helps

  • Leofinance
  • Splinterlands
  • Hive

It can help you too, directly, as this is a reason for some people to upvote content.

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I already used a few of those links in my article and my comments. Thanks!

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Awesome! And I thank you!!

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I used it for one of my posts last week so I definitely think it's a huge help in building links for posts. Thanks for the hard work.

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Thank you for using it. Appreciate it!

We just keep building. It is coming together. Each week, add some more.

The road to 1,000 entries is getting closer. Pretty soon we will have to work on 2,000.

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These are impressive numbers for something only 3 weeks old!

Yeah I havent been keeping complete track but I figure we will be over 500 by the end of this week.

So not bad at all. I did two lists yesterday which added 30 or so alone. At times, I can get neurotic about it.

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Make sure you don't burn out. I saw you a little tired in some of the recent videos/podcasts.

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Nicely done, but what about the house project, do you still have enough time to do it all? :))

Voted on ListNerds!

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The builder took another job (o pensiune) and we were left hanging...

In this country, It's always difficult to find "professional builders" in the summer months and I'm not surprised about the hanging part, that also happens quite often if no contract is signed in advance...

That's true. We should've signed a contract, even though we know the builder. That's probably postponed to next year, we should sign a contract in advance.

There was a series of unfortunate timing issues because obtaining the permits and authorizations for the job the builder took instead of ours took about a year. Probably much longer than expected, that's why he promised us August, but can't deliver.

Thanks, im sure this will be very helpful to people. Like Wikipedia, but on hive.

Well, Wikipedia would be a really high target. But these things help, in my opinion.

Sounds like you are off to a great start Adrian.
Nice job.

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Thanks, John! So far so good. But you know the saying... consistency is key.

Your glossary is going to help a lot of people. Thanks for all your work.

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That would be great! And thank you.

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