Day 2 for Threads * Few Suggestions

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The MVP version of #Threads has only come out yesterday, and here I am making suggestions, although I'm sure many of them are already on the list of the Leofinance team for the next version, maybe even working on them already.

Don't get me wrong, the #LeoThreads MVP, as it is, can be used very well and offers a very interesting view of the comments tree.

What I was surprised by was the speed at which it operated, given that we are on the blockchain. And that even though the Lightning layer has been oversaturated by requests. If I understood well from one of Task's posts, I think it got overwhelmed at some point and crashed. And they needed to scale it up.

Which is great. You can't test that with a few people. That can only be seen in practice.

This morning (my time) Threads was already functional, so I suppose they worked super-fast on fixing the problem.

Before I move further, I want to clarify something. Threads IS NOT Project Blank, but the work done for Threads and what is being learned and fixed because it's used by a larger number of users in production will be included in Project Blank. Threads is a precursor to Project Blank. Its parent, if you will.

Project Blank will follow, and will have, from the bits of information I've heard Khal saying (and Task, who is closer to the project than I am) over time, Project Blank will:

  • have a mobile interface (or app)
  • have its own token
  • there will be an airdrop to LEO holders for this token
  • Project Blank might use comments or Custom JSONs - it isn't decided yet, and it depends on the results Threads will show
  • there are two special features Khal talked about briefly a long time ago, which would really help onboard twitter users (saving your twitter account history on the blockchain and the second one was twitting threads too - this was just a thought that came after a comment/question in an AMA)

What Improvements Would Help Engagement on Threads?

I'm not adding any pressure, I know this will take time, and I don't expect them all implemented, just considered.

Allowing Thread Edits

This doesn't necessarily help engagement, but just because twitter doesn't have it, I'd include it and I've seen others have it on their list.

Could be a problem if the backend assumes all indexed tags/threads are unchangeable.

Search Topics

That should be a simple one. As the number of topics increases, finding the one you want may become time-consuming, since they are ordered by how popular they are.

I zoomed out to the max, just to give a glimpse at the number of tags already used. They haven't all entered this screenshot.

Search by Author

In conjunction with search topics, this can be added, maybe using the same textbox. Even before profiles will be added (which Khal said they will), the list of threads posted can be narrowed down to the author.

Profile page

Many other ideas revolve around the existence of the profile page which Khal said will be added. Here are two base ideas:

  • following, which helps better control the information overload
  • notifications, which should keep users on the interface to respond to replies (for example), instead of commenting from the outside (that's more ad impressions!)

"Sci-Fi" Conversation Booster

I don't think this would be easy to implement, especially if the Threads interface was thought to show only 1 comment and 1 reply at a time.

It is also something that could be implemented later on. Or not. Just an idea.

How I thought this should work is like this:

  1. You have a thread selected
  2. On a child thread (a reply from someone) you select the option "Show Conversation"
  3. The interface would show the entire conversation between the two parties from the parent thread to the end of the conversation (maybe there could be two display modes: normal mode and conversation mode)
  4. Clicking on the parent thread (or any other thread which will become the parent thread), restarts the process and one of its children can be selected to show the conversation between them
  5. It can work for ThreadStorms too; in this case, the child thread has the same author.

For the fluency of reading through the conversation and even making them longer, I believe this would be a major booster. But, as I said, I don't believe it'll be easy to make the changes to the interface.

Closing Words

That are some of the things the team can do. But you know what's easier than that? What we can do! And that is to use Threads in the MVP version it is now. The more we use it the more information they have, the more things we break and they can fix, before they can really start adding new features.

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I would like to see a better UI for the feed. Maybe have a few trending posts at the top and then your following underneath.

It's hard to see the engagement or to get engagement where as something like reddit style pages would bring the popular content in front of everyone.

Khal said they will introduce a profile. Maybe in the next version, I suppose.

Threads can't use the same following system as we use on Hive. The reasons for following are completely different.

I agree, right now it's very hard to follow a conversation or filter content, other than by tags. This will change when they add a profile. At least I hope so.

A ton of good suggestions here.

I hope Khal and the team are writing these all down! ;)

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Thanks! I expect they must've heard many suggestions, multiple times. It's just a matter of time to implement them and prioritizing.

Can't wait for the app!

That will definitely boost activity since most Twitter-like activities come from mobiles.

I think it might be better to have everything under custom JSONs. I have noticed a few people talk about how it's confusing to have all the notifications mixed up.

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I believe that's why this version was launched with comments. To see how it works and to watch some reactions. Plus, to implement custom JSONs more work needs to be done, which will postpone Project Blank. And the content will be "invisible" from other interfaces, unless they want to read and interpret the custom JSONs. Personally, I like the custom JSONs idea because it becomes a separate thing. I'm pretty sure with comments there will be some complains about messing up with the reward pool and stuff like that.

That's a nice one. You were a bit harsh about DEC.

at least I get something new to meme on with Threads

Yep, a great place for memes.

Glad to hear that it was fixed quickly. Kudos to the team. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure there will be other scaling issues and bugs revealed.

Thanks, keep us updated on Threads! Seems to be buzzing right now.

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