Active income leads to a passive income on Hive

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Active income leads to a passive income on Hive.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Some tough love for you on the blog this evening.

If you’re looking to coast your way through the start of the week, then let me burst your bubble.

I’m going to offer you a little bit of tough love.

First things first, there is no use beating around the bush here.

To make money blogging on LeoFinance, especially in the beginning, it’s going to take work.

Hard work.

We all want to work less and make more.

Build those passive income streams here on Hive.

But in the beginning, you need to remove that concept from your brain entirely.

The crux of the issue is this.

if you really want to work less.

And you really want to make your money work for you.

Then you’re going to have to earn that shit!

Before you can make a passive income, you need to make an active income.

Here on Hive that means doing the following:

  1. Posting.
  2. Commenting

Publish a post once a day.

Without question.

ALWAYS write something on your blog no matter what.




When it comes to commenting, leave your 2c on every post in the curators picks and popular sections of the site.

On every.



Why is that, you ask?

Well, if it’s a popular post that you can easily find, then those with a LEO stake can easily find it too.

Trust me.

If you are adding value to the discussion, then you will be found.

And if you’re adding value then you will be rewarded.

Those with stake are literally invested in the quality of the content in the platform.

So of course they want to encourage and incentivise behaviour that adds value.

They will upvote you and you will earn money.

But especially when you’re first building your stake, this is where you need to really put in the time.

You need to be commenting a shitload more than you’re posting.

My personal rule of thumb when it comes to posting and commenting on Hive, is this.

You should be running at a ratio of 20 comments for every 1 post you make.

Yep, a ratio of 20:1.

“Oh shit, that sounds like hard work,” I can hear people complaining through the screen.

Damn right it is hard work!

But the more work you put in, the more LEO and HIVE tokens you earn.

And the more tokens you earn, the more you can compound.

Compound until you reach a critical mass where you’re finally comfortable withdrawing a passive income from your stack.

Everyone has a number.

The cool thing about Hive however, is that you don’t ever have to eat into your base capital.

Taking it a step further again, you don’t actually ever have to stop building your base capital either.

You can choose to withdraw only half of your weekly income and stake the rest.

Ensuring that you’re always building and actually increasing your passive income over time.

The sooner you realise that you need to stop taking the easy way out and actually start putting in the work, the sooner you will achieve your goal of passive income on Hive.

Stop taking things for granted here and put in the work.

The opportunity available to everyone here right now is amazing.

Take it with both hands.

Best of probabilities to you.

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You reap what you sow! If you are not ready to make 20 comments and 1 post every now and then, then you cannot expect to become a millionaire from Hive. You also need to compound your stake to witness exponential growth. It's a slow, boring, and burning process.

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Slow, boring, and burning?

No way!

I guess speed is all relative, but once you get going and start compounding, then things move quick.

The process can't be that boring if we cruise social media all day for free anyway. At least we get paid for it here :)

🔥... That's all I've got for that one haha.

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Haha, you and I are exceptions, Dane. I was talking in a general sense. Most people find it hard to be active on a decentralized social media platform such as Hive while they comfortably spend their valuable time on Facebook & Instagram. Maybe because their community of interest is there. It's slow, boring, and burning until they find their tribe on Hive. Until they find how to make it work for them. As you said, you need to actively work before reaching a point to get passive income for doing the minimal work.

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I really should be visiting the trending and curated pages more often. I tend to just focus more on my feed, listnerds and leomarkettalk most of the time. Engagement is underrated but it's very important.

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You're doing a great job commenting already.

But yep, they're certainly a good place to get yourself in front of more eyeballs :)

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There's no better way to say it. It took me years of hard work to realise that those little efforts, build up to become solid. I even powered up 65% of my earnings back in the days and bought into tribe tokens too. It's been a great four years.
You're right about something, commenting on the curator's pick and how it brings exposure.

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Is your strategy to spread your investment evenly across the tribe tokens?

How do you maximise your curation earnings this way?

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Very sound advice.

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Thanks mate.

It's good to get this sort of thing off my chest every now and then haha.

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Good tips for spreading the net. Hope everyone catches some hive :)

The rewards pools are there for everyone.

Just gotta put in the work.

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Great posts for newcomers, well done!

Cheers Eddie, appreciate the kind words :)

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Can confirm, there is no other way to make it than to stay engaged and keep delivering quality work. Dane is a great example of that btw.

The cool thing about Hive however, is that you don’t ever have to eat into your base capital.

This is the thing I love the most. When I want to prevent myself from doing something stupid with crypto I usually go and lock it up in Curve and similar projects. I'm basically protecting myself from myself and Hive does that automatically lol

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You're a great example too!

We've just gotta keep doing what we're doing and we'll be sitting pretty come the next real pump :)

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I think our time is coming faster than people think. All of this chaos and panic will inject a lot of money into crypto because everything seems like a risky asset right now.

We have passed the fear phase I would say. Maybe one more extreme drawback in the low $30K range and it's up only from there.

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Thanks for the encouragement, right now my pace is so slow for building my account. I'm commenting maybe about 1-2 comments / 3 days, and 1 posts / week. far from your standard lol

Will do more comments from now on, and need to stay active within the community.

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Yeah man, just keep dropping into people's blogs and adding value in the comments.

Exactly like you've been doing on mine.

Your comments have always added something to the blog or discussion and I've been upvoting you.

Do this 20x per day on different people's blogs and it all adds up pretty quick.

Just for commenting!

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Amen to this! I think people dont really see that is doesnt work overnight but it all needs a crapload of time and only then it will pay off in the end. We are in that phase now, semi passive income and that is just awesome!

Awesome to see it's happening for you :)

The best advice we can give is to just start.

The ability to compound your earnings here within the Hive and wider DeFi ecosystem mean that it will all quickly start to add up.

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ALWAYS write something on your blog no matter what.

Been doing that for 4 years

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Yep, we all love your commitment to the community :)

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That's it.

Things only started to change for me when I started to show up and do the work. I actually enjoy doing it and no longer see it as a chore. Some days are easier and better than others, but on average I think it's time well spent!


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Yeah, you're a great example of this model for anyone starting out.

You make a handful of LEO every day just on your comments that get upvoted.

Then you stake, earn more on your own curation and compound.

It all adds up in the end!

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I haven't visited trending or curated pages in a relatively long time. But that makes sense to comment on those posts. If you add value you will be noticed by many eyes.

Yeah, it's just an easy way to get noticed.

If you're new, then you're just not going to have a lot of readers.

Readers are on the trending pages so comment and put yourself in front of them :)

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As a newly joined, I am / was wondering what to do... you have highlighted the first step which has to taken.. looking for more enlightenment reads....

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Hey mate, welcome to Hive and LeoFinance :)

Well, commenting on this post with that question is a great start.

You added to the discussion by asking for some advice so I've given you an upvote.

Wait for the 7 day payout window and you'll have some HIVE and LEO rewards ready to claim.

Do this 20x per day (add value, don't spam!) and you will be well on your way!

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Thank you for your optimistic Wishes

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Good Day. I have received 0.782 Leo .
I have been wondering the next step. Can you tell me my next step.

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Agree 100% on the commenting thing.

I'm still trying to find my balance with posting.

A lot of work goes into these articles/videos I write... between researching/planning/writing/editing/shooting/editing/encoding/uploading etc, it's tough to get a post out every single day.

I know I can post less detailed stuff if I want to, but I feel like I have a quality standard I'm aiming for and I don't want to flood the platform with half-assed content.

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You're coming at Hive from a slightly different angle because your primary business right now is YouTube and using Hive to divert eyeballs to your vids.

(Something that I really think more YouTubers should do to be honest, so you're ahead of the curve in that regard.)

Don't feel like you have to post every day just for the sake of it - Like you said, low that's just not your style.

It's just about finding your right balance between effort and payoff :)

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A very good kick in the butt... not just on Hive, but everywhere... work is key to success.

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Nobody is going to argue with that statement :)

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Thank you for sharing this advice. As someone just starting to dig my heels in and show up here everyday this is a nice blueprint of how to get where I want to go. I found the community through Splinterlands and am amazed at all the secondary tokens and dapps I have discovered beyond the game in such a short time.

The layers of Hive are so good.

Once you get your head around how they work and realise you can start earning in all these different ways, it's mind blowing.

Keep grinding and you'll be fine :)

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Thanks, that is fantastic advice.

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