Whoever Pissed off the Hive Devs...Thank You

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I completely abandoned my Steem account since the fork that led to the birth of this place. While I don't monitor what goes on over there, I am not ignorant of the development strides here and merely by making comparisons at surface value from what I see and hear, it is obvious that we are quite a distance ahead of our progenitor.

Once this project was left with a lot of uncertainty when the switch was decided and there was no going back. Everyone was pissed and wanted to break away, but none could actually predict how things will turn out. What's more, the odds were stacked against the devs as we have seen Hive clones that have performed abysmally.

It was therefore an all to prove movement with very little windows for complacency. The first initial stroke of luck Hive found was having a solid core community who were willing to follow in making the switch. Not many will leave an established project for some experiment no matter the circumstances but the core Hive community did. What's more, people sold off their Steem stake in order to purchase more Hive and grow its initial value.

However, as with any new thing, the excitement quickly died out and it was all to prove for Hive. Make no mistake, the odds were stacked against Hive to succeed and without the kind of innovations that have occurred over the years, the story will be very different.

Thank You Community, Thank you Devs

Yes the community kept Hive running, but even the core community experienced days where they were simply too tired and needed a nudge to keep the vision alive. A good example is the period we experienced all time lows and how the chain found inspiration from various sources that kept it afloat.

The Hive devs have worked their socks off making developments and improvements to the Hive chain at an unprecedented level. We all had big dreams for Hive when it started out and many were exaggerated. However, not many can possibly predict the fashion which development have occurred. We envisioned in terms of prices, but the devs have giving us a vision run by possibilities with the various projects we have on ground.

We have a wide variety of potentially sustainable projects on the Hive chain being maintained and improved on by the devs. Funny thing is that Hive has become so unique that we don't know which one project will make us go mainstream. Moribund projects don't make you dream. It is as a result of a consistent desire to improve and see this place work.


It is quite sad sometimes when I imagine we are not all we could be, especially in terms of exposure. Yet, I always remember the times when we had questions about the sustainability of the chain. Now due to all the developments I can easily picture this place being around five years from now and keep working towards making the most of my experience both financially and from a personal standpoint.

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Hive has come a long way & it's only a matter of time before we get the exposure we needed. Hive is moving slowly towards real decentralization and we have the devs and community to thank for that.

I believe the sky is not the limit for hive and we can get better everyday

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