So I was told that the pizza:dec pools are the most lucrative but I never tried. Yeah I feel that splinterlands does have the most solid returns for airdrops and assets. You are right Agg just has to just say go and things will always move upwards in a positive way. Love the benie and the playing through pain aspect of your video! Stay away from those expired organic sketchy food bars lol!

right lol - happens to the best of us. The future (and present) are looking quite bright according to my foresight.

I would argue however that the swaphive:dec, swaphive:sps, dec:sps, and pizza:oneup pools have the best LP rewards, but who's counting! I set an entry level amount into the pizza:dec pool per your recommendation anyhow - did the same with oneup:leo earlier too since that one was just recently released. I am on the buy sps and invest in Chifibots train now... last big pull I have to figure until I must wait for pack value increases from Chaos.

@mawit07 told me it was something to look out for in regards to pizza:dec pools. I trust a lot of his info because anytime I looked into any of his info it has panned out to be true!

I am a terrible investor so don't follow my advice, but follow what is actually happening in the liquidity pools. Those Pizza pools are all near or over 100% APR. Double our money in a year for just parking it in those pools its pretty convincing to me this is a good investment.

Like to add not all investments are safe and in liquidity pools there are concerns of impermanent losses. Impermanent loss is losing a certain amount of one token but I also gain more of another token due to the change in prices. As a whole I still have liquidity. Its not like the central stock markets where I buy a stock and if it goes to zero dollars I literally get zero. Here in liquidity pools the losses I incur is having more of one coin and the less of another. Worse case. Not bad for an investment risk compare to centralized markets.

You are not wrong at all. Those APRs are money (pun intended).. pretty sure the leo:oneup one was like 360% APR last time I checked. I must say tho, as long as the SPS rewards are still happening with certain LPs attached to DEC and SPS, nothing really beats that imo. Once the year long SPS airdrop dries up tho, its gonna be ALL about APR until there are some better LP rewards offered in other token drops etc. I'm in pizza:oneup.

I agree with you, but I'm personally buying less packs now than I'd planned - I'm now buying 1000, I was going to get 5-6000, but the funds for the later I'm redeploying elsewhere for now, it's still all ring fences for Splinterlands but I just think buying in more gradually - cards on the market, SPS is a better strategy for accumulation.

I'm also waiting to get more DEC - I figure it can't go lower than $1 PER 1000, and given that there is a decent guaranteed return with SPS for 6 months yet, that means $2 is the floor price until at least April?

Might try and time purchasing a lot of that - in abuot a month it might be good.

It's a game within a game!

For sure, grabbing asstons of sps and cards is a great strategy right now (just got more sps myself after i finished up organizing my end of the Chaos madness). I would think the card market will go down a little more first though... aside from some of the legendary summoners we have yet to see and Blight. I dont' think there is a whole lot of ways to do Splinterlands wrong haha - just our best guess at the most-optimal path. I also agree with your assessment.

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