The Matrix Cannot be Destroyed; Only Replaced

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Complaining about problems is easy, but what of actual solutions?

Solutions are difficult and always come with caveats, often resulting in new derivative problems to solve. Economic systems are not binary; variables can not be isolated. "Fixing" one problem will have positive and negative effects across dozens of other variables. The cure is worse than the disease itself in many cases.

That's why I always took issue with the Matrix movie/s and other anti-establishment metaphors (like the Watch Dogs video game I just completed). Sure, we all want to shut down the Matrix. Look at how terrible it is! The human race is being enslaved! We have to stop it!

Okay so turn it off then...

What happened? Oops, billions of people died. I guess we should have thought about this one step ahead before taking action, eh? The legacy economy is the Matrix, and if you shut it down at least 99% of the population is going to die. Guaranteed.

Within this obvious truth it is easy to divine that perhaps the fucked up system we have today is better than no system at all. Perhaps the suffering we've done up to this moment was all part of our evolutionary timeline. This is the difference between theory and reality.

Reality would love someone to come up with a solution that actually works and fixes all the problems. Theory-crafters and idealists think they have it all figured out, and yet they never solve any of the problems. This is because they are nothing but professional complainers who deny the truth of these situations, opting instead to whine, "Well it should be like this..." as if they are helping things. The virtue signaling is endless and quite cringeworthy.


We think we found a solution.

Crypto is the solution right? But again, that's just the theory. Many of us (including myself) make the claim that the legacy economy should simply embrace defeat, accept crypto, and usher in a new paradigm of borderless unregulated economics. Realistically, this is simply not how things work, and that's actually a good thing.

If the establishment just rolled over at the first sign of rebellion think about how much volatility and uncertainty that would create. Think about how much chaos and power vacuums would be filled by terrorist organizations seizing power. Now might be an appropriate time for a, "Well actually the United States Government is the biggest terrorist organization out there."

Yeah well... that's not the same as ISIS rounding up ten thousand female protestors and sentencing them to death for revealing their face in public. No matter how bad things get... we would do well to remember that they can always get worse. Death is not the worst fate suffered by humanity. If you disagree then perhaps you live in a cushy bubbled existence in which the statement is accurate. Perspective matters.


Many of the early adopters in crypto (especially myself) know all about squandered potential and the inability to excel within modern society. Crypto might change things, or it might not. We hope that it will but there are no guarantees.

Within the context of a new paradigm like crypto taking over, the incumbent system will only respect one strategy: force. A new system has to be at least ten times better than the old system for it to proliferate. Crypto has x1000 more POTENTIAL than the legacy system, but this is simply unrealized potential that doesn't actually exist in the real world yet. We are but a barnacle growing on a larger whale of an economy. Will crypto be a parasite forever, or will it become its own separate entity that actually generates its own value? I leave these questions to be answered by Father Time.


And thus even if the Titanic of an economy is sinking and cryptos are the metaphorical lifeboats... this may be the reality of the situation, but it isn't the scenario we should hope to experience. Watching people freeze to death in icy water from the lifeboat isn't a pleasant experience. And what happens if some guy in the water tries to get in your boat and capsizes the entire thing? Let's just say that broadcasting our wealth during such a tragedy won't be a very smart idea. No Lambo for you, sire.


Open Google Maps and really look around on the app. Cities everywhere. People everywhere, all running around doing their own thing. It's amazing that we ever got this far in the first place if we're being honest, but the legacy system can't carry us much farther. We should be rooting for a smooth transition to a superior system rather than complete systemic failure that brings it all crashing down around us. I feel like this should be obvious but then I take a look at Maximalists and realize how ridiculous and delusional people can be when greed rules their every thought.

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Pick a niche, assess it, get some ideas going, use those ideas to improve the niche. Others pick other niches and do the same.
I mean thats literally what historically human progress looks like.
Dark Ages, Renaissance, Feudalism, Gutenbergs printing press and the first jump in improving information exchange, Germ Theory, Nikola Tesla, PCs, Windows, The Internet, Bitcoin...etc.

The Black Plague killed 1/3 of Europeans. The society didnt collapse.

There is no better system. There is only current system+.
Crypto is part of that +. AI is part of that +. What ever other great invention to come.


This is a great comment so I hate to be a punk and point out that you said 'asses' instead of 'assess'.
I can't unsee it though.
I'm an adult.

Asses oftentimes assess a lot of power and attention ;)

I continuously try to avoid this entire scenario were we constantly doubt about our abilities, performance, decisions and goals, we live in a world "Matrix" that is always expecting or forcing us to perform and be great because if you fail you are worth less. To control this I ask myself every morning, what have change since last week? better? same? worst? when did it start? and after I answer this questions then I tell myself "There is nothing you can change about the past or future just the present", I created this routine because there were times that I started to suffer from anxiety thinking whats going to happen next, mostly during and after the pandemic, this way i dont care if Bitcoin or fiat is the solution I just care about the present, thats just my take about the ifs and whats of current situations, thx for sharing

Wow!! Wow! Again, wow!! Thank you for writing this post. For me this sums it up for me Reality would love someone to come up with a solution that actually works and fixes all the problems. Theory-crafters and idealists think they have it all figured out, and yet they never solve any of the problems.

I have read this over and over again.. I think before crypto would make any massive impact in the general public , it must be 10x better than the legal economy, which currently is not.

Nice read

We were building this matrix for a long time, we are going to need a lot of time to break free from it also.
I don't see any solution that will be like, boom, everything is solved. Even crypto, I think is one ingredient that will help us a lot, but the transition itself will take ages. I like to complain from time to time, but I prefer building. Not only is that the more useful thing, but I feel better doing while doing something for others or myself.

I still believe in crypto I believe crypto is the solution,is just only facing little setback which every other revolution things are facing,crypto is the solution and is here to stay

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Finding solutions to complex issues like those in economics is a challenging task. There are often trade-offs and unintended consequences that can arise, making it difficult to find a perfect solution.Great share @edicted

I think the sentiments you have towards crypto as a solution to the world's financial system is in a what similar to the objections people have to electric cars as a solution to climate change. While electric cars are seen to be working and its all fine and dandy climate change activists ignore that lithium mining is doing more harm to the environment than carbon emissions.

Before cars replaced horses we were sure that the world would be a horse dung dump and that cars were a better option.

They ain't ready yet...

Systemic collapse is inevitable to some extent, how far remains to be seen. The longer the charade continues the greater the downfall because of the greater the damage done.

People rooting for the fall of the system is not a new thing. Even in the last days of the Western Roman Empire were cheering it's end on.

What can be done? It has been evidenced that action at a local level of community and government which refuses to enforce or enact the Federal or Super governmental dictates disrupts the corrosion.

Massive change will always be challenging. This one I see as inevitable but also very challenging. Casualty count (after the next few bears) will be huge (it already is).

Evolution > revolution

Damn this was deep man lol

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We may all change in the/our (shared) matrix 1440 tps (times per second)..

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