Are we really on the brink of genocide?

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I keep thinking about the future and what it will look like, but with everything happening exponentially quickly these days, this becomes increasingly difficult. What will the world look like without fiat? What about corporations, banks, and even governments as we know them? Such a future would be completely different than the one we know today, and impossible to predict due to the nature of Chaos Theory.

I also have to wonder if the conspiracy theorists are actually going to be proven right once again. Are we really a hop skip and a jump away from economic collapse followed by a globalist-sponsored genocide? What a terrifying thought! Then again, that's exactly what I would do if I was in charge of the world. The people at the top don't have to worry about pesky things like laws and morals. They are cold and calculating, and constantly trick citizens into thinking they have their best interests at heart.

Fool me twice.

In 2019 I was chatting a bit with Nick Grujic. I'm having trouble finding his Hive tag. He's since disappeared and may have even blocked me on Discord (or more likely deleted his account). He's basically full on Qanon conspiracy theorist and I enjoyed our little chats, but he also was investing other people's money and even paying $5000 a year for one of those "exclusive" emailing lists on which micro-cap crypto to buy. I assume he lost all the money and went into hiding or jail or something... lol.

In any case, one day we are talking and he shows me a map of the world. This particular map was a prediction of population numbers some years out into the future. The United States only had like 100M people in it according to this prediction. What happened to the other 250M people in this country? Did they move? Did they die? I figured it was just more Qanon bullshit; wild speculation/extrapolation based on some crazy information someone had stumbled upon.

However, looking at the world today, its blatantly obvious how this map of the future could come to pass: pure genocide. Forcing people to get an experimental vaccine that doesn't actually seem to do anything. What is its purpose? Conspiracy theorists are telling us it's meant to purge the world of all these stinky humans, and every month that goes by I am more inclined to believe just that. These things have been building up for years and years.


How long ago was it that the idea of vaccine mandates and passports was a complete fantasy that only an idiot would believe they could happen? Now, less than a year later, that's exactly what's going on. Canada as just launched vaccine passports on an international level, which gives every other country an excuse to "respect international law". Like, look around. It's pretty insane.

No one will admit that a year ago they were saying vaccine passports were a moron idea propagated by moron conspiracy theorists. Now it's mainstream, very quickly, without nearly as much resistance as there should be. Not a good look.

I remember arguing with my girlfriend back when this all started, talking about the merits of perhaps the Virus being created at the Wuhan Lab. She said that was ridiculous and that we don't even have the technology to do such a thing. Lo and behold: gain-of-function research that proves otherwise. This is also the crazy conspiracy theory that came true and most people are still in fucking lala land. It's mind blowing. Maybe you deserve to die if you can't see it. Or rather that is just the venting from those who are experiencing the ultimate frustration due to all these gullible people who still trust authority. This is why we can't have nice things.

Many smart people here on Hive are constantly doing research on these topics. Even if they come to 'ridiculous' conclusions, the data they acquire is usually legit. Many are saying the Darkest Winter is upon us, and clear and obvious genocide is on the itinerary. Hm, I hope not, but shit they keep getting proven right over and over again and the rabble keep going all 1984 on us:

“The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”.


And I'm not saying anyone should believe this shit, but you should put it on the backburner like I did and keep a lookout for more red flags as they continue to pop up. It's not like the world elite can afford to kill everyone and run the entire economy with robots and drones (yet). Doomsayer timelines, even when correct, are usually way too early. Don't forget, they have a plan for us, and it extends all the way to 2030:

You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

Sounds like a fucking Black Mirror episode, lol.

If any of this shit has even an iota of truth to it, the propaganda machine hasn't even begun to justify its own bullshit. We'll see what they are saying when people are forced to get their 10th vaccine booster, as those who do get sick and drop dead like flies, while the establishment constantly blames the unvaccinated for all of it. You know there is something wrong when the only solution is to get some experimental treatment in which all corporations went to great lengths to avoid legal responsibility for any kind of adverse health issues, suppressing all other remedies with obvious propaganda.

Hm yeah, but what if you're wrong though?

What if kids get a highly experimental vaccine for an illness that poses zero threat to them? What if the left wing is ironically turning into the most hypocritical authoritarian regime of all time via fear, cowardice, and manipulation? What if total deaths worldwide are fully within acceptable limits according to the CDC? What if corporations and governments continue pretending to care about the people when they prove time and time again that money and power are far more important? What if the inventor of the PCR testing is on record multiple times (and condemning Fauchi just as often) warning everyone that you can't use the test for this purpose... and then died six months before the pandemic hit?

Like... these things are already happening, right now. There is no fucking argument. They happened, they are happening, and they are getting worse. A lot worse. The slow motion train-wreck still hasn't even derailed even though it started in March 2020.

But what can I do?

Hm, that is the question isn't it? We are all very small and can't really do anything alone. When you see a tidal wave, you shouldn't try to fight it. This is something that is best avoided if possible. Don't buy any beachfront property.

This is basically a holdout, it is a literal game of survivor.

  • Outwit
  • Outplay
  • Outlast

Luckily I feel like I was born to play this Squid Game, so even if it happens I get to have that bittersweet moment of "I told you so" followed by "wow, I'm really good at this". I've been seeing people fall to pieces around me and I think to myself: "Wow, you guys are soft; I could do this for another 5-10 years easy." And it very well may come to that. Global Reset 2030, yall. I'll see the winners of the Squid Game on the other side. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Perhaps this is supposed to happen?

Evolution can not happen without massive changes to the environment. This automatically creates mass extinction in combination with mass evolution. Evolution happens slowly, then all at once. When we look at everything going on in the world, it becomes very obvious that we are primed for evolution. The very centralized systems that have governed us for thousands of years have become outdated, and it only took a decade to get here.

As Theycallmedan has already explained time and time again, it takes an "alien invasion" in order to unite the clans and actually make real changes. That means that even if this "globalist depopulation agenda" bullshit really is happening for real... well shit... it just might be the best possible thing that could of happened. Humanity is a cancer upon Mother Earth, has been for quite some time now. The Purge is coming, one way or another, and those in charge would surely rather engineer a controlled demolition rather than let nature take its course randomly and completely out of their control.


There are dark times ahead. Did we really think that crypto would take over the entire economy in some kind of gumdrop unicorn rainbow fantasy utopia? No! Of course not. In order for the entire establishment to get disrupted back into the abyss: crazy shit is going to have to go down. Millions will die, billions if the conspiracy theory is accurate. It's gonna be pretty fun honestly. My life has been pretty boring up to this point.

But really when things look their darkest is exactly when people are the most motivated to work together, survive, and rebuild. It's going to be all about community going forward, and I'm glad I'm on this team. I feel very lucky about that.

My ultimate piece of advice: don't get greedy. Don't buy the Lambo. If you do, you've failed the Squid Game and will be "eliminated". We may be backed into a corner here soon enough. Keep your head down. Keep building. Keep making connections. You're gonna need them no matter what happens.


The future does appear to be quite dystopic. The more I look at all that is going on, like the Vax and governments shifting towards authoritarianism, it's hard to see anything other than a dystopia unfolding. Just watching here in Australia how divided the country has become, and how much of the population has "drunk the Kool-Aid" of government/pharma propaganda has been a little terrifying.

Major economic collapse seems to be inevitable. I can't really tell what the agenda is with the whole Vax situation, but anything I can come up with is pretty bleak.

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Yeah Australia has been escalating quickly for a while now.
I'm hoping that something unexpected happens there that delays the authoritarian expansion worldwide.

The scariest part I'm finding here in Aus is not so much what is happening, it's that the majority seem perfectly happy with it.

That is really bothering me.

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Man, I think people have a hard time coping with the fact that we don’t know much and there are valid connections to make but we are way too attracted to theories that tie everything together.

There is absolutely fishy stuff going on but the more we try desperately to fill in the blanks, the less seriously we will be taken.

I tend to think the truth is far more disorganized and chaotic than one group controlling everything. It makes a lot more sense that there would be many many factions with many vastly different agendas and we are getting various glimpses into various factions agendas. If it were really THAT organized, none of this would be necessary to control people. It’d be far easier than all this.

Whether the theory is all true or none of it is (and I’m always betting on it being half true), I think the solution is the same, build lines of communication with whoever we can and fight each other as little as possible, not because we feel threatened by things that haven't yet come to pass. We have to be clear headed and not let our emotions go wild if we want humanity to win against brutality. So some peaceful (and ideally playful) disobedience is one thing but starting heated arguments or disrespecting people who disagree is another. The former has a clear purpose, the latter is just emotional. Ideas grow stronger when we fight against them. They grow weaker when we put our energy towards better ideas. We aren’t yet at the point of no return. If it we were you wouldn’t be able to have this conversation.

I know it’s a lot to ask people who see real danger, but that’s what I think it will take, at least for a large minority of us.

When people, ores, media, and governments start to push divisiveness, (as they already have), then convince, connive, and bribe the people to start in on the divisiveness, then the elites have won.

Hive Block Chain, on the social side, was moving in the right direction of inclusiveness, over the course of the last two months I have seen and witnessed a decidedly turn to becoming a divisive social site like most of the others. us and them, us and them need to start changing our view and return to a culture of inclusiveness not divisiveness.

I'm amazed though of how blind the majority is to all this information. It's been written in the cards for so long. Hive at this point really looks like a "good nest". No Lambo on my side. Not even there yet and even if I get, I'd rather invest in some off grid shit to decouple me from the system rather than bath in luxury for a short period of time and be gamed by the system afterwards.

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Humanity is a cancer upon Mother Earth

I get the feeling that this is exactly the attitude that motivates the arrogance of people like Mr. Pig Schwab. Where did the 'coexist in peace and harmony' stuff go?
That cancer are not 'the people'; as usual only a few are to blame for their actions. Which - on the other hand - are only made possible by the compliance of the herd.

What's genious about this genocide, if it's done through the vaccines: Only the sceptics are going to survive :)

Very absurd and entertaining times indeed!

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I think it's more about the unsecured pensions, social trust funds that mount into the trillions per country, not to mention the health care cost involved with the retiring/aging baby boomers, the one's projected to bust the social systems. I think in the US alone it amounts to something like 79 trillion dollars.

Yeah the financial side is even worse than the conspiracy theory.

They do say look at what they are distracting people with, that would be, if taken in this regard, the great reset. Then ask yourself what's really projected to be going on around 2030 the timeframe the great reset is projected to meet it's objective.,new%20report%20published%20Monday%20by%20the%20program%27s%20trustees.

Good to see people starting to wake up. It's in full swing, more red pills to go...

"Are we really on the brink of genocide? " Yes, just like many times in history.

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Well we are all know the governments want more control. Especially since they can't control as much as before because of the new technology. Personally I can't help but be shocked at how fast everything is moving on the restrictions and regulations in society. But we have no choice but to adapt.

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I don’t know but I hope we don’t get to those kind of days. But who knows. I feel that we are in the beginnings of the collapse. Too many things happening. The one thing that people aren’t putting a ton of focus on is the the collapse of religion. We have moved into the age of Aquarius, which is the start of a whole cosmoc shift… follow me here… If you study history and the primary religions of that age, there have been at lease 8 messiah type figures. The latest being Jesus, who hung out with fisherman, did the whole thing with the fish and feeding people, etc… and the fact that we are exiting the age of Pisces, which is the fish sign says there is a whole new age brewing. Just something to think about…

The establishment is coming to an end and the people will prevail but it will be a struggle and a fight, because they will not go out quietly… but neither will I. This is the battle of our times, the 4th turning. What scares me is the push to de-masculte the men in society so you end up with a bunch of people, because you can’t call most of them men anymore, that can’t stand up and defend themselves, well I am not one of those, lol.

So the best thing you can do is prepare yourself for all kind of things. Fuck the lambo, get a van and stock yourself up with food, solar panels, bullets,tools, etc. And learn some freaking skills that do not involve being online. Like learning how to grow food, build things, learn to fight and use a damn firearm, or he’ll even how to just use a knife in a proper manner. I'll throw 3D printing in there... everyone needs one and needs to learn to make any thing you need that you can make with plastic, lol. That is decentralized manufacturing!

Anyway, I could write my own post about it, well guess I just did in a way, lol. Obviously a touchy subject, lol.

Good to see eyes of some are gradually getting to see. The mandatory vaccination in some part of the world is a clear indication that something is not right.

We all believe we are special and we all believe we will go all the way because in our world we are the protagonist, that's why we bet and trust. I am aware that we are a plague and fearing death is foolish since we will all eventually die, however curiosity is what drives me to go all the way. Besides our primitive survival instinct doesn't let us go so easily.

If I have learned anything in all these years of socialism and misery, it is to adapt to the times and resolve whatever comes, always accepting whatever the outcome.

Welcome to the game and may luck always be on your side.

The darks days are certain to come with the things happening in the world. Just hope to ready when the time comes

good post! It certainly looks bleak currently, but while current events are certainly extreme I like to remember that the past was also often difficult. Just think about the cold war. People really thought that any day they could die... At least I don't have that feeling at the moment (yet?)

So, where the hell do we are standing?

We finally arrived to 1984 or are we still living in a brave new world?

A bit of both really. It's more Brave New World because it's easier to control the population with Soma than 100% violence. Much less resistance when the population is apathetic.

A bit of both really.

For real?

We definitely need connections... I just pray you are wrong about the purge, that is not necessary, as there are other ways, for those with imagination.

Gold is purified in a hot furnace.


I hope this ends soon, and the genocide as you say can be stopped

It's time to exit their system and build one of our own🙏💞

absolutely! and we are starting it already. if we talking and thinking about. next step is doing. so let us create a world full of love, peace, harmony with nature ... . we need decentralization an stop the pyramidal system and stuff like divide et impera. no one has the right to rule over other people.

Meh. I’ve had the first two shots and the booster. Maybe I’ll end up like the “I’m not dead” guy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, tossed onto a cart and then hit on the head.

“I’m feeling better…”

Nah you'll end up getting laser beam eyes or some shit.

Don't get me wrong, but in PC culture even one 150 year old, very sick that dies WITH covid is too much on today's culture.

That's why shutdowns all over the place :)

So it's FUD for me.

Keep building. Keep making connections. You're gonna need them no matter what happens

In the end, Connections are the most valuable in the world. Money is the product that comes out of connections as a waste product ( lol).

This book reads like it was written today, and not 110 years ago.
I think it lays out what is occurring around us pretty well.
It predicts that the nwo wins, and we get 700 years of tyranny before we rise up one more time to achieve what we would have had all along, if the bullies had been nipped in the bud, rather than acquiesced.

I love reading your posts btw. I can smell another INTJ a mile away... I bet you are a 'T' too ROFL!

Here's another quote from the WEF back from 04 Dec 2015,

"We can’t wait for the “right” carbon prices, for technology costs to fall, or for citizens to voluntarily change their ways."

This is fun too:

conspiracy (n.)
...from Latin conspirationem (nominative conspiratio) "agreement, union, unanimity," noun of action from past-participle stem of conspirare "to agree, unite, plot," literally "to breathe together"

Hm yep INTJ you got me.
called out :D

"Humanity is a cancer upon Mother Earth, has been for quite some time now. The Purge is coming" Then why do you not kill yourself? Asking for q curious friend that does not watch TV!

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The Third Law of Robotics prevents me from self-harm.

Best reply ever! I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Heh nice, wasn't sure if anyone would appreciate that one.

Would you kill another though?

First Law of Robotics, bro!

I'd never kill someone.
Not unless they pissed me off.

LOL superb retort.

Call me conspiracy theorist a hundred times I don't give 2 fucks 😄, I don't have to spoon feed anything to anyone anymore, that's the luxury of living the end game in a secluded area. But any secluded area can still be reached by the army, zombies, or project fucking blue beam.

I still continue to be courteous with the NPCs; it's not their fault.

It's going to be a long marathon, everyone is going to call you demented for a while, and in 40 years, we will lie to our grandchildren about great grandpa and great grandma that took the shot, turned against us and nearly extinct human race.

Great point my friend. I have been following this for years. I’m not really concerned as others. Being a follower of Christ, I accept my place in His plan.

You made a very good example and many people read it. Let’s hope that you reached some that didn’t see the light.. keep up the good work, my wise friend.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

time for more suffering. Sigh. drinks tea

Always a pleasure to be entertained by your posts. This one seems quite satifying actually!! Im glad im on this team for whatever it's worth as well. I'll try to stay away from that lambo while I'm at it. Stay cool man. Sure is exciting times. I agree there for sure.

Hive'd! Great post, save for all the Gaia Worship
in the end. Earth is merely one planetoid, it's not
more important than the people on it. We live in
a big universe and getting off of this rock and on
to other ones ought to be man's primary focus.
Release the Kraken! #hiddentechnology FTW!

When the average human has a memory span of 1-2 years (seriously what happened last year in the world?) because multimedia and smart things took away the need for a longer one, these things are not hard to pull of.

Still, it is just one way to connect the dots. There are many with not so dark reasons.

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