My four year anniversary! A bit about my story in Hive, Splinerlands and more

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Thank you, @Hivebuzz, for the comment and badge!

It has been four years since I joined Steem Hive, and it has been a great journey! I have said it before, but this has changed my life. The time I have spent here has helped me in different ways. I have grown in many aspects of my life, and I believe the best is yet to come.


This was my Intro Post

I started as a normal content creator. I tried different styles and different ways to do things. I made an effort to be involved in the community and to learn about this blockchain as fast as possible. My family thought I was crazy, now they asked me how $Hive is doing. I met my wife around the time I started blogging here, and I think I may have talked about this too much, to the point that she lost her patience and wanted to limit the times I could talk about the subject.


Our wedding post. And yes, I was thinner

My wife has been my partner in this, many of you may not see her a lot, but she is the one giving ideas, recommendations and helping me through the hard times. There have been a few crazy moments, but she has supported me and has motivated me a lot. My wife has become a great content creator too! Besides her cute illustrations, she has started making awesome vlogs. Her Hive profile is @grisvisa.

Let's talk about growth and finance

I started with almost 0 STEEM. I only had 0.500 at the beginning and a 15 SP delegation from Steemit. It took me exactly two months to accumulate 15 Steem Power. Now that I think about it, it was a lot of time. Some users can do that with one post sometimes.

If you see my blog now, you might think, "wow! you always make top dollar!" But when I started, I made pennies, but that did not stop me. I invite you to check some of my first posts from 2018 and 2019. I was not here just for the money. This was a dream come true.


My first 90 days

I'm not going to lie, I bought votes back in the day, It was legal at the time. And to be honest, I think I spent more than I received in most cases, but it "felt good" to have a good value on the posts. I'm also guilty of using horrible apps like SteemHunt, which stole tokens from several Hive community members, but at the time, it was a good way to earn good rewards.

I was also a top player on @steempunknet, it was the first "blockchain game" (I'm not sure it was really a blockchain game) I ever played, and I had a lot of fun playing with my guild. We even created characters. This was my character:



SteemPunk was Great



Top 10 and top 4

From the end of 2018 to early 2020, I ran a subdomain service with a friend. For a very low price, users could have a WordPress blog and take advantage of the SteemPress votes if their content was good. I also started using SteemPress to post some of my blogs, I tried the free version, and later I invested in the domain and hosting. All of this died when Justin Sun bought Steemit Inc.

In my first six months I accumulated 100 SP, and my account was growing each day. I kept creating content and looking for more projects and communities to join.


I started playing "Steem Monsters", now rebranded to Splinterlands almost since the beginning. I made a few posts about it, and looking back to my post I think I had pretty valuable cards and thought that 7 STEEM was very expensive for an Angel of Light Legendary Alpha Card. The cheapest is almost $270 now (super facepalm).


Nostalgia - Booster Packs as Rewards.

My relationship with @Splinterlands has been complicated. I've played every day non-stop, I've sold everything, I've re-bought and sold again. These cycles never seem to end. But I have to say that I love this game and I'll keep playing. A few weeks ago, I started buying cards again (a new cycle begins), and my collection is over $1,250 already. The new cards are great. In my opinion, they are fun to play, and I think they have cool skills. Also, the illustrations are pretty nice. I congratulate the art team.


My Gold Cards

I'm in Silver III at the moment. I can't go any further. I still have less than 30k. Most of the time, I'm beating my foes, but let's continue with the anniversary post.

In October of 2018 I finally became a Minnow:


Source of comment - Check out the post I made

It was not easy, not at all. I don't want to be the "back in the day guy", but some things were a lot harder before. In my opinion curation and other things have improved a lot. I was a small fish for some time. In a sense, I still am, but my influence is big, and I do my best to do the best for Hive. I have a lot of responsibility in my hands, but I'm not alone. I want the community to thrive and grow in the best way possible. I have good users that help me. They are not perfect, I am not perfect, we have made mistakes, but we are doing this for what is best for Hive.

Back in the day, I tried to post almost daily. As I've said, I tested different things. My blog had many different themes. I started growing fast, maybe because STEEM crashed, and I started to receive more SP rewards.


Almost when 2018 was ending, we started uploading some videos to DTube. I also started commenting there thanks to @nathanmars that inspired me. I think that around this time, I started to follow @theycallmedan, I saw some of his videos or podcasts. I remember listening to an interview he had with @meno talking about how Dan lost a lot of weight and got ripped. DTube became one of my favorite "dapps" in Steem, with Steem Monsters and Steemhunt. Of those three, only one remains on my list.

For some time, we shared Gris illustrations from my account. We found that to be easier, but in 2019 she started to post on her blog and she got good support. And we also started using APPICS but with not many good results. Looking back, some of my blogs were rather simple or a little short. I kept blogging during 2019, made many tutorials, and grew my project, and even though the price was shit, I kept blogging. I knew that one day it was going to be worth it. Spoiler alert, it was.

I participated in the first SPUD, which is now known as HPUD. My first Power up for that activity was almost 200 STEEM, and I kept participating in almost all. In mid-2019, I reached more than 3,000 SP, and I was closer to the Dolphin goal. I'm looking at my old blogs, and many of them have missing images because the posts were made via WordPress.


In August of 2019, new consensus rules arrived on the blockchain, and I was prepared for that, or maybe not. I kept blogging, and most of the time, my posts did not go over the 10 dollar mark, but that did not stop me.

In January of 2020, I moved to Guadalajara, started a new job after a couple of weeks, and then the hostile takeover happened. When Hive was born, I decided to focus 100% on this path and I quit my horrible job. It was a bet and a very risky one. In the end, it was one of the best decisions in my life.


I'm tired of writing, and I'm making this post too damn long, so If you want to know more about my story, I invite you to listen to this podcast by the Crptomaniacs: @jongolson and @taskmaster4450

As Forest Gump says, that's all I have to say about that.


BRUUH, me abriste una caja de pandora al leer tu blog porque te recuerdo perfectamente. Tú también trabajabas con lo de Repollo, ¿cierto? Recuerdo que yo redirigía a los usuarios hacia Repollo porque Vortix (Vornix, no me acuerdo el nombre) había dejado de funcionar. También había otro hosting pero no recuerdo el nombre. Esto fue en mis épocas de mod de SteemPress y creo que fue nuestra primera interacción haha.

Es increíble lo tanto que ha cambiado tu blog y toda la evolución que has tenido acá, creo que incluso hubo un momento donde definías tu blog (eddiespino) como un blog tuyo y de tu esposa (ya que ambos escribían activamente aquí). No sabía que ella tenía cuenta propia, así que es realmente genial que tengan cuentas independientes acá.

Eres un increíble ejemplo de superación dentro de Hive, al igual que tú, tuve un comienzo increíblemente difícil también haha. Hive actualmente es un lugar perfecto incluso para los nuevos incursionistas de esta tecnología.

Felicidades por tus 4 años, hermano.

Jajajaja justo así.

Lo de repollo lo mantuvimos hasta que Steemit murió y tuvimos tal vez cerca de 80 usuarios.

Sí, hubo un tiempo que los posts que hacía mi esposa los publicábamos desde mi cuenta, porque ya tenía algunos votos seguros jejeje.

A ella nunca la votaron bien al principio y tenía su cuenta desde enero de 2018 también, fue hasta 2019 que le empezó a ir mejor por su cuenta.

Muchas gracias por las felicitaciones.

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I love it! I didn't listen to the podcast, but when you quit your job, was it to do Hive full time? I see in the graphic that you say you got a job in Guadalajara, so I assume you went back to work...I also suppose your wife fully supports you in your blogging now 🤑 can be hard to hear someone get excited about pennies and all...but as you make more and more through your posts, I can see how her excitement probably changed...unless you never cash out lol.

Thank you for taking the time to share your journey. Mine has only just begun!

Yes, I decided to work in Hive full-time after quitting my job. A few months after that we decided to return home, we lived in Guadalajara for only 5 months.

In my first two years, I saved almost all my rewards, I even invested a little fiat. In 2018 and 2019 I had another income as an Airbnb manager for two units.

Thank you for your comment!

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Oh nice, so you make a living by being on Hive only? Admirable!

That's fantastic! Congrats! It's great to make money doing what you love! What's also great is that there are so many ways to passively earn money through Hive that you don't even have to post once you're established.

Happy to read about your steem/hive journey. I've been around a long time as well and it is amazing to see the different twists and turns we all make. I particularly like reading about the older splinterlands players. I started day 1 but never played. Just owned a few packs. The game was too complicated for me lol. (and now in chaos it is again). Here's to your next 4 years! Can you imagine what twists and turns we will make by then?

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Thank you! I imagine that in 4 years I will look back and say "Hive was only $1.60, how did I live with that?" lol.

We may not recognize Hive in a few years.

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It makes my day and I'm self-inspired by these types of posts. No doubt you are the example for many people who are starting in this field. Unlike you, I started Steemit in 2017 but gave up after a week due to prioritizing other things at the time. I was reborn with SoMee Social along with Hive and I will stay with you. I hope now to learn everything I didn't know how to take advantage of and grow someday. Best wishes and blessings to you, brother.

Thank you for your comment!

my dear brother, it is really great journey and a lot of success, yes yes i would like to say that your journey is great example for new comers, so may Allah bless you great success, i appreciate your great work and i love splinterlands, it is true @nathanmars inspired to all of us , when we were taking participate in seven seven haha , nathan now we need hive seven seven ,. I started also follow @theycallmedan , it is great steem hive journey, keep continue dear this great journey,,

Thank you, brother! Happy to see your comment, and thank you for the good wishes! Keep it up!

Wow, 4 solid years!!! Congratulations for growing with the chain buddy. It's not an easy feat. Please I have an enquiry. Is the aliento Community restricted to just Spanish posts? I've been thinking about sharing my 3speak videos there but not quite sure about the rules of the Community yet regarding English posts. Thank you.

Thank you!

Aliento is focused on Spanish at the moment, but you can share your videos if you add a brief description in Spanish. You can translate it with

Feliz cuarto aniversario en la plataforma, yo los cumplí creo que en Julio o Agosto del año pasado. Para mi han sido 4 años que parecen 10. Ocurren tantas cosas en la blockchain que da la sensación que son mas años XD

Así es, hoy de hecho se me hizo eterno el día, con el HiveChat, juntas y elaborar este post y otros. Cada vez hay más videos en 3Speak jajajaja.

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You had quite a journey! It is beautiful that you mention your wife as your support behind your profile, it is always nice to give credit to people who help us. Congratulations!

Thank you! My wife has been with me this whole journey. She was not very convinced initially, but now she loves Hive.

Hey congratulations dear friend! More success awaiting you. Keep going like this. For Hive, I personally believe sky is the limit. And for obviously bloggers like you, nothing needs to be said, everything is clearly seen. Awaiting many more posts from you! A very Happy New Year! :)

Thank you! Happy New year! Let's keep breaking limits!

For someone who's just basically starting to learn and to explore more of Hive and the blockchain, with less than a year of experience, it always inspires me to read posts like this. It inspires me to keep going. Thanks for sharing this, @eddiespino. I wish you more success!

Hey! I'm happy that this post was useful! The key is to keep hustling and improving every day!

You joined a few months before me and have also experienced a roller coaster ride then. I never got involved with splinterlands and was wondering what you are going to do when the new game comes out.

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Awesome! I just saw your account, and you have a lot of HP! Nice! In 2021, I wanted to be an Orca, but I could not reach that goal.

By new game, you mean Ragnarok? I'm going to invest in that game and help in the promotion too.

I believe that at the end of the day, Splinterlands was amongst one of your best decisons, seeing you started early and the game has now blown up. Congratulations on quitting a horrible job back then and congratulations on a great milestone.

Thank you!

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Gracias por compartir tu historia Eddi...
Es increíble lo que se puede llegar a obtener cuando eres tan constante en algún proyecto y steemit/hive a pesar de tener sus altas y bajas no rompen esta regla universal.

Muchas gracias @alexicp. Fue una "apuesta" a largo plazo y va muy bien. Saludos.

Totalmente! Hoy día eres uno de los referentes en la comunidad hispana.

I think I am one of the lucky to see your growth on this platform...and it was good to see how you keep engage everywhere....congratulations dear....wish you all the best...

I am tired of writing...

This honesty cracked me up :)

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Lol! It has been a while since I made a post this long hahaha. Lately, I've been doing videos and with those, I can write small descriptions.

feliz cumpleanios otra vez!!🎂

¡Muchas gracias Pali!

Congratulations @eddiespino your are a inspiration and a great help to all of us that have just started our path in Hive

Thank you, @alexmag1988! If my experience can be helpful, I will keep sharing it.

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Quite the achievement, keep on keepin on!

Thank you!!

Awesome one. Congratulations to all your achievements. Success is a step by step approach.

My pleasure dear friend

Congratulations @eddiespino I appreciate every of your work here on the blockchain.

Thank you!

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Jajajaj Gracias!!

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Wow! This looks like an amazing and wonderful journey! Congrats on the anniversary. Wish you good luck for the upcoming adventures on the blockchain.
I just started with Hive and Splinterlands a few months ago and really love it so far! It is such a welcoming community and I really enjoy being part of it!

Keep up the great work!


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That's an amazing journey you had on the Hive blockchain!

I joined exactly a month after you on Hive blockchain :D


Man, what a journey. Congratulation on your anniversary, we're few days apart! Woohoo, cheers to another amazing year, the sky is the limit now!

I was also thinner haha, I like to think that we were boys when we arrived here, now we are men lol.😄

You're a hard working dude, I just read in the comment that you were managing 2 airbnb at the same time, wow that's impressive.

Cheers brother! 🤜

It feels good to read about the process you ve been through Sir
Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for all you do.