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Hello, Eddie. Good news and a quick update! I've been able to use SPI's coder to write up a neat piece of matrix text that will let you buy EDS mini miner (EDSMM) tokens directly through your HIVE wallet. How cool is that? No more having to deposit your HIVE to an exchange and pay a fee and fewer clicks on top. Better still you can just automate the whole thing by setting up a recurring payment. Now were talking.


We're living in future here, why should distributing our hive-engine miner tokens be limited to hive-engine or leodex when we can do more?

For information about EDSMM, please click here

How does it work?

  • Send any amount of HIVE directly to @eddie-earner (no memo required)
  • Wait 3-5 mins.
  • Receive EDSMM tokens to your hive-engine wallet

You get 1 EDS mini miner (EDSMM) token for 1 HIVE. Send 50 HIVE, get 50 EDSMM. Nice and simple.

Each EDSMM token will yield approximately 0.2 EDS token per year


The HIVE wallet makes it dead easy to set up recurring payments if you are interested in saving and building a stack of miners that will keep minting you more EDS and build a greater HIVE income over time.

Setting up a recurring payment


1 - Enter @eddie-earner
2 - Enter the amount of HIVE you are sending (1 HIVE per miner)
3 - Click from "no" to "yes"
4 - Enter how many times you auto-send
5 - Enter in days how often you what like transfers to happen

All simple stuff and the best way to automate the process of saving.

Current ROI for EDSMM

EDSMM mining rewards are set and in place already so if 1 miner are 25,000 mini miners are circulating, the reward pool is the same and this opens oppunities for those that get in early to earn much more than the quoted 20%.

EDSMM are set to yield 20% when all 25,000 are fully issued and staked. If 12,500 were issued and staked, the current ROI would be 40% to give an easy example. Currently, there are 7800 EDSMM tokens issued out of 25,000, we can round that to 1/3rd. Based on knowing minting rewards are 20% when all mini miners are issued and only 1/3 are currently issued, we could guess that the current ROI is 3 times more at 60%.

The 1st miner took almost 1 year to sell out so I would say that there is lots of time left before the ROI drops down to 20% and those gains are there for the taking to whoever wants them.


Just a quick update about that today. Hope a few of you try and out as it's much easier than using hive-engine directly and with way fewer clicks of the mouse. I'll be back next Monday with the weekly report.

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This is awesome news. I'll have to try it out. (Just tried it and it works). I now have my first EDSMM.

So cool! makes me so happy 😍

Day late dollar short...Heh, just bought mini miners yesterday! Good project!

Fantastic, I need to add more EDSMM! 😍

That is awesome news! They aren't all already sold yet though? That is too bad. I am at a point where I am pretty happy with the quantity I currently own. That could change from day to day though!

I shall have a look at these miners. EDSMM tokens a good buy !

This is great news! Keep up the great work


Congratulations @eddie-earner!
You raised your level and are now an Orca!

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Orca wow!!

Congratulations @eddie-earner

Omg, I did it wrong!

I bought 20 EDSMM miners directly over at Hive-Engine. Is there some way to fix this @eddie-earner?

Such a dumbass 🤣

Mmm, sorry, not this time 😢.

But remember you can buy directly from your wallet for next time 🙂.

Great to have you with us 😍

  • shanibeer

Bought my EDSMM last Sunday ... patiently waiting to see what Monday's rewards look like this week...

I will have to check this out. Thank you for the information.