New Day, New HIVE ATH

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Seems like Christmas came in November this year, because exactly on the 25th, meaning today, we're having a new ATH for HIVE. At the moment of writing, it changes hands at $1.83, and 3200+ satoshis.

A couple of weeks ago it was under $1, and well under 2000 satoshis. The biggest gain was realized in the last two days, in which it covered no less than 1000 satoshis, or one third of its current value.

Although I expressed my doubts about the health of this jump (or pump) here, it's a an undeniable fact that HIVE is thriving now. How long and how consistent this growth will be, nobody knows. As a 5 year witness in this ecosystem, I would be incredibly happy to see this unfolding in a predictable, healthy way.

The volume on which this is happening is not spectacular, though, so it may change velocity at any moment, or even turn the other way around.

But, as in any other market, TA is just a part of the analysis, and there are many other factors at play. Even if TA is not very supportive at this moment, fundamentals of the HIVE ecosystem are strong. I am very much invested (mostly emotionally, to be honest) in this project, and I know it covered so much in just a little over one year. So there are reasons to consider this growth will have at least some support from strong hands when the going gets rough.

For now, let's get some popcorn and watch our new favorite show: green candlesticks piercing ATHs.

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I probably will be at heights working on antennas, will hopefully be having my champaign later 😃


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That's a good level for champagne :)

2$ is inevitable. Let us enjoy the ride while it last.

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This just bring smiles to my face, $2 is just moments away! Indeed safe to say Christmas is earlier for us this this.

Could we ever see HIVE in cents again? Hopefully not!

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You were right about the thin volume. It can get either way, but so far HIVE has been pushed up.

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Yeap, and it keeps going up...

Let's also keep LEO in mind, which isn't doing too bad itself! Nice to see the price moving up alongside it's digital brethren, HIVE. As the say: A rising tide lifts all boats, so let's keep. going. UP! :)

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True, it's an early Christmas for the bloggers as well, who have saved up all their hive until now. Hoping to cash out soon just to buy some gifts 😁

I'm new in cyrpto, and actually, Hive introduces it to me. Every time I wake up in the morning these past few days, I'm punching the air due to regrets not selling my HBD last week, lmao. If I may ask, should we sell our HBD now, and grab a popcorn waiting for HIVE to beat its all-time high every day? Lol.

Nice and informatove post. I am looking hive to $3 until 25th December (Christmas Day)