Splinterlands Stats | June 2020 | Games, Players, DEC and Price

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June was the first month for the game on the Hive blockchain! Starting from June 2nd all the Splinterlands transactions are now recorded on the Hive blockchain. I’m personally glad for this, as no need to query the Steem blockchain for Splinterlands data going forward.

There was large selling happening from a whale accounts in June. Let’s check the numbers.


All the data presented is collected from the Hive Blockchain.
The following topics will be covered:

  • Number of games played
  • Number of active players
  • New Players
  • New Accounts created by Splinterlands
  • DEC burned
  • DEC Price
  • Most active players

Number of games played

Here is the chart of the daily numbers of games played for the last year.


A clear uptrend can be noticed here 😊. There is a more visible increase in June 2020. Nice!

Number of active players

This is one of the most important metrics for every dApp, how many active users have there are. Here is a data for daily active users [DAU] and monthly active users as well [MAU]


The number of daily active users is growing at a steady rate as we can see. In May 2019 there were just above 1000 daily active users and in the previous months this number is more than a 2000, reaching almost 3k daily active players on June 2020.

Next, the chart on the monthly active players.


The number of monthly active users have grown from 3000 to a 5000 in the last year. June has been a record high month for the numbers of active users (5621), after a small decrease in the previous months.

Unique Players

Above we have seen the number of active players. Here is the chart on unique players that have played at least one game.


A nice and steady growth here. Note that this is data from May 2019, previous unique players are not taken into consideration. Starting with around 2k and growing all the way to 12k unique players till June 2020.

The monthly chart for new unique players looks like this.


June has been a great month for new users trying out the game, with a total of 1241 new accounts playing for the first time. It’s a record high number in this category as well.


It is obvious that in the last months, starting from November 2019 more accounts were created. The number have gone up from around 500 in May 2019 to 2500 in April 2020, and 2300 in June 2020.

If we plot the two charts from above, new unique players VS accounts created we got this.


In June 2019 the number of new players trying the game is actually bigger than the accounts created by Splinterlands. This means at the time the new players were coming from the accounts that already existed. In the last months, the number of new accounts created by Splinterlands is bigger that the new unique players, meaning they are getting players outside the already existing ones on the blockchain.

DEC burned

Another interesting metric is DEC burned. DEC is burned when buying potions, orbs, skins and guilds upgrade.
Here is the chart for the all time DEC burned vs created.


The first few months after DEC was launched in May 2019 are volatile, after some balance seems to be achieved. There is huge spike in DEC burnt with more than 10M in a day on June 27th.
Note that the amount of daily DEC created is also decreasing with time.

The DEC created line above is from the daily DEC inflation that should be just bellow 900k at this moment.
Recently I have looked into the amount of DEC from cards burning and in the last year there was more than 370 million DEC created from burning cards, or on average more than 1M DEC per day.

DEC Price

What about the DEC price?
Here is the chart on all time DEC price in dollars [$].


Even with all the numbers for games and players up, we have seen a drop in the price in June 2020.

The chart for June 2020, for better visibility.


The DEC price is in decline from the range of 0.0007$ - 0.0008$ where it usually trades to a 0.0005$ and even bellow that at moments 0.0004$.

Seeing all the other data going up, but just the price down, it might be a good moment for buying some 😊.

All the best

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