Help me reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube so I can get monetized

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A call to action 📢

Anybody who frequents my blog knows that I post a lot of videos each week. Most of them are posted over on You should also know that I still post to YouTube sometimes too. My channel name is Daltono.

Hive is and will always be my main focus, but YouTube still serves a purpose for me. Luckily, my videos aren't controversial and I haven't had any issues with censorship over there.

I have various reasons for why I still post on YT. Mainly, because it is so easy for me to upload gaming videos to YT straight from my PS5. You cannot do that with 3Speak. I also sometimes wish to share videos in 4K, which again YT allows and 3Speak is yet to begin supporting due to file size restrictions.

I received a notification the other day from my YT Studio app that I only needed to meet one more criterion for my channel to get monetized. I was very surprised that I was this close to possibly receiving something in return from YT after all of these years. I never really thought it would happen, but here I am so near to achieving monetization.


As you can see, the only thing left for me to do is increase my subscriber count. This to me is by far the most difficult part of the process. I managed to rack up enough public watch hours, but still am not even halfway to having enough subscribers. I post fairly consistently, but I guess I started too late and most people have already subscribed to other channels.

I know that Hive has plenty of amazing users that could help me reach my goal by simply subscribing to my channel. It may not be the 666 users that I need to reach 1,000, but every little bit helps.

Many of you probably don't even know that I have a YT channel since I do not promote it much. I will feature a video from my channel in a blog here and there, but that's about it. I've finally decided to make it more apparent to everyone.

I'm asking you to take time out of your day to go over and subscribe to my channel. It will cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time and it will help me tremendously in the long run.

I already have nearly 500 videos for you to watch and more to come in the future. So it's not as if subscribing wouldn't be worth your time. If you enjoy my content, you may like what I have on my YT channel.


Liking and commenting on my videos will help too, but I don't expect you to do that since it takes a lot more time than just subscribing. It's up to you how much you are willing to assist me with achieving this goal. Plus, I'd rather most of the interactions happen over here on Hive since I'm able to reward you for it with upvotes.

My most successful videos have pretty much all been gaming related. You can expect a lot of gaming content over there on YT since that's mostly what I use it for after all. I do occasionally post other types of videos though.


This isn't my normal type of post since I struggle to ask for assistance for pretty much anything usually. I have a feeling there will be at least a few people willing to help me by completing this task (the more the merrier). If there is anything that I can do in return let me know, I'm always happy to assist when I can.

If you do decide to subscribe, leave a comment here on this post and let me know so I can reward you with an upvote.

Click here to subscribe to my YouTube Channel


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Discord: Daltono#5080


Suscriber 335, let's go champ!

That's what's up! Thanks so much bro!!

Ready my brother, subscribed to your channel. Greetings my friend

You are the best! I always appreciate you my friend.

I subscribed. Good luck.

I cannot thank you enough Moe.

Let's go for that monetization, subscribed bro. You got a very cool Youtube channel. !PIZZA

Much love to you for taking the time to subscribe. I hope you enjoy some of the videos on there.

Done 🤗
I know you can make it. Lezzgooo. 💪

Wonderful. I want to thank you for being so supportive 🤗

And I'll congratulates you in advance. ☺️
It's my pleasure to follow your channel also as I know I learn from it. ☺️

Ohhh, I would like to thank you also for your generosity 🤗

Subscribing right away

Oh Yeah! I appreciate you. Time to celebrate.

I will definitely subscribe because I always enjoy your content

I knew there would be people I could count on to help me out with this. I'm grateful for you.

It's a pleasure

Subscribed! 🥳🙌

Thank you tremendously 🤩

You're welcome my friend I shared your channel on my Twitter I hope you can achieve your goal a pleasure to help you.

Done. I hope you reach your goal of monetization sooner than later. Your hustle is very admirable and I wish you all the luck 🍀🍀

Slowly but surely it will happen. Thank you for assisting by subscribing.


Thanks, it means a lot! Be prepared to see a lot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II content coming next since the Beta starts tomorrow.

Good luck with your journey. I managed to get the magic 1000 subscribers but I still struggle with the min. viewing time. I think it's at 4000h per year. So let's help each other.

Here you'll find my YouTube channel

It's difficult to maintain a high number of Watch hours, even more so with a low subscriber count.

Thanks for helping out. I'll subscribe to you as well.

Thanx for the support. 🙏🥳

I subscribed to you and gave you some Views. Keep it up, buddy.

You are the bomb! Thanks for the support.

I have subscribed. Good luck.

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Thank you, it means a lot that you have done this for me.

I just subscribed

😎😎😎 I very much appreciate you doing this.

Wow, man. I didn't know you have a youtube channel. I hope you reach your 1000 subscriber target as soon as possible. I'm your 350th subscriber. I'm already watching your videos from here, I'll follow your videos from there too. The views on some of your videos are really great!

I’m glad that I decided to make this post then. You are not the only one that didn’t know. Thanks for being # 350!

That's great. I hope you get the number of subscribers you need. I don't watch gaming videos but I like your contents so I'll go subscribe now. 🙂

I have gratitude for your actions.

Done! We are officially subscriber number 383.


As YouTube is our main channel, I can appreciate how much work goes into it. Hitting that milestone is going to feel awesome, @daltono - keep going, my friend!

Annabelle 😊

Thank you for the support. I hope you all keep having success with your channel.

Glad to help in any way I can, @daltono!

Ben and I are still going strong, despite the Long Covid, disability and family struggles (sigh)

We are actually taking Monday the 19th off, as it's the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Annabelle 😔

Your mobility is very high. In fact, you have many channels to express your existence and goodness.
There will be many people who are inspired by what you have done.

When you find out that you are just a few steps away and the criteria for monetization, that's good news. What a person has built over the years deserves appreciation.
I rarely visit YT, but when I'm there, I'll be there to support you.

Even though you do t use YT much anymore, I appreciate you still taking the time to support me.

You can add +1 sub to your tally :)

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I’m giddy over here 🤪



u got it! hope u get there real soon!

Thanks bro! Glad to have people like you who are willing to assist when they can.

Done Dude! I have seen your YT videos before, and you're doing an amazing job spreading the values of web3 there! Hope you will reach your goal very soon.

Thanks so much dude. You are a great asset to this community too.

I already follow you friend on Youtube you are very generous with us and that is to be thanked and more with a gesture that fortunately costs us nothing

Your support means a lot 🤝

ready friend I already follow you and I will recommend you to get other subscribers to your YouTube channel

I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I hope you get 1000 subs as soon as possible.

Thank you thank you! I really hope so too.

This is awesome Daltono, You deserve all the support you need. Am sharing your link to my groups and friends. (Campaign Started)

You are the best! I cannot thank you enough for this.

DEFFFFF subscribing my man, only takes a second to hit the sub button and feels good knowing whot it's going to actually gives a crap about themselves (Excuse my language it that's borderline here idk all the rules and some people have given me weird vibes lol) Anyways, hope this works and stacks them passive income checks my man! If you read this and are interested, feel free to message me about a phone APP called Ally broke, and Ally forex

!lolz !ctp !pizza !pgm !hbit

Thanks so much! You are exactly right. It doesn't require a lot of effort, but first I needed to make people aware that I even have a YouTube channel.

Don't worry about language on my posts, I will never give a fuck and probably never will, (as Kid Ink said)

All the best bro. Congrats on completing the watch hour. I subscribed using my 2 channels Asfastasposible and Sachin George.

Not one, but two subscriptions. You are THE MAN!

Man I always watch your videos and now probably i will go to watch them on youtube now, keep growing!

I’m happy to have you along for the ride bro.

Not into gaming yet...., sure did enjoy watching the river rafting! Hope you meet the requirements.

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my rafting video. I think you can tell that we loved doing that a lot.

I hope so too. Your assistance is appreciated.

Just subbed I love your EDM music anyways thought you just had to sign up for monetization

No not anymore, now you have to meet certain criteria and can even lose monetization if you don’t maintain. Plus they pay a much lower percentage now than they used to. Too bad I wasn’t taking content creation seriously before the Adpocalypse.

Wow that sucks man haven't used YouTube for awhile and now they do that wow. I wonder if you could go through affiliates like beatstars still

aha you got one more subscriber 🎉🎉

!giphy congrats


I’m honored 😁

lol, no big deal sir, I will try to get more subscribers ☺️, soon you will read to 1k for sure good luck.

I already subscribed to your channel. terrible competition on youtube, last month I received only 50$ full-time work.

Thank you for doing that long ago. Your videos are great and you post very often, yet YouTube still doesn't reward you that much it sounds like. Although, $50 is better than $0.

Yes you are true 🙂

Sub no.361 brother.
Wish u the best for your YouTube journey

That’s what in talking about 💪🏻 thank you!

Resteemed as well brother 🤗

Thank you!

I will also subscribe to your to channel

I appreciate it a lot man!

Done and dusted. 🤗👍

Am definitely subscribing

You just got another follower :)

Being one step closer to monetization is the dream for many creators but it can also help bring awareness to Hive the more eyes you will have on your account

All the best and I hope you will reach your goal soon!


Thank you for doing this. Getting monetized would be pretty nice, but I've still got a lot of work ahead of me. With help from the Hive community, I will get there.

I appreciate your hard work on youtube, good luck for you and subscribed also.

That means a lot. I appreciate ya rikoy.



🤣🤣🤣🤣. You're welcome

Subscribe 370💪 good luck getting to 1k

Thank you so much! Already much closer now than I was this morning.

I love to support the content, let's go for those 1000, if we can. 😁

Well on my way thanks to you and others.

You have a new sub! Keep on growing!

Boom! I’m glad I asked. Thank you a lot!

Just subscribed. Good luck reaching 1000


Thank you so much!


I will gladly help you brother to meet your goal of 1000 subscribers. I hope you reach it soon

Glad to know you are here for me.

This is great.. I ll head over and do the needful..

Thank you for looking out 😎

I am late to the party, but subscribed.
Congratulations and Good Luck getting to 1000!

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Never too late to help out. Thanks for the support! I'm working on several new videos right now actually and cannot wait to share them.

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