My first week on Leofinance (and Hive)

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It's only been a week and boy has it been a wild ride.

I started by writing two articles on observations that I had made at work after asking colleagues why they hadn't got involved in crypto before. I was thrilled when the articles received $1+ each, beating both my publish0x and highest earners in a day!


The next day I noticed a competition to win $20 of Leo hosted by @onealpha

I had a quick read through a page explaining how HD wallets work, and then a read through the comments to see what wasn't working for people. Then set to work.
About an hour and a half of converting binary I realised it was a trick and got the right answer in a few minutes. Once I had posted the answer in the comments I was buzzing! I couldn't put my phone down to stop refreshing comments.
I really enjoy puzzles like these and am eager for the next one.

I staked my first 100HP to leo.voter, I am still however confused about how to earn Hive rather than Leo as I'm interested in earning some passive delegated goodness as well. I'm planning on writing a list of questions to put to the discord server, and from their answers write a newbies guide to Leo.
Guides like go into great detail but miss a lot of the "stupid questions" that I've had to ask people directly.

After another article made over a dollar I realised this site has what others are missing: consistency. I've mentioned other sites to my friend but never insisted he join, I don't want to come across as pushy, or worse still, chasing referrals. But if you're into cryptocurrency, technology and finance, if you're not on Leo, you're missing out.


And he joined! @bombaycrypto got an incredible welcome from the Lions and he plans to continue writing his takes on financial events.

So a pretty busy week for me, but thanks to reddits shenanigans there was an awful lot to write about. I'm sure this next week will be just as wild.

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It sounds like you're a valuable addition to the #LeoFinance community, @cryptosneeze! I'm still pretty new here myself. You're right: active, consistent and a high caliber of writing. I'm loving it too. Glad you're here! :)

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The past week was crazy fun and fun galore so is LeoFianance, you no doubt going to enjoy it here!

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