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We are pleased to announce to the people of the blockchain of Steemit and Hive our arrival on the platform by sending our warm greetings to all users of the new platform. As we have always announced in recent posts published on different platforms (Steemit or Hive Blog) Our aim is to make the project known to as many users as possible in the world, send our message of renewal, and change of course towards an eco-sustainable world. With this post, not only do we want to know all the users that very soon updates about the progress achieved for the finalization of the project will also be published on this beautiful platform, on the contrary, we want to let everyone know that users of Leofinance that are very sensitive to environmental issues, to the users who feel in their heart that the heat generated from a flame that burns, and that they really want to lay the foundations for a new way of living, to users who simply want to share with us opinions or who want to advise us on the dynamics to be put in place for the success of the project, we want to let all of them know that the wall of our Leofinance account is their home. You will be welcome.

We are aware that many people still do not know the project and its purposes, so in this post, we will publish a short introduction explaining in a concise and clear way what the CooperFelix-Multservices Project consists of and its purposes.

The CooperFelix-Multiservices Project was born about two years ago, when three Italian guys willing and able, have decided to take an active part in the social and political life of their Country, with the hope of laying the foundations for a change, of course, radical production machine locally, nationally and globally, fighting for the defense of the environment.

These three Italian boys between the ages of 20 and 35 years have put together their forces to be in the legal form of a Cooperative Society (from which derives the name of the project) with the name of Cooperfelix-Multiservices with the aim of providing diversified services to Companies and Public Entities for the management of natural areas and landscape values and for the Maintenance of Green Areas. Not only that, we did not stop at this, we felt the need to raise public awareness of the change by providing them with the opportunity to contribute to the Great Project of Environmental improvement of our Country, recycling the waste in a way conscious and sustainable.

The Company, the Project, the locomotive of change, was born in a town of South Italy in the Campania Region, in a land known by all the people of the world as the famous Land of Fires, a label very negative, but that gives a good idea of why the will of these guys want to do in order to change the fate of the inhabitants of this area and of the whole world. The place where was born the project lies in the heart of the Land of Fires, in the Province of Caserta in Italy, a land where the underworld and the underworld have always governed undisturbed under the eyes of the consenting of the Central Government, where the people get cancers that are caused by fires toxic, which often pollute the air and groundwater with carcinogenic substances resulting from the combustion of municipal solid waste.

The project wants to change course, it wants to provide citizens with a service of management of parks, Villas, public gardens, in order to produce a product very well known to those in this world who are more sensitive to the environmental theme, this product is called compost.

Compost, for those who do not know, is a natural fertilizer rich in nutrients for plants and that is able to improve the chemical-physical characteristics of the soil, sometimes operating a real reclamation of contaminated soils. In operational combination with the rhizome plant of Arundo Donax, it is able in a few years (about 10) to reclamation agricultural land not used for processing or disused land that has been contaminated by toxic chemicals or heavy metals.


The objective of the project is, therefore, to sensitize citizens to choose our service of management of organic waste (mowing and pruning, grass cut) with the aim of coping with different types of problems that in many years spill our territory in dishonorable conditions: choosing our service we fight illegal spills of waste and therefore would record a reduction in fires; by choosing our service you contribute and produce humus, a totally natural fertilizer, with which you intend to encourage organic farming, gradually putting on the market only quality organic products completely eliminating O.G.M. Products; by choosing our service you also contribute to fertilize contaminated areas no longer usable and save many lives.

The project is ambitious, we are aware of it, there are many obstacles that we face every day, but the will to change is so much and the determination is strong, our cry of alarm wants to reach all the sentient souls that on the opposite side of the monitor are feeling a sense of desolation, that they see as we see it, a world in ruins and that rebels in a violent way, with pestilences and epidemics that today we feel even closer to us.

Our invitation is therefore not only for pleasure in sharing our content on different platforms for advertising a company, but our request is also for help and is addressed to all users who care about the life of Planet Earth and all Humanity. We, therefore, invite you to share and spread the message on social media and to contribute to the cause with donations even small but that for us mean a lot.

We want to leave you with a virtual hug and a greeting to a new appointment not far away to update you on the progress of the CooperFeli-Multiservices Project.

See you soon.

We would like to thank our Supporters as always and we invite those interested in the cause to contribute by donating to the Fundition platform or to the links below:

THE CF-M PROJECT on Fundition


Wellness Is Green

The CooperFelix - Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation

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Grazie molte.
Thank you so much.

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This sounds like really great venture that you have embarked upon. There are far too few green spaces. We need to protect them and keep them safe for future generations to enjoy.

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