Let's talk a little about Holding in the Crypto market.

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, especially to those who make life in the great community of #LeoFinance, in the present opportunity I want to talk to you about one of the ways to generate wealth in the crypto market, being this the Holding, which refers to investors who buy some token from the market and keep it for years to multiply their investments.

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There are different ways to generate wealth through cryptocurrencies, all these ways require an investment, either economic, time or both investments, with the purpose of generating resources that allow us to accumulate an amount of money, and keep repeating the process until we have a large amount of money where we manage to distribute it in several investments that allow us to generate constant profits through investment.

One of the main ways in which it is sought to multiply an initial investment is the Holding, this are those people who buy some token or an amount of tokens which keep them for many months or many years until they have an extremely high value in the market, with which they will multiply many times its acquisition value, this as long as we manage to invest in a currency that lasts over time and increase in a great way as is the BTC.

There are good and bad points in this type of investment, the main one is the amount of time that we must wait when making this investment, since it is an investment that we must forget about for a long time, so the investment that is made must be money that we will not need for a long time, this being one of the main problems that this faces from my point of view, since it is my personal opinion.

On the other hand, the favorable thing is that many people who bought BTC at 3500$ in the market in 2018, and waited for 3 years that investment in 2021 managed to sell over 68k of the BTC price so it is too good profitability, without worries, without constant revisions to the market or pressure and tiredness of being watching the market daily, that is why many people prefer this type of investment.

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The holding in my opinion is like a kind of saving but with the advantage of being able to earn more than what we initially left saved, of course in this case saving a digital financial asset of a project that shows some solidity. Thank you @chucho27 for sharing this content.