Bear market, Hive is still innovating - earn

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July is almost over.. The FED has really cranked up the numbers and many many things are on the collapse. The price of HIVE is juicy to ignore.. We’ve been here when hive-engine was being built.. this bear market sure let HE tookens take a beatin, projects get build during a bear market, I have and many others have said it before.

Many Tokens, Tribes and games (NFTS) have been built

All built on hive, the blockchain that has zero fees. Sure it took awhile for it to explode how it is exploding at this particular moment we do have to say thanks to the splinter lands game for the massive explosion not only in their game but and a lot of other tokens.

Somewhere within the depths of Discord I saw a mention of WAX being a top Blockchain game chain.

I do have some Pogs though..


WEB 3.0

This is becoming the next NFT craze.. Web 3 much like nfts have been out for some years now.. Hell HIVE is ground ZERO for this innovation.


Sure we will love this place but it offers so much more than just the highest token community projects programs help information free services blogging social media free transactions.
Hive does have some games that are already earning and have been earning players.. Check out the link below.. browse to get more information on where you make flow.

Look around check out the many communities that are buzzin around hive check to see what they are up to get in the know.. sure there are some exclusive clubs but try to get in. Find out those hive value tokens and or projects. This is better done when the market is down as it is now..

(Stack Mode)

I need to stack more Hive and put a couple more hours into the chain, as far as daily tasks and game play action. Buy bits and pieces to get back to glory... right before Hive explodes once more.

BUY BTC too maybe..


Accumulate when everyone is else where, DCA if you can forget the price and stack on, stick with this platform and you could go places.. sure it could go down .. but that's still going somewhere is it not:)

Where is every crypto professional apparently? Stacking

hive is a mega beast, DCA HIVE


Bitcoin! Most people buying btc and eth.

hive is always going to do well, maybe it's not super like other alt coins but it has it advantages during d dumps.

Let's watch the Fed's closely :)

July 26-27 is where FUDsters will come out...hopefuy rates would not increase.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 115 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

hive is a mega beast, DCA HIVE

This is the way

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That's the spirit. Our intentions should be to keep building no matter what the market is doing. Hive really is a mega beast.

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Hive is definitely a beast and I haven't really visited WAX lately. I know there are games there but there is only so much time so I focus on Hive games.

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Great Post!


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I've stopped trying to track the price of HE tokens and just get what I can in most cases, lol. Only stacking select ones these day. This bear market has taught me my only real stacks are Hive HBD and Bitcoin, lol. Everything else is just an engine to get more of those 3, lol.