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The last time I made a post on Hive was on 8/27/2022 Month ago or so..

Damn.. Live has me by the balls and still here chugging along.

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gig work is steady not like it used to be.. These feds and their damn games don't effect them but other effects a whole wide of people and purchase power. In California houses continue to rise and so does rent, naturally.

Luckily our rent has been on the mid end of socal..

I've been doing more spark Walmart driving and instacart.. food delivery in my area has been dead to say the least.

I have started a nice rhythm and should start paying dividends soon.. Bills are soon to be 1 month ahead and will allow me to create a cushion and allow for more buybacks if possible and more divs..

Untimely I will be closing Utopis until than though I will continue to pay divs... let me get in the groove of things.. one thing that grinds my gears its.. its almost the damn holidays..

man, can never catch a break good thing though on the other side it might get busier since covid is at the tail end and almost everything is back to normally excluding the aftereffects of the whole money printer issue the last past 2-3 years.. California is also actually sending some type of stimulus on the first week of October.. hmm still printing money..

My goal is to build back up and have a safety net in place moving forward.. I have been in enough bear and bull markets to be a millionaire.. Lets goo.!


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 125 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

How are you faring? I hope you could put some on the side, unlike me 😅

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I hope things go well soon. Do we know roughly when UTOPIS will be closing or will that be a future post?

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Interesting Although I am not sure previous cost entry and what has been returned it is amazing to really see that I've gotten drips from staking in utopis and not only that noticed there was even a curation trail there for my return. Not sure what exactly you've been up to lately as I've also seen you had a project over on wax as I saw something in waxdao. Just touching base as you were always so creative and innovative in this space to see what plans you have in store and overall how you are doing.