An attempt to Usurp HIVE?

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Can this be anything else besides fakery and some idiots trying to make a point?


Do I give a shit?.., no, it makes no difference to me but I see it as startling obvious, what is happening. Today, STEEM will likely usurp HIVE in token price value.


What then, a massive collapse! Fucking idiots.


This is actually positive and will most likely translate to hive

How so @dalz?

Just from a pure speculators perspective ... I can not tell for sure of course, but speculators just watch this thing goes up, and then hop to the next similar thing in hope to go up

Laugh a minute, have not looked at them since dusting the keyboard.

Let them pay to play if it makes them happy...

I have a look every now and again, there's a not a lot going on.

Sneak peak !LOLZ

What do they call a cubic zirconia in Ireland?
A sham-rock.

Credit: reddit
@slobberchops, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of joanstewart



Easier to control centralized tokens with barely any distribution to real users with no to little stake.

Laughable, what happened next 😀

You called it...

Steeming pile of shit.jpg

That was essentially a 30% dump. Ouch.

Lol. Steem and it's unsustainable pumps 🤣

I stopped following the old chain long ago. It is not worth any minute of my time.
Price can be a consequence of several actions taken by big whales. I just think that is a healthy market to be on.

Do a search for steemit, this is what you find.

...Not suitable for westerners...?


yep, better remain away from there

For a while, I have thought that I should write a short sentence there if someone from my old followers is still there 😅. I should do that, just for lols hah.

For now these are both at the mercy of a few speculators who can manipulate the prices. We know there's a huge difference between Hive and Steem in terms of development and active projects, but those are not getting enough publicity outside our community. We just have to keep on building and our time will come.

I'm still censored on Steem and sold my stake, so I can't profit from this blip.

Just another 3c and they have done it, congrats lads for avoiding being second best for years.

That bubble is bound to burst.

I know some over there go on about the 'Hive cabal' keeping the masses down, but a few Hive whales rake in hundreds per day whilst the rest get crumbs.

Hive still ahead on price, but not by market cap. I expect things to shift a bit in the next few days, but I'm not trading either coin.

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