Ask Leo: Who Wants A Space Shooter Game On Hive?

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So my favorite game, Alien Ships, was shut down because the admin got in over his head probably but all the players want to rebuild and are very open to doing it on hive.

To me, that's pretty awesome. I love the game. It's pretty much like space invaders, galaga and asteroids all rolled into one. What I didn't like about it was that it wasn't on hive.

It was a wax game and community was missing from it in a way that most non-hivians don't understand. There is a new discord for the refugees of the game and they have quite a brain trust in there. So how can we help?

Are there hivians that can consult on this or possibly take a role bringing an existing game that is past its conceptual stage and plug it into hive? Does it need a tribe token, how does the drop work and how does it appear on Hive?

These are the things I don't know but the devs and braintrust are actively looking for platforms and open to my suggestions. I've been talking about hive in the Alien Ships discord for months so it's an easy sell.

I'm looking for feedback and possibly help from the members here like @edicted and @taskmaster4450 . You know, the type folks that know a thing or two about how Hive works.

So what are your thoughts? Can it work? Can we use a new group of Hivians over here shooting down some alien ships? Love to hear about it in the comments.

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Going to follow this closely. I got stung too.

I know its very unlikely but it would be nice if holders of the now worthless wax NFTs could get the Hive counterparts.

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Join the discord. I know the braintrust wants to restart and acknowledge the nfts that people have. I just want someone from hive who can make this happen to reach out. I think it would be good for hive to have a game like this

I don't know if you need a tribe token but I would advise against using it as your game token. You could probably make a community for it and there are some tags to earn various other gaming tokens. If you decide to make a community token, I think you could always do it later.

Anyways, the first thing you need for your tokens is probably figuring out the tokenomics of the game. It will cost you BEE to create and to modify it later will probably also cost BEE. So your better off getting it right the first time around. Then after that, you can build your game and have it issue the corresponding tokens as you need. It can be centralized to a point and your own servers could hold the data. I guess if you could link the NFTs into NFTmart, then you got your marketplace also.

All of this is probably just my best guess because I haven't done this and I am not a developer on Hive. You would probably have to figure out everything and who to contact for help.

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thanks for the input. the good news is that it is a completed games with players who already understand a lot of that stuff. They are serious about restarting and hopefully they'll do it on hive

I was wondering why I couldn't get to the site anymore. Pretty crazy I mean really you could call that a play2earn rug pull?

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with most rug pulls, there is no product. This game was fun. I hope it comes back on hive but so far no hivians have reached out to help. But the desire from some devs and players from the game want it.

That'd be cool

I do agree that there is space in HIVE for such things. I imagine this could become an arcade game that Splinterlands could produce within their realm of arcade games that they are developing. They have the dev team and they could potentially build it out better than the rugpullers (By they way, they weren't over their head it is a known fact by wax OGs that the main people on that project were the same people who rug pulled waxtorycards.)