Intuitive Guidance for the Cryptocurrency Market on August 11, 2022

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There's so much noise in the cryptocurrency world: FUD, pumping, dumping, superstition, influencers run amok. My intention is to help guide you to your own intuition so that you're in a position to make wise, aligned decisions to build your own wealth, furthering the development of decentralization for the greater good.

I hope that this word serves as a signpost to guide you through the specific crypto asset investing climate of the day.

I believe that each person deep down knows what's best for themselves and that the best decisions are made from your own clarity so that you're not swayed by fear or the persuasion of others' inferior intentions. This word is intended to uplift you out of the hubbub to your own clarity. May it inspire you to a mindset that inspires actions that create abundance in your life.

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How to use this word?
Words are collective agreements that hold specific vibrational frequencies. This intuitively inspired word is meant to be pondered and held for 17 seconds or more with the focus of your attention. Repeat it in your mind until you feel a resonance with it. Approach the crypto asset markets from that place.

Occasionally additional guidance will come through in the comments, but usually the word is meant to be mixed into your vibration in its purest, unadulterated form. You are your own best advisor.

Happy investing and trading to you! 🥂

What does "Purpose" evoke in you? ⬇

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