The Unwritten Rules of Hive

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If you are a fan of baseball, you probably have heard whispers of "the unwritten rules". They are set of guidelines that players, managers, announcers, and even fans are expected to follow. I call them guidelines because they can not be found in any official rule book. Thus why they are referred to as "the unwritten rules".

It looks like someone put together a condensed list on Wikipedia if you want to take the time to check it out.

The Unwritten Rules

If you read the Wiki, you might have noticed the part at the end about bat flips. Personally, I don't like them. I think it is trashy. Act like you've been there before, even if it is your first, longest, or best home run.

Despite what you might think, this post isn't really about baseball.

I started thinking last week after reading a story about a baseball player who broke one of the unwritten rules, and seeing a "retaliation post" from someone who got flagged on Hive, that Hive could use its own set of unwritten rules.

So here we are. I am going to rely on the community to provide what they feel are the unwritten rules of Hive. Then I will compile those into a new post and share them with the community in a condensed form.

I'll get us started:

  • Don't upvote your own comment(s)

See how easy it is!

Rules for the "Unwritten Rules of Hive"

  • Leave a comment on this post with your unwritten rule
  • Feel free to include a rant if you want, but the actual rule itself needs to be well defined and clearly visible so I can integrate it into the final post
  • This isn't a place to call out other Hive users, we are all adults, you can present your submission without putting someone on blast.
  • If you do leave a comment, please consider sharing this post so we can get as many submissions as possible. I want to have a pretty comprehensive list by next week when I write the final post.

Pretty simple right? As Hive continues to grow, it is going to be inevitable that new people join the platform and either knowingly or unknowingly break one of these rules.

Having a compiled list could give us a direction to point new users so they hopefully don't commit one of these faux pas and end up in a really bad position or turned off from the platform.

Let's get as much participation on this as we can. I have a lot of faith we are going to have a really comprehensive and helpful list by the time we are finished.

Sports Talk Social - @bozz.sports


All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced

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Don't Be a Dickhead

Oh wait. That might be a general life unwritten rule.

Don't spit on the umpire's shoes.

Oh, I forgot. This isn't about baseball. One more try:

Join In.

Vote FOR good posts, make comments on posts that you've read. Don't use a canned comment (that's plagiarism).

:) Great stuff. I think we could all benefit from following the first one from time to time! Some people make it very hard not to be one! Thanks for the comment. I have the start of a nice list going.

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Spot on, big guy!!!

Ahh plagiarism and all the things that are plagiarism and people don't know are plagiarism.

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You could attract some people with a grudge here :) Here are some thoughts from me:

  • Self votes may be okay if you are a small account desperate for rewards or if you are bigger and you give yourself a small amount. I see big accounts who are the main voter on their own posts and that seems wrong. I've seen people spam comments and upvote every one of them. They soon find they lose any rewards.
  • Tag abuse is an issue. You can get blacklisted by tribes for trying to profit from it.
  • I know Hivewatchers can be really strict on it, but if you use an image, even if it's allowed by the licence, it's best to give the source. Definitely don't claim credit if it's not yours.
  • Be sincere with your comments. I get some that just aren't and they don't get votes.
  • Attacking people who have done a lot for Hive is going to be bad for your account. They are not satanists or Nazis. If they use words like 'cabal' it's probably as a joke.
  • Don't over-react if you get downvoted. Either you were seen to be breaking rules or someone just doesn't like you. On Hive people are free to do what they like and they are not obliged to leave a comment. If it's Hivewatchers then put your case in their Discord. If you just rage quit then it's Game Over.

Yeah, it has been pretty quite and civilized so far though. I am guessing eventually I will catch the eye of someone though. We will see what happens then. I am trying to be pretty unbiased and democratic about the whole thing. It's more of an informational project. Thanks for your great submissions.

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I've seen it all play out over the years. I want people to succeed by honest efforts. Of course some will try to cheat the system, but they tend to get spotted. We have powerful tools to look for them.

Some downvotes have nothing to do with you, but with someone who voted you. It is also done when they think you have been overrewarded. But, you nailed it... Don't over-react.

Exactly. They should not be taken personally, especially as they often have no significant effect. I get that it looks bad to have any, but I got over that long ago.

I know Hivewatchers can be really strict on it, but if you use an image, even if it's allowed by the licence, it's best to give the source. Definitely don't claim credit if it's not yours.

Yeah, our hive "content" police decide what has value and what does not. They should look on Pinterest and other social media. 100x higher MC than hive. So they do something right?

Your point is?

real SMT needed to scale. Too many personal preferences on everything, POB for GOV coin is also questionable. I mean big whales only vote burn/dao posts and autovotes are also meh.

Other mechanics could have large impact.

Did you miss the whole bit about the community deciding the value of posts? Big accounts are part of that and we don't want Hive to get a reputation for plagiarism. It does need to grow, but that should be based on original content. Feel free to downvote abuse.

That's true and I 100% agree with it. But with automation, it makes no sense. I see auto downvotes and auto votes?

What sense does it have? Bigger accounts are also in scared because of drama and downvote not other big wallets.

You see what the point is? POB is beautiful with manual selection. And downvotes are necessary.

But valuing things ( mass adoption) needs not whale opinion, it needs majority opinions for valuing things.

Means Gov token for rewarding is not smart.

Well that's how it is unless there's a major change coming. You get to support the witnesses you think do it right. Hive is an imperfect system, like everything, but still has potential. The auto downvotes seem to come from someone with an axe to grind. People are imperfect too and will fall out.

"Don't beg for upvotes" maybe?

Lol you and I remembered that one! Not a good habit.

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Nothing turns me off more.

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Fully agree!

That's a great start. Thanks.

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Don’t whine about whale wars.

Just in general or in relation to downvotes on your posts? Like a collateral damage type of thing? Thanks for the submission!

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I don’t think I’ve seen anyone whining about whale wars in general, it’s always in the context of downvoting.

Yeah, I agree with you there. I have seen that as well. Part of what prompted this post in the first place. Thanks for the clarification!

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quality of content on hive is something really meh.

I mean what does it mean. If i look at web2, there is more engagement on everything.

Pinterest is simple link sharing. Twitter most time micro news/ links.

I mean sharing news has value, not on hive.

I dont think social will scale as much as most here expect.

The blockchain is so vast that we can have mirrors for all social media platforms here.

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  • It is OK to upvote your own posts (but not your comments)

  • Don´t do meaningless mass comments, like "great post, sir" etc. as they are considered as spam.

  • If you quote a text from somebody else, add the source/reference

  • Always add sources of the pics you use

Great stuff! Thanks for that! That last one can be a bit sticky. I think one of the official rules is no plagiarism, so by default sourcing pics should fall into that category, but many don't see it that way or outright ignore it. I guess maybe it is important enough to mention both places!

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Another unspoken rule is, if you add a pic to the www, like posting a meme on Twitter, everybody can use it right?
Otherwise, if you add a pic to the www and don´t want it to be used, you always put there a copyright and a disclsimer that it is licenced, etc.
So if I don´t find such a disclaimer, I guess it is OK to use it (and reference the source). Just my way how I do this since years.

I try to use my own photos just to avoid this sort of thing. In the rare cases I can't. I try to get it from pixabay and I make sure it is free for use. It's a tough one and a lot of people have differing views on it.

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A sound approach!

great comment sir :D

  • Don`t rant about your post being downvoted. Do not call out the account that did so.
  • Do not tag 3000 accounts in one post.

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Hmmm, those are some really good ones! Especially that second one. Thank you!

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My pleasure, I also shared your post on my blog and hope it gives it a bit more traction. Not many followers yet but building :)

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Do not tag 3000 accounts in one post.

This does work on my nerves at times but I just ignore.

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Dont "followed you, follow me".

Something many of us fall into early on.

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I don't know if I ever did that. It always seemed like a weird sentiment. Like it was more of a demand than anything. I always felt like "who am I to demand anything as a noob here". I've seen other people do it ad nauseum though, so definitely a good one to add to the list! Thanks!

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One that IMO is or should be is self votes, We all know many whales do it and new accounts but the OGs mostly don't or can't stand it.

Yeah, that is a good one. It is more of a sticky situation though. It's definitely more opinionated than some of the other ones. I might need to add that one with some kind of disclaimer. I personally don't see a problem with it since it is your stake, but I don't also don't do it myself. Well on my sports account I do, but not on my main account.

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Yeah, i use to but stopped, I find self comments worse, guess I should have said that,.

I understand why people do and I understand why they don't. It is a mixed bag for full posts. Comments, no question it's bad form.

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Don't upvote your post(s)

Don't solicit for upvote(s)

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That first one is questionable to me, but your aren't the only one who has mentioned it. Comments for sure, don't upvote, but upvoting your own original posts is a little more of a gray area.

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I'd rather upvote someone by spreading the wealth rather than upvoting myself. I will be getting curation reward from upvoting someone else any and same can be said for upvoting myself but it boils down to how we see it individually.
It used to be a habit for me but over time as I grew with the chain I stopped upvoting myself.

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I think when I first started I might have upvoted myself, but that was a long time ago and the votes were pretty much worthless anyway. If I have done it anytime since then it has been a miss-click or accidental. I respect your stance on it.

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Don´t agree with the first one!

Lol its okay we are bound to have different views on this.

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Don´t use cool clickbait titles that do not match your content

Don´t complain about the lack of upvotes, especially if:

  • You do not engage
  • Write original content, but your layout sucks (e.g. one long piece of txt)
  • Write in such a way that it´s hard for anybody to follow even if they are interested

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I feel like you are talking about me for some of those up there :) Maybe I am just being paranoid. That is a great list though. Thanks for the awesome submission!

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Lol that´s you being paranoid, it´s more a bit of self-reflection and reading articles worse than mine.

:) Thanks, I appreciate the clarification!

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If you place a "buy order" on Hive Engine and it was executed, don't accuse the seller of stealing. You're an adult and are expected to own your mistake.

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Okay. Sounds like there is a definitely a story there... :)

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That actually caused me to slow down for a while. I am not alone; we're six who have been accused. 😆

Yikes. That's too bad. Missing a decimal point isn't your fault. Shame on them for making you feel like it is.

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Respect other Hivers' posts no matter how nonsense they may appear to you.

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I can respect that. I might expand on it a bit when I make the list, but I think I get the overall sentiment.

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Fun stuff! I'm curious to see what the "final" list will look like :)

  • Be mindful of the tags you use on your posts. Some tags have specific rules as to what content is allowed.

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That is a great one. Tag spamming hasn't been mentioned yet I don't think. Thanks for the great comment! We will see what the final list looks like. I hope this post gains some momentum because so far we are seeing the same two or three mentioned. I really hope that one comes up that even I didn't know about after four years here. That would be awesome.

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  • more than 2 post per day is considered abuse

IMO you can post everything you can because is your account, but for some people/whales/curators, thats considered abuse because you are taking profits from DHF

Yeah, this is a good one. Profits from the DHF or the reward pool?

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The reward pool** my mistake😅

Happens to all of us!

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Don't whine about too low rewards. Bad form and unlikely to motivate any curator to upvote your posts.

Very good point! Thanks for that one!

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We get ecency points for using ecency. It's ours, we can use it how ever we want. Here r two ways to best usecase with reasoning:

Use 150 points to use it to boost someone else post.

Promote your post for only 1 day. If it's very urgent/important then 2 days are enough.


The first one is simple, like self vote argument and it will never be properly solved I guess. So why 150 points is because to divide the stake between more other users. It will also be the best way to engage.

Promoting for 1 day is best because curation rewards decrease after each window that is 1,3,5 so if you promote after 1 day there is a chance some people will skip it (usually curators). Also promoting for 7 days will result in people hating that post as they will accidentally click it again and again. In extreme case they can mute u or even DV that post.

I will give this post a revisit and add more unwritten rules if I remember some more.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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People have written them all well, I'd guess; can't seem to find something to say as I've gone through them and learnt a bit myself; been looking for something like this for quite a bit, glad you took the initiative :)
Documenting these things about hive will serve the hivers really well in upcoming days. !PIZZA

Thanks I appreciate it! Don't feel bad. I can't think of any beyond the ones that have already been mentioned either. I am still holding out hope that someone surprises me.

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This one will be complicated :)

If you see someone talking about something and you are inspired by that and you want to make a more expanded/detailed/Your own ideas version; include the post that inspired you. I sometimes catch good news fast and share it as a post. Then people with more power see it and make the same post with different words, expand it or just post the same news. That's not cool.

If I get inspired I declare that at the beginning of my posts and proceed after that.

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That is very fair. Thanks for the comment! I will find a way to work this into my list for sure. I appreciate it.

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Well, I think one that people haven't mentioned is don't plagiarize content. Always put your sources and make sure your content is your own.

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That is a very good one. Is that an unwritten one though? I need to do a little bit of digging to find out. Thanks for keeping it at the top of my radar!

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I am not sure but aren't all the rules unwritten? I don't think there is any actual rules page out there.

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That's what I am going to do between now and next week when I write the final post.

Hello from Listnerds! This is a great idea and great resource for new users!

I hope this isn't a repeat, but
"Don't ping people for giveaway posts if they stop asking to be included"
(especially if the giveaways somehow keep never actually happening lol)

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I think it has been sort of touched on, but not to the same degree that you are talking about here. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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I understand that there are many freedoms in a decentralized system, but there are also hidden restrictions, it would be useful that every newcomer could, immediately, upon registration, start the journey by reading the written and unwritten rules of the hive.

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That's my hope by creating this post! I know it probably won't get all the eyes it needs to, but at least it will be out there!

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If we talk about this more often, then attention will appear, at least, such posts should periodically appear on the computer screen.

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Asking for upvotes.

Yes indeed. That is a good one. Thank you for the comment!

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• Pace yourself. Posting just to post usually does not equal success.

Bring value to the table. Who decides value? The Curators. I like to create content that is informational, educational, and somewhat entertaining. That last part "somewhat entertaining" is totally up to my own interpretation of what I find entertaining. I'm a big fan of GIFs and use them quite liberally.

• Post in the appropriate platform for the content shared.

I'm a big fan of Twitter which is why D.Buzz was the first dApp that resonated with me when I joined Hive. Sometimes I just want to buzz in the same way I just want to Tweet. The freedom to post a short micro-blog post without feeling the weight of a full fledged blog post is really quite liberating.

Great tips! I think things are really going to kick into gear as far as microblogging goes when Leo finally releases project blank. It is going to be game changing. I might end up spending the majority of my time on that platform.

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My unwritten rules are

I won't upvote any ListNerds email that sends me to a pre-made splash page. What would I be rewarding? The fact the person knows how to copy a link?
I won't downvote any ListNerds email that sends me to a pre-made splash page. ListNerds is advertised as a mailer. People should not be penalized for advertising.

I am going to reblog this post so I can easily see what others have to say. Thanks for sharing. Great question.

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Thanks, I appreciate that! Those are some good items there. I'm kind of looking for stuff more specific to Hive, but I will definitely keep those in mind.

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Listnerds is kind of related to hive in case you are totally unaware how it's related to hive, I can break it down for u.

Nah, I'm good thanks!

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It is very necessary to engage with others, don't be too lazy

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Great Post Idea!

  • Dont spam comments
  • Add sources and quotes
  • Don't over-post

Thanks for the comment! Great stuff!

I kinda have two that keep me driven among others. And they relate to each other.

  • Work hard, it will always pay off in the long term.

  • Write will all your heart. People can tell when you're not into what you're talking about.

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Those are great! Thanks for sharing!

I think most people don't downvote on hive.

For the most part that is probably true. There are those who do though.

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I kinda disagree with the don't vote yourself unwritten rule.

Some of us follow curation trails and it becomes super difficult to not upvote ourselves.

Also, when I was very, very small, I always added my own upvote to my posts.

But never my comments, I never upvoted my comments.

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Great Post!


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