Does reblogging really matter?

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Just about once per year I find myself reflecting on the number of posts that I reblog and how that number is very very low. I'm horrible at it, I will be the first to admit that. I reblog the posts from my sports account in hopes that they will get some more viewers, but I don't really know as though that has helped too much.

Voting on the other hand I feel like I am pretty good at. Full disclosure, I do a combination of auto and manual voting. For the most part it takes a good couple of months of me manually voting someone to earn them a spot on my auto vote list.

It's a right you need to earn through good consistent posting. Comments are a little different. My upvotes on comments are always manual and I can pretty much guarantee if you leave me a decent comment, you will get a small upvote. I really enjoy the fact that even a small upvote from me is worth $.04 to $.05 and for some people, that makes a huge difference.

Like I said though, I suck at reblogging. I always have, I likely always will. It's just something that I don't think of too much. It isn't that I don't come across good content that should be shared with the world. In fact, that usually happens on a daily basis. I just don't think to take that extra step to hit the reblog button.

Is this just a me thing or do you find yourselves in this situation as well? The other question is, in the end does it really matter? I'd be interested to hear in the comments how often you reblog other users content. Have you found anything you would have otherwise missed because it was reblogged by someone else?

I can tell you right now, it is pretty rare that any of my posts get reblogged. Perhaps that is part of the reason that I do it myself. I know that probably sounds pretty selfish, but I think it speaks more specifically to how it isn't top of mind for me.

I wonder if my blog posts got reblogged more if I would make a conscious effort to do more reblogging myself.

I wouldn't be shocked if some of it was just laziness too. You know moving my mouse an extra inch and doing that additional click is so much work right?

Going back to the selfish motives. Is it possible I don't reblog because I don't want my feed to get filled up with posts that aren't mine? I think a lot of us feel like our content isn't easily discovered by users. Hopefully Veews changes some of that, but I can totally see a scenario where people want their content to be front and center and not buried in a stream of other peoples posts.

We kind of already have that with people's feeds. Your post is just one of hundreds buried in someones feed each day.

I'm not saying reblogging should go away. I sincerely think it is a very powerful and useful tool. I'm just trying to understand why others (especially myself) don't use it more often. Is it possible 98% of the content on Hive just isn't that good and not worth reblogging?

I know some people who definitely feel that is the case. Looking at the number of manual votes on my posts, I absolutely know there are quite a few people who feel that way about my content.

Maybe simply reblogging isn't the answer. Maybe we need something bigger. Something that ties in to Web 2.0. We already have a couple of front ends automatically throwing your posts up to Twitter. Plus we have a lot of people manually posting their posts to Twitter. What if there was a share to Pintrest button inside of PeakD or Leo Finance?

I don't know, I'm just throwing stuff out there at this point. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop me a comment and let me know what you think about all of this.


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I do not reblog. I haven't seen the essence of doing that.
Though reblogging helps to increase the audience of a post, I have a very small audience which will add nothing to the post.

Do you feel like your posts get reblogged that much? I am guessing probably not. I think there has to be a good balance and a good reason, but it just hasn't slapped me in the face yet.

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I think that whether or not a reblog brings any extra views has a lot to do with whether or not it actually puts a post in front of more eyeballs. I don't have a whole lot of followers, even fewer that actively read what I post, so if I reblog something, chances are it won't bring a single extra vote to the creator. If someone like nonameslefttouse reblogs a post, it will likely be a different story.

I reblog posts that I think support the other info my blog. I figure that most people who check out my profile are looking for info on building, repairs, or gardening, so I try to ensure that everything I reblog (which is very little) helps people learn something in those areas.

In my experience, cross-posting is a much better way to get eyeballs on a post, but of course, not every community is friendly to that.

Yeah, that is a good point about crossposting. It can be a tricky business. I think a lot of people abused it at first and it has kind of left everyone a bit on edge. That is a really good philosophy about only reblogging stuff that supports your personal content. I like that.

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I have always ask myself at what benefit will I gain if I reblog a post. Though it will be a privilege for the author that some people really appreciate the post, which is why they are doing so but does it really matter doing so since there's upvote to appreciate the content.

So, like me you are kind of looking at it from the selfish side of things. Nothing wrong with that. Just interesting to hear it from someone other than me :) Does there need to be a benefit to us? I don't honestly know.

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I don't really reblog stuff either so I am to blame for that as well. From what I see I generally don't do that most of the time.

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What I would love to see, is things that Twitter and Facebook add….When you share content, you can include it into your main post, so you can describe why you are sharing it. I always read updates like that from my friends, and if they seem excited about the content, I'll dive in.


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I feel like dlike was kind of like that to some degree. There was way too much abuse there though.

Perhaps a web.2 habit in sharing, still do it! Many times I have made some great connections in commenting and reblogging here and to other social media platforms.

Stopped using FB since they no longer allow picture to entice people to link onto. Still take the odd post here, add main photograph, tag line and link stating content first posted via PeadD never had a problem, still have people who have not joined Hive come across to read then comment in FB.

In for a penny in for a pound, web marketing is constantly changing.

I don't use Facebook as much as I used to. I rarely even post on there. It is mostly just to keep in touch with my relatives. Not much beyond that. Most of my posting happens on Hive.

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Much the same, keep contact with relatives and friends of yesteryear that would never leave to explore further than what they know.... FB!

Here in Hive, sharing reblogs land on your 'blog' people quickly realize 'all posts' contains the persons content loaded. Interesting question posed, not something I have sat down to consider.

I just know that I do it pretty infrequently and I am wondering if that is frowned upon or if no one really cares!

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I doubt many worry overly, comments appear to have larger sway in forming online friendships.

Very true.

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I don't do it too often because of the clutter. I like yourself see content getting lost and don't want to see it on my own blog.

Yep, I can totally relate.

I reblog sporadically. And haphazardly at that.

Up to a point they’re fine, but I’ll unfollow someone who starts mass-reblogging.

Interesting. So you feel it should only be used sporadically?

Why is that?

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So you feel it should only be used sporadically?

No. I’m just a sporadic and inconsistent guy. 😅

Sounds familiar! :)

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The only posts that I reblog are when I curate for Pinmapple, those from my own communities and the occasional ones where the content really matters to me. I rarely reblog anything else. I like to think my followers follow my blog because of my content, and not other people's content even if I think it's very good.

Though I have to admit, sometimes I do come across good reblogs by my following that I otherwise would not have seen, and often I end up following that account as well. but still, I prefer to keep my blog my blog.

I wonder if PeakD could make a tweek so "all posts" is the first tab and not "Blog". I don't know if that would even matter honestly. I understand what you are saying though. It does seem a lot of people prefer to keep their blog clean and solely their own as much as possible.

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tbh I could never understand the logic behind the two names, Blog vs All posts. But I've gotten used to know what they mean now

Yeah, it took me a bit too.

Well...I reblog now but only because I had enough energy to move that extra inch😉😂

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Thanks, I'm glad to hear you could muster up the strength! I am also glad to hear that my poor reblogging is more common than I thought among my peers!

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I hardly use the reblog button simply because of this two reasons; didn't find anything that's very interesting and don't have many followers yet. When I have some more followers, I'll probably reblog posts that resonate with me or the audience I'm trying to build.

That's fair. It would seem that thinking is also more common than I would have thought.

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I'm pretty much falling in the same category, although I'm not there because I'm lazy, it's because I don't like seeing other people's posts on my blog... I'm so self-centered sometimes...

I can understand that. I often wonder if the people I follow get offended that I don't reblog their stuff more. I'm just trying to figure out what the general consensus is on reblogging.

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I remember I unfollowed a few users back in the old days of Steemit for too much reblogging, but so far my feed looks pretty clean.

That is great! I think mine is pretty clean too.

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Is it possible 98% of the content on Hive just isn't that good and not worth reblogging?

I would say it's 100% possible 🙂

It's rare I reblog and then usually only because I want the post in my feed so I can find it easily again. (I never look at bookmarks, they're just another pile of digital clutter).

Don't go changing, I hate my feed full of reblogs.

It seems to be the consensus I guess. I know there are a lot of people who still reblog though. As someone else mentioned, cross posting seems to be the better way to get traction, but that can be frowned upon depending on frequency and how it is done.

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I reblog for my convenience but, in doing that, I try not to inconvenience others (or at least, not too often). For getting a wider audience, going and engaging on other people's posts is still far and away the best option (and I don't know, maybe finding those posts through those handy things called communities).

Good to know there's consensus :)


Yeah, commenting is definitely king. Communities have made things so much easier and better around here. It would just be nice to see a community have a break out moment. Leo briefly had it when we went 3x Hive, but most community tokens are kind of worthless sadly.

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I'm not the best at reblogging either but having said that I think it can be quite useful. Having one of your posts reblogged by somebody with a reasonable number of followers is one of the best ways you can get exposure on hive. Many of the accounts I follow I have found through reblogs.

I agree with that, but how often does that really happen? It's pretty rare in my experience. Even the big curation projects have their own highlight posts so they link to you that way versus reblogging your stuff. I'm not arguing, just trying to see all sides of it. Thanks for the great comment!

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By "reasonable number of followers" I don't necessarily mean whale accounts. Even a reblog by someone with a few hundred followers could net you a couple of more followers. I think success on hive is gained pretty much like success on any other social media site. You build up a following over time. The more followers you have, the more eyes on your posts and the more upvotes. I think reblogs contribute to that. I know I frequently see reblogs in my feed and I follow new accounts that way pretty frequently.

I know what you mean about how big curation projects do their highlight posts though. I think they would help authors much more if they reblogged those posts instead of or in addition to doing that.

Is that still really the case though about followers? Without looking I don't know how long you have been around here, but I remember a time (before the hardfork) when there were a massive number of bot accounts that would follow your account every day. I think I have over 1000 followers but I would guess at least 900 of them are either inactive or not actual accounts.

Well, I mean I have no way to prove that I got any followers from reblogs or at least I don't know how I would. And I'm sure a lot of followers I do have are in fact inactive or bots. However, I'm just extrapolating from my own behavior. I occasionally find new people to follow via reblogs and since I assume that I am not that unique, my expectation is that at least some other people do the same. Why wouldn't reblogs from accounts you like and follow be useful for finding new accounts to follow?

I don't disagree with you, I am just saying that I seem to forget to reblog. Based on the comments it looks like I am not alone. It's good that you are able to find content you like because of it. Looks like I was way off on my followers. It's over 2000, I still the ratio is the same though.

It helps the autor to get more visibility but i dont like to get my blog filled with other peoople's posts haha... i usually only reblog content that is educational and could help other people in their hive journey

That sounds like a great philosophy. I don't blame you for not wanting your main page to get filled up with stuff that isn't yours.

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Hello there, this blog from you hits me. I admit I do reblog often since my vote value is not that big enough. It's one way of showing support for the author although I don't have many followers as of this moment. But I am happy when someone reblogs my blogs. So I'll do the same thing. But I am not expecting something in return. Stay safe and God bless.

Thanks for the reply! I can definitely understand your point of view. I think one of the best ways you can support users that you enjoy is simply by commenting to them. I think a lot of us who have been here for a while would agree that is often more appreciated than a reblog.

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Ah, thank you for your guide. I'll do it instead. Stay safe and God bless.

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Hi, I am speaking from my experience as a relative newcomer to Hive, because I opened my profile here just two months ago.

The only use I find for reblogging (in my case, I don't have much of an audience either, so that's the least important thing). Is that if you see a post about something that interests you, for example: the anecdote of someone who traveled to a country that you are also going to visit soon, or maybe a food recipe that you want to save to make and try yourself, maybe a tutorial about something you need to do.... All of that is useful to reblog so you can later refer back to that post in your feed/blog.

I haven't used it much either, to be honest, but on those occasions I have. I also shared the "introduce myself" of a friend who was starting out, to give him my support.

Regarding what you say about web 2.0, I would like to have some option to interact with those who are not Hive users, but who consume the content.

For example: To watch a Youtube video, you don't need to be a content creator, but you can log in and be a viewer, and you can also leave your comment.

If Hive could replicate this way of interacting that some web 2.0 social networks have, for example, a "guest" registration could be created for those who do not want to upload content, but consume it, I think this Blockchain would be much better known and many users who are in traditional networks could start to be interested in the wonderful content that is here. This is my humble opinion.

That is a good point. I can understand what you are saying. So you want some kind of paywall or tiered system so that you don't necessarily have to have a Hive account. What happens when someone upvotes your comment and you just have guest account? Does it get burned? The flip side of that is we sign up for so many things these days is it really that hard to just sign up for a Hive account? I know some of the news sites you can't comment unless you login. The idea of a guest account or being able to comment without being logged in seems to be more the exception than the norm these days. I do think it would be cool to have some kind of integration with Pintrest or a Hivetrest type site that allows you to collect and pin your favorite posts.

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In the case of the guest account, I would not put the option to be able to vote haha. But I do know people who are very lazy to register because there are many keys, the keychain etc... And they find it more complicated than registering in other networks. So it would be a profile focused on people who are not going to create content. But also linking Pinterest and other networks just as Twitter was linked could be another step to take.
Thanks for your opinion!

I think there could be some room for something like that. It would just take the right person to develop it. I think it wouldn't be long before people decided they wanted an account though when they start seeing other people earning.

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All of that is useful to reblog so you can later refer back to that post in your feed/blog

There's the bookmark function in peakd for that so you can refer back to the post in future